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Does Your Home Warranty Cover Air Conditioning Recharge? Does Your Home Warranty Cover Air Conditioning Recharge?

Your air conditioner becomes a lifesaver when the sweltering summer heat kicks in. But what happens when it needs a recharge and you’re left wonderi ...

PUBLISHED : August 14,2023 6 MINS READ
thumbnail Factors Affecting The Garage Door Replacement Cost In 2023

Garage doors add more than just comfort to your home; they offer space for storage, add up to the curb appeal, and even boost the property’s value. ...

PUBLISHED : June 28,2023 6 MINS READ
How_Much_Does_A_Roof_Replacement_Cost_thumbnail How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost In 2023

A strong roof can last several years but won’t last forever! Similar to the other parts of a home, your roof requires a makeover typically every 20 ...

PUBLISHED : June 22,2023 6 MINS READ
What Are The Different Types Of Water Heater What are the different types of water heater and their replacement cost?

Imagine taking a shower on a cold day or trying to clean your utensils but not being able to get hot water due to a malfunctioning water heater. Such ...

PUBLISHED : June 21,2023 6 MINS READ
How Long Does It Take For A Hot Water Heater To Heat Up How Long Does It Take for a Hot Water Heater to Heat Up

It is inconvenient when your hot water runs out during your morning shower. You may wonder why it takes time, how long it takes to heat up, or whether ...

PUBLISHED : June 19,2023 6 MINS READ
how-to-get-home-warranty-to-replace-refrigerator How To Get A Home Warranty To Replace Refrigerator

A refrigerator is vital in today’s homes as it keeps food at the right temperature and saves you money on food spoilage. However, sometimes crucial ...

PUBLISHED : April 11,2023 6 MINS READ