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About Us was created back in 2006 with the purpose to provide objective and candid reviews of home warranty companies. It was the first reviews platform that was dedicated solely towards home warranty reviews and research. We now have over 70,000 unique consumer reviews and 80+ home warranty companies listed on our site. As time went by, we gained deeper insights into the problems faced by homeowners and introduced new features, innovative tools, the Annual Home Warranty Awards, and also an articles section dedicated to addressing queries relating to home warranty, home maintenance, appliance maintenance, and other related topics.

Tools & Programs for Customers

The Home Maintenance Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, comparing home warranty companies, and the Complaint Resolution Program (CRP) are some of the tools that we offer.

Home Maintenance Calculator: It’s a tool that helps homeowners calculate the estimated cost of home maintenance without a home warranty vs with a home warranty. It also provides a percentage wise breakup of the total home maintenance costs and suggests home warranty companies with premiums much lower than the estimated maintenance costs.

Mortgage Calculator: Home buyers can enter the specifics of their mortgage like the amount, interest rate and the interactive mortgage calculator analyses how good/bad a financial investment it is. It also displays a graphical representation to justify the same along with a payment schedule to help one understand the breakup of the monthly payments.

Comparing Home Warranty Companies: On a homeowner can compare the features of different home warranty service providers which makes it easier to research.

Complaint Resolution Program: The Complaint Resolution Program (CRP) is a program in which some home warranty companies participate in order to maintain their online reputation. Customers can opt to submit a negative review as a complaint and seek a resolution from their company within 30 days. If the resolution does not satisfy the customer, the complaint gets posted as a negative review on our site.

Free Home Warranty Quotes: Back in the day, this was a feature that was distinct to our website. You can request for free home warranty quotes from more than one company on our site.

Annual Home Warranty Awards

The Annual Home Warranty Awards were initiated in 2012. The motive behind these awards is to acknowledge the home warranty companies that are providing a high quality of services to their customers and also encourage other companies to improve the quality of service provided. The awards also evoke a sense of trust in homeowners who are interested in investing in a home warranty plan. There are four categories of awards, each based on different criteria such as customer satisfaction rates, digital experience of the website, the best regional home warranty service provider, and best customer service rates. Take a look at the home warranty award winners for this year.

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team works earnestly to keep the reviews objective and keep the website updated to match your requirements as a homeowner. Editor Editor
Michelle Sonali Steven De Nazareth

Home Warranty Research Made Easy

We make researching on home warranty for our readers as efficient as possible. Click on the state in which your home is located and get researching on the top rated home warranty companies around you. You can also request for a free home warranty quote from the listed companies.


The site is owned and operated by Neoticks, LLC, based in Michigan.

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