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Does A Home Warranty Cover Electrical Issues Does A Home Warranty Cover Electrical Issues?

Electrical issues are common and unexpected. And if you have this question, “Does home warranty cover electrical issues?” in your mind, you’ll f ...

PUBLISHED : November 08,2022 6 MINS READ
vetaran-thumbnail 5 Best Home Warranties for Veterans in 2023

Once your home hits a certain mark, be it four or five years down the line, rising home repair costs are inevitable. Even if your veteran status offer ...

condo_thumbnail The 5 Best Condo Home Warranty Companies in 2023

Owning a condominium is quite an expensive proposition these days. You may avoid external issues of the building with condo home insurance, but you wo ...

PUBLISHED : April 18,2022 6 MINS READ
Roof coverage Residential Service Contracts: What are they?

Regardless of how carefully you maintain your household systems and equipment, they will ultimately break down due to constant use. The average homeow ...

PUBLISHED : March 11,2022 6 MINS READ
Garage-Door-Opener-thumbnail Does a home warranty cover garage doors?

While home warranty plans don’t cover garage doors, they provide coverage for a critical component of the garage door - the garage door opener. A sn ...

PUBLISHED : December 28,2021 6 MINS READ
pre-existing conditions-thumbnail Do home warranties cover pre-existing conditions?

An important clause in a home warranty contract is that they don’t cover pre-existing conditions. But, recently, many home warranty companies have m ...

PUBLISHED : December 28,2021 6 MINS READ
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