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duration of a home warranty coverage How Long Do Home Warranties Last: Key Timelines

A standard home warranty contract operates for a duration of a year and then needs to be renewed. However, a year-long home warranty plan is not the o ...

PUBLISHED : November 16,2021 6 MINS READ
septic-tank-thumbnail Do Home Warranties cover Septic Systems?

The septic system is a vital component that should always be in working order to treat wastewater. However, over time, the septic tank can be affected ...

PUBLISHED : November 08,2021 6 MINS READ
purchase-artical A Guide on How to Purchase a Home Warranty

Whether you plan to buy an older home or already own one, home systems and appliances are likely to break down over time. The cost of unexpected repai ...

PUBLISHED : October 29,2021 6 MINS READ
sewer-line-banner-thumbnail Does a home warranty cover sewer lines?

The sewer line is an essential part of your plumbing system, carrying all types of wastewater away from your home in a safe and sanitary manner. Unfor ...

PUBLISHED : October 21,2021 6 MINS READ
Plumbing Does a Home Warranty Plan Cover Plumbing Systems?

Plumbing issues are one of those unpleasant things that occur without any warning and leave us with no other choice but to solve them immediately. In ...

PUBLISHED : October 08,2021 6 MINS READ
top-company-artical Best Home Warranty Plans for First-Time Buyers

It can be frustrating to buy your dream home, move in, and realize that it needs repairs on major items. If you are staying in a rental home, you may ...

PUBLISHED : October 05,2021 6 MINS READ
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