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How to get a home warranty company to replace furnace?  How to get a home warranty company to replace furnace? 

A furnace is one of the commonly used home appliances, especially by those staying in the colder regions. When ...

PUBLISHED : March 27,2020 5 MINS READ
home warranty water heater Do Home Warranties Cover Water Heaters?

The short answer to this question is: YES. Home warranties cover water heaters. A water heater is a necessity ...

PUBLISHED : March 26,2020 4 MINS READ
The importance of Home Warranty Claims The importance of Home Warranty Claims

A home warranty is a necessity for homes old and new alike. Companies provide plans as per the needs of the cu ...

PUBLISHED : November 22,2019 3 MINS READ
most common home warranty claims denied Most Common Reasons for Home Warranty Claims Denied

The biggest apprehension that people have about home warranty policies is the trust factor. Homeowners are uns ...

PUBLISHED : June 17,2018 6 MINS READ
Which Home Warranty Should You Choose Which Home Warranty Should You Choose?

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your appliances working like clockwork? You should make it a point to keep ...

PUBLISHED : January 22,2018 6 MINS READ
Common Reasons For Home Warranty Claim Denials Common Reasons For Home Warranty Claim Denials

Claim denial is an incident in which a home warranty company rejects a customer’s request for repair service ...

PUBLISHED : December 09,2014 5 MINS READ

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