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Reviews Guidelines

HomeWarrantyReviews.com wants you to tell other homeowners about your experiences with home warranty companies. We provide various features to ensure that we receive authentic feedback about home warranty services – positive, negative, and neutral reviews alike. These Reviews Guidelines govern the Reviews on HomeWarrantyReviews.com and describe the rules of play for reviewers.

Editorial Process

We at HomeWarrantyReviews.com are committed to providing a fair and transparent research platform for homeowners who are researching on home warranties. In order to ensure that our reviews are informative and helpful to our readers, we have a thorough editorial process before the reviews get published.

As a consumer reviews platform, HomeWarrantyReviews.com seeks to confirm that the reviews submitted are from an actual customer of the company – past or present. The reviews submitted for the companies are submitted by customers only and not by employees of the company, competitors or vendors and contractors. Reviews that fail to meet (but not restricted to) the following criteria will not be published.

Reviews Verification Criteria

  1. Conflict of Interest: The reviewer cannot be an employee of the company or a competitor company.
  2. Content Check: Each review undergoes an evaluation to ensure it is original, genuine, useful to a researcher and meets our quality standards. If the content does not meet our standards, the review will not be published.
  3. Inappropriate Language: If the review content contains profane, abusive or obscene language, it will be withheld.
  4. Invalid Reviewer: Submitted reviews go through an editorial process to check the name and email address to ensure that the review was left by a real person. If the reviewer is unable to be identified or is identified as fraudulent, such as a third party vendor who is writing reviews on behalf of a customer, a reviewer paid to write fake reviews, it will not be published. Subsequently, the home warranty company will be blacklisted from our site.
  5. Duplicate Reviews: If the same person submits two reviews containing the same content, the duplicate reviews will not be published. If two reviews are submitted by the same person and are describing the same incident but have some content that is varying, our Editorial team may merge the reviews and submit them under one review. If another customer’s review has been copied and pasted, it will not be published.
  6. Spam Content: If the review is spam, self-promoting, short and undescriptive or repetitive, it will not be approved.

Writing Reviews

The following tips are suggested for writing reviews.

  1. Be descriptive: Answer questions like what broke down, was it easy to file a claim, if you were able to communicate with a customer service representative, how was the experience, etc. Did you like the process of assigning a contractor, did the contractor turn up on time, was the contractor able to solve the issue, what was the problem and was the repair covered. Information about replacements, contractor’s knowledge, and anything else that is useful to a person researching about home warranties can be answered.
  2. Be readable: Reviews need to be easy to read for others. Avoid using uppercase through out the review.
  3. Be objective: Try to highlight both the positives as well as the negatives about the company even if your experience was more inclined towards one side.
  4. Be recent: Try to be recent. Talking about an experience that was a couple of years ago isn’t exactly helpful to homeowners who are interested in buying a home warranty plan.
  5. Be relevant: Avoid short reviews that don’t convey information about your actual experience with the company. Also avoid personal opinions about the company that are not relevant to your home warranty experience.

Reviews Guidelines

Reviews that do not meet the guidelines below may, at our discretion, be removed or not published:

  1. Reviews must be submitted with an identity we can verify: We encourage you to submit your name and email ID. In some situations, we may need to verify your review or gain further information about your experience.
  2. Reviewers must not have a conflict of interest with the product being reviewed: Vendors reviews must be submitted in the vendor reviews area only. Reviews submitted by the home warranty company’s employees or anyone with a financial interest in the success of the policy are not allowed to review their own company or a competitor’s company.
  3. Reviews must be posted by the actual customer: In keeping with our verification process, we do not allow reviews to be posted on another’s behalf or under an assumed identity.
  4. Reviews must contain original content: We do not allow review content to be copied from other reviews (including reviews on our site).
  5. Reviews must not contain abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing content: We do not allow reviews to contain content that is hateful, abusive or obscene.
  6. Reviews must not include others’ personal information: We do not allow reviews to contain information that can be used to identify an individual or otherwise compromise their privacy.
  7. Reviews must not accuse or make reports of fraud: Unless the fraud has been proven by a court of law, we do not allow references to legal matters in our reviews. Our team is not qualified to make a decision as to the truthfulness of a legal accusation.

We also have FAQs for Reviewers, a designated space for contractors to submit reviews, and the criteria based on which companies are ranked on our site.