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Microwave_thumbnail Microwave Not Heating: Reasons|Tips|Solutions

Microwave is one of the most widely utilized electrical gadgets nowadays since it serves a variety of functions and is simple to operate. No matter th ...

PUBLISHED : October 27,2022 5 MINS READ
Should You Dispose/Recycle/Repair Your Old Home Appliances? Should You Dispose/Recycle/Repair Your Home Appliances?

of them? Well, there are more options than just disposing them. You can consider recycling or repairing them. In this article, we will be discussing w ...

PUBLISHED : October 25,2022 6 MINS READ
ac-compressor-replacement-cost-thumbnail How Much Does it Cost to Replace an AC Compressor?

An AC consists of several parts, and the compressor is the heart of an AC unit. That’s why the replacement of this part is expensive. Usually, an AC ...

PUBLISHED : October 11,2022 6 MINS READ
Guide Are Appliance Repairs Affordable? A Detailed Cost Guide

When you’re planning your annual and monthly household budgets, a crucial factor to consider is repair costs of home appliances. The average repair ...

PUBLISHED : September 02,2021 6 MINS READ
wHeater Does a home warranty cover water heaters?

Water heaters are a critical home system since no one wants to take a cold shower on winter days. Unfortunately, they break down over time and need to ...

PUBLISHED : September 01,2021 6 MINS READ
5 Tried And Tested Microwave Cleaning Hacks thumbnail 5 Tried And Tested Microwave Cleaning Hacks

A microwave is one of the most transformative kitchen appliances, having reduced our cooking time from hours a ...

PUBLISHED : December 01,2020 5 MINS READ
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