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Home Warranty Awards 2023

We are excited to announce the winners of the 11th Annual Home Warranty Awards for the year 2023! Our winners are picked through a detailed evaluation of customer reviews, claims process, digital experience, and other relevant parameters.

As one of the industry’s oldest and most authoritative voices, HomeWarrantyReviews.com’s annual awards bring out the voice of the customers into the forefront. These awards reflect the public opinion combined with the analytical perspective of our experienced editorial team.

Home Warranty Annual Awards For 2023

Choice Home Warranty



Service Fee$60-$85
LimitUpto $3K/item
Activation30 Days

American Home Shield (AHS)

hwc-logo 4.5/5


Service Fee$75-$125
Activation30 Days

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ServicePlus Home Warranty

hwc-logo 3.3/5


Service Fee$75
LimitUpto $1.5k/item
Activation30 Days

About Home Warranty Awards

The Home Warranty Awards is an annual recognition program started by HomeWarrantyReviews.com in 2012. The program aims to recognize and celebrate the top-performing home warranty companies in the industry. These awards applaud the companies that consistently improve their services, claim procedures, and coverage options by prioritizing customer satisfaction. 


Our annual home warranty awards program also intends to inspire companies to become exemplary. Over the years, we’ve noticed companies make noticeable changes to their services to become qualified for these awards.  

Selection Process 

At HomeWarrantyReviews.com, we take our selection process seriously. We meticulously screen and evaluate home warranty companies based on specific criteria to ensure that only the best make it to our shortlist. Our requirements are straightforward:

  • Five or more years of experience in the industry
  • A customer base of at least 5,000 homeowners
  • Nationwide coverage, with services available in over 75% of the US states

We believe these criteria are essential to ensure that the companies we shortlist are trustworthy, reliable, and offer comprehensive coverage to homeowners. 

Our rigorous selection process helps us identify the best home warranty companies that provide quality customer service, efficient claims processing, and an exceptional digital experience throughout the contract term.

The shortlisted companies are then required to display high levels of the following –

  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention Rates
  • Ease of Use & Digital Experience
  • Social Media Engagement Rates
  • Various Means To Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Award Categories 

We are honored to recognize all home warranty companies’ unwavering commitment and dedication during the past year of service. They have invested considerable time and resources into developing user-friendly platforms and dedicated customer care teams, striving to simplify and expedite claims resolution.

Winners Of The Annual Home Warranty Awards 2023

Top-Rated Company Award – Choice Home Warranty

Best in Service Company Award – American Home Shield

Editors’ Choice Award – ServicePlus Home Warranty

Words From The Winners

The winners of the Annual Home Warranty Awards 2023 have conveyed their appreciation and gratitude for the recognition.

Choice Home Warranty – Top-Rated Company 2023

“We are pleased to be recognized as the Top-Rated Company for the second year in a row. At Choice, we believe our focus on our customers, our technicians, our technology, and our employees allow us to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price. This award demonstrates that our continued pursuit of excellence is being recognized in the marketplace as we continue on our journey towards becoming the nation’s largest and most respected home warranty service contract provider.” – James E. Mostofi, CEO of Choice Home Warranty

American Home Shield– Best In Service 2023

“American Home Shield is honored to have won the Best in Service Award 2023. We take pride in serving our 2 million members and helping provide peace of mind for them.” 

ServicePlus Home Warranty – Editor’s Choice 2023

“Receiving the 2023 Editor’s Choice Award is not just a validation of our team’s hard work, but a testament of our innovation, continuous growth, and dedication to our valued contract holders. We are honored and grateful for this acknowledgment, and we will use it as a springboard to reach even greater heights.” – David Seruya, Founder & Chairman, ServicePlus

A Note To Our Readers

At Home Warranty Reviews.com, we take pride in the integrity and transparency of our Annual Home Warranty Awards. We aim to provide our readers with an unbiased and authentic evaluation of the top-performing home warranty companies. To maintain this transparency, we want our readers to know that:

  • Our process for selecting the winners is primarily based on the feedback and reviews from our website users, along with other objective parameters.
  • We do not accept favors or monetary benefits from any winners or nominees, ensuring that our selection process is unbiased and fair. 
  • We strive to reach our readers with accurate and reliable information. However, despite our best efforts, errors or omissions are possible.

Our Home Warranty Awards empower our readers with valuable insights into the home warranty industry, but we do not recommend them as the sole basis for decision-making. We encourage our readers to do their research and due diligence before making any commitments or purchasing decisions. HomeWarrantyReviews.com will not be held responsible for errors based on misinformed decisions.


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