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Choice Home Warranty has handled over 6 million service requests in its 14 years of experience and has served nearly 2 million homes. Starting at $46, their two plans address diverse needs, while their vast network of 25,000+ contractors ensures prompt claim response.

Based on over 9,500 genuine customer reviews and expert research of our editorial team, we have compiled a detailed Choice Home Warranty review to help homeowners with- 

  • Details on plans, coverage, cost, and exclusions 
  • Step-by-step guide on the Choice Home Warranty claims process 
  • Genuine reviews submitted by the company’s customers

Why Choice Home Warranty?


Choice Home Warranty has served over 1,650,000 homes


The company has processed over 6,000,000 service request


CHW has over 25,000 contractors nationwide for quick assistance


The company operates 24/7 to help customers with claims and other issues



3.7/5 (9,916)



3.8/5 (31,469)

Consumer Affairs


4.3/5 (9,827)

Explore users’ experience of Choice Home Warranty

Felicia McRaney , UT, Provo

I spoke with Henri Daniels today to find out about this company before deciding to sign up for our Home Warranty Program. We chose the best program and Choice Warranty had a competitive rate. I was impressed with Henri\'s kindness, professional attitude, and knowledge of the program! Brand new Policy. No repairs needed yet!

Sarojini Gude , OH, Powell

As long as CHW can find a technician for you, all is well. Once you opt for the "reimbursement" option, it becomes a nightmare to deal with. Out of the six claims I have had so far over the years, four were satisfactory since CHW was able to assign a technician to me. The other two experiences were painful; one claim was declined because my technician and I could not afford to spend several days going back and forth answering CHW\'s extensive questions while we had no air conditioning in 100-degree weather. The second claim was ultimately approved because this time I was prepared; I waited and answered CHW\'s repetitive questions until they had no other choice but to approve. Sign up for a 50-50 chance of receiving good service!

Kay Bryant , AZ, Bullhead City

We had a an absolutely awesome, superior technician named Trevor who has come twice to analyze and repair several plumbing problems. The people answering the phone & taking the claim information were also very polite and professional. our entire experience has been extremely positive, professional and quick response. Thank you

James E Livingston , NV, North Las Vegas

Great service folks ... arrived within the estimated arrival time, he did a GREAT job fixing my clothes dryer too!!!

Karen Prima , FL, Sarasota

Best home warranty around ! Responding quickly to resolve my issues with appliances that needed repairs! Their companies they use are very knowledgeable and work efficiently to fix problems needed Thank you Choice Warranty for great service without any hassle!

Walter S , NC, Cary

Plumbing stopped up in master bath. Appointment in less than a day and plumber arrived within the window given and corrected the problem within an hour with no mess left behind.

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Pros & cons


  • Free roof leak coverage
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 90-day parts guarantee and 30-day labor guarantee


  • No choice of contractor
  • Low aggregate limit for the contract

Enquire For Cost-effective home warranty plans

Protect Your Home Appliances And Systems Starting As Low As $1.5/Day

Plans & Coverage of Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty provides two plans for homeowners- Basic Plan and Total Plan, offering different coverage for home appliances and systems.

Basic Plan covers 14 household appliances and systems, including plumbing systems, electrical systems , water heaters, whirlpool bathtubs, and dishwashers. This is ideal for homes looking for an affordable plan with limited coverage options.

On the other hand, the Total Plan covers 18 appliances and systems,  including everything from the Basic Plan list and four additional appliances, such as the dryer, washer, refrigerator, and air conditioner. This is appropriate for homes looking for a more extensive coverage option.

Covered Items

Basic Plan

Total Plan

Heating System

Electrical System

Plumbing Stoppage

Plumbing System

Water Heater

Whirlpool Bathtub




Garbage Disposal

Built-in Microwave


Ceiling & Exhaust Fans

Garage Door Opener

Clothes Washer

Clothes Dryer

Air Conditioning system


Optional Add-ons

You can choose from Choice Home Warranty’s add-on options to supplement your coverage. The limit may range from $250-$500 per item.

  • Pool / Spa
  • Limited Roof Leak
  • Additional Spa
  • Stand Alone Freezer
  • Central Vacuum
  • Second Refrigerator
  • Well Pump
  • Septic System
  • Sump Pump
  • Septic Tank Pumping

Find out all the components of systems and appliances covered per the sample contract of Choice Home Warranty below.

Choice_Home_Warranty_Coverage_big coverage




Image description: Choice home warranty optional coverage from Choice Home Warranty Official User Agreement

Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!
Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!
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Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!

Coverage Limitations & Exclusions

Each covered item’s repair or replacement cost is limited to a certain amount. As per the sample contract, the Choice Home Warranty coverage limit extends to $3,000 for access, diagnosis, repair, or replacement of  covered items. However, the amount may vary for some items. 

The table below shows coverage limits for some add-ons. Take a look:

Optional Items 


Well Pump


Limited Roof Leak


Septic Tank Pumping


Septic System


Sprinkler System


Stand Alone Freezer 


Trash Compactor 


Other exclusions include:

Pro Tip: Home warranty contracts lay out their limitations and exclusions. We recommend reading through your service agreement in detail before signing up. Read our article on Home Warranty Coverage for a detailed explanation.

Choice Home Warranty Cost

The cost of Choice Home Warranty is nominal compared to some companies. The Basic Plan starts at $46, and the Total Plan costs $55. These charges might further go up if you opt for optional add-ons. 

Cost information of Choice Home Warranty plans:




Basic Plan



Total Plan



Find the details of service charges below:

Service Fee Cost (Deductible)

$75–$125 per visit

As per the industry standard, Choice Home Warranty’s price of the Basic Plan is at par with the charges of the other competing companies. On the other hand, the Total Plan cost is relatively lower than the average cost of a comprehensive plan, making this an affordable option for customers.

Choose from the best in the market. How? Get a free quote now!
Choose from the best in the market. How? Get a free quote now!
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Choose from the best in the market. How? Get a free quote now!

Review Of Plans, Coverage & Customer Service Of Choice Home Warranty

Based on 9,700 Choice Home Warranty reviews from customers, the company has received a rating of 3.5 out of  5 on our platform. The company has received numerous positive reviews recently, as people praise the technicians sent by the company and their overall service quality. Choice Home Warranty also received a rating of 3.6 on 5 on Google Reviews.

Review Of Choice Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Review Of Choice Home Warranty’s Customer Services

Choice Home Warranty Awards & Recognitions

Choice Home Warranty was awarded the ‘Top-Rated Company’ award by HomeWarrantyReviews.com in 2023. This annual award recognizes companies based on customer satisfaction, claim procedures, and coverage options. Choice Home Warranty secured this title for two consecutive years, highlighting consistency in performance. The company has received other accolades such as:

Choice Home Warranty Claim Filing Procedure: Phone Number, Web Portal, & Online Form 

The process of filing a claim with Choice Home Warranty is simple. Follow these steps to place a service request:   

Find out more on filing service requests as per the details given in Choice Home Warranty’s sample contract from the image below.


Image description: Service requests from Choice Home Warranty Official User Agreement


Choice Home Warranty has made a name for itself in the market, as its plans, cost, and coverage make  this a worthwhile option for your consideration. But we recommend conducting  thorough research before making the final decision. Read their contract’s fine print to ensure  you understand every detail of the plan. 

Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote!
Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote!
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Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote!

Quick Details About The Company

Here are some of the primary details about Choice Home Warranty:


Victor Hakim

Year Of Establishment



James Mostofi


1090 King Georges Post Road, Edison, New Jersey, United States

Type Of Company


Why Should You Trust Us?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does Choice Home Warranty Cover A/C Replacement?


Choice Home Warranty covers all components and parts of air conditioning systems. However, the contract does not extend to more than two systems below 13 SEER air conditioning systems, nor does it cover the window or portable units.

The central air conditioner should not have more than a 5-ton capacity and must not be a commercial unit. You can find more information on inclusions and exclusions in your sample user agreement.


Is A Home Inspection Necessary For Getting A Home Warranty?


It is not compulsory to get a home inspection, but it’s a good idea to get one all the same. Choice coverage will be available regardless. They will, however, not cover any known and unknown pre-existing conditions causing malfunctions.


Does Choice Home Warranty Provide Roof Coverage?


Choice Home Warranty offers roof leaks coverage, so you can get your roofs repaired at a meager cost. It is, however, an add-on option to the Basic Plan or the Total Plan.


Does The Choice Home Warranty Cover Electrical Issues?


Yes, Choice Home Warranty does cover electrical issues as the plans cover the home’s electrical system. They cover most components and parts of the electrical system with a cap of $500 per year.


Is Choice Home Warranty Legitimate?


Yes, Choice Home Warranty is a legitimate business and is licensed to operate in most states and is a registered company. They have been in business for nearly a decade.

However in 2019, a consumer fraud lawsuit was filed on Choice Home Warranty by the Arizona Attorney General.


Is Choice Home Warranty A Good & Trustworthy Company?


While Choice Home Warranty boasts experience and affordability, its mixed reputation raises concerns. Customer complaints and a low BBB rating suggest potential issues with claim fulfillment. However, the company has shown some promise in the last few months with its improved services, as evidenced by the good reviews in recent times on our platform.  


Has Choice Home Warranty Won Any Important Awards?


It was recognized as a Top-Rated Company on our platform for the year 2023. You can explore all the Choice Home Warranty awards to see additional accolades the company has received. 


Does Choice Home Warranty Replace Appliances?


If  Choice Home Warranty cannot carry out repairs for covered appliances, they might provide a replacement or cash instead of the same.


How To Cancel Choice Home Warranty?


You can reach out to Choice Home Warranty’s customer service to cancel your agreement. Alternatively, you also have the option to request a cancellation in writing. 


Does Choice Home Warranty Cover Normal Wear And Tear?


Yes. The home warranty plans from CHW are intended to provide discounted repairs and replacements of home systems and appliances undergoing expensive breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.


How Does Choice Home Warranty Reimbursement Work?


If Choice cannot carry out the repair or replacement services, they provide cash as reimbursement. The amount is paid according to the terms and conditions of the home warranty contract. Sometimes, they may authorize users to hire technicians and reimburse the invoice generated.


Is there a waiting period for Choice Home Warranty?


Yes, once the policy is approved by the homeowner, Choice Home Warranty needs a 30-day waiting period before their service begins.


Is Choice Home Warranty transferable?


Yes, according to Choice Home Warranty, customers can transfer the contract at any given time at no extra cost. However, the transfer rules are different for all states, so we encourage you to read your agreement carefully. 


Where is the Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office located?


The Choice Home Warranty’s corporate office is located in Edison, New Jersey, United States. 


Is Choice Home Warranty Available In California?


Yes, Choice Home Warranty is accessible in California. Additionally, the company extends its services to 49 states, excluding Washington.


Does Choice Offers Any Discounts?


 Choice Home Warranty offers a month’s worth of coverage and roof coverage for free.

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We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

Reviews from employees of home warranty companies or named competitors are not encouraged. We will also not allow reviews that are too short or abusive. We may withhold reviews that in our discretion do not meet the above criteria.

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