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About Us

About us

HomeWarrantyReviews.com was created in 2006 as the first exclusive review platform to research, write, and recommend home warranty companies and their services. HWR was founded to bridge the gap between the consumers and the lack of available research platforms to provide credible information about home warranty policies.

The home warranty industry has grown and developed for more than 16 years. HomeWarrantyReviews.com paved the way forward in offering a detailed and informative guide to the general public's intricacies of a home warranty policy.

Besides covering articles about home warranties and rating the companies providing home warranty policies, our platform facilitates homeowners and policyholders to review companies based on their services.

With time, we included new features and tools to make our users’ experience easier and more enriching. Side-by-side comparisons of companies, tools to calculate maintenance costs, and other features are a core part of our website to provide a comprehensive outlook.

Over the years, we have amassed the trust of our patrons and other home warranty companies. Our site hosts nearly 100,000 unique consumer reviews and an expansive list of companies.

Meet Our Leaders

It all started when our founder, Krupesh Bhat, wanted to research details about home warranties for his house; he realized that there was a lack of information for deciding on the services of a home warranty company. And so, in 2006, he started homewarrantyreviews.com, a first-of-its-kind review platform designed to help homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

It was hard to gain the trust of companies and consumers for the first few years, never mind the absolute lack of credible information to write. Now 16 years later, HomeWarrantyReviews.com is the longest-running review source in the industry.

The Homewarrantyreviews.com team has years of expertise in the home warranty industry. Our writers have been providing insights into the workings of the home warranty services and policies to consumers since its inception. When researching home warranties, we understand what the average customer looks for, so our team curates articles and home warranty company reviews that address their queries and concerns.


Krupesh Bhat

Founder, Editor-In-Chief


Girish Mavatkar

Chief Of Growth


Sudarshan Sharma

Head- Tech & Digital Strategy


Shashank Ramesh

Head- Editorial & Content Strategy

Researched, Reliable, and Relevant Home Warranty Information

We are the Apex Home Warranty Review Platform for a reason. At HomeWarrantyReviews.com, one can research various home warranty companies' services and features. We provide the details of a company’s coverage, costs, claims process, and exclusions so the customer can make an informed decision.

We do everything it takes to offer our readers thoroughly researched and reliable information. We zero in on what people are looking for and produce helpful articles to address them. We are always on top of things and ensure our companies’ database listing their offerings, pricing, and other aspects are continually updated.

We only list the best. Our rating system considers crucial parameters while determining the company's rating value. We record individual ratings on the quality of repairs, time taken for repair, quality of customer service, time taken for registering claims, and time taken for making settlements by the company. As a result, to get a good score, a company must promptly adhere to all of its responsibilities.

We collect and publish consumer reviews to offer a more nuanced and balanced take on our listed companies. Doing so offers potential home warranty customers an understanding of how each home warranty company works and what to expect.

We also help home warranty customers in their post-purchase journey by creating a platform that directly connects home warranty companies with customers to address redressals immediately. These measures have helped people make sensible decisions while purchasing home warranties.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Besides being the first Home Warranty review and research platform, our site also has other exclusive features.

You can also get a FREE home warranty quote without furnishing any monetary details.

The Protection Of Your Privacy Is Our Primary Concern

We care about the privacy and protection of our users and take every precaution to make their experience as safe as possible. We do not undertake any activities that involve putting our users’ data or private information at risk.

Our site is equipped with an SSL certificate to make it more secure. We do not ask for any fiscal information under any circumstances. We use all reasonable measures to protect our readers’ information from alteration, loss, theft, disclosure, misuse, unauthorized access, and destruction.

You can view our entire privacy policy here.

Our Goal


HomeWarrantyReviews.com was founded to advance research in the home warranty industry and make the life of our users easy. As most companies providing home warranty services tend to focus on selling their policies, our review platform can be a source to make these companies more accountable and adhere to higher standards.

Our Values

  1. Since our inception, the team of Homewarrantyreviews.com has strived to provide unbiased ratings and reviews of home warranty companies. Our rating system is based purely on the merit of the quality of services provided by each company.
  2. We pride ourselves on the transparent and honest way we conduct our business. The parameters we consider while rating a home warranty company, like their quality of services, customer service, coverage options, and other criteria, are mentioned on our website.
  3. HomeWarrantyReviews.com, at its core, is consumer-centric, meaning we simplify the technicalities and complicated jargon used in Home Warranty policies. We also analyze the services and plans offered by different home warranty service providers and rate them according to their value. This endeavor is carried out to help our readers understand the warranty information.

Beyond Home Warranties

Homewarrantyreviews.com has always sought out ways to give back to the community. We believe that small businesses can help shape a community’s identity. They also contribute to the local community’s tax base, a cycle where local businesses can, in turn, invest in other local businesses to keep money running through the local economy.

The rise a small, local-run business can give in the employment rates, innovation, and competition of a community is not unknown to us. We know and understand the struggle a business can undergo in its initial stages, so we make it a point to encourage and support small businesses through collaboration and timely donations.