Appliance Maintenance

Temperatures Rise And So Do Repair Costs?

Summer 2016 is on track to break records for high temperatures. According to The Weather Channel, some U.S. states will see temperatures well beyond their normal summer levels.  And with the brutally hot weather comes a strain on air conditioning systems.  Unlike certain appliances in the home or even major systems, heating and cooling systems… Read More »

Calculating Savings with a Home Warranty has, for many years now, been the only place online that homeowners could trust for free reviews and ratings of home service contract companies in the U.S.  That is changing, as companies like Yelp offer consumers reviews on a great diversity of different products and services, home warranty included.  In the past we did… Read More »

Appliances That Need Home Warranty Protection

Most homeowners agree on the fact that older homes need some kind of protection in the form of Home Warranty. While this fact couldn’t be more, most folks are unaware about which appliances to include under coverage. For those who can’t afford to purchase an elaborate home warranty plan with extensive coverage, this article will… Read More »

Which Appliances Break Most Often? is dedicated to providing our readers the best and most complete source of real, honest reviews and ratings of home warranty companies.  Our reviews come from real homeowners who have firsthand experience with the home warranty companies, not paid writers who only evaluate the companies that pay for advertising.  We are the largest, and… Read More »

Keep Your Dishwasher Working Like New

In the fast-paced world, dishwashers have become a necessity in many households. Most of the modern families have dishwashers in their homes. People rely on dishwashers, as they can’t spare time from their hectic lifestyles. But often ignored, the value of a dishwasher is only realized when it stops working. No matter how old your… Read More »

7 Common Mistakes HVAC Owners Make

Heating and air conditioning units make us feel nice and comfy. No matter what the temperature is outside, whether it’s too hot or too cold, HVAC units help us relax inside our homes. So, as owners of HVAC systems, we want to keep our heating and air conditioning units in good working condition. To do… Read More »

The Rising Cost of Freon (r-22)

Freon is not as common a word in the American lexicon as it used to be.  And that is greatly due to the phase out of the product that started decades ago. That common household name was once the main chemical component in central heating and cooling systems, but that started to gradually change in… Read More »

Gas Appliances that Cost the Most to Use

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2011 natural gas was the most cost efficient way to run appliances and heat a home in the United States. And that may not have changed much since then. If you look at the 2014 Federal Register article regarding projections for near future energy costs by type… Read More »

Electrical Appliances That Cost The Most To Use

We’ve all experienced the hardship of receiving bills in the mail.  The envelope sits on your kitchen table like so many others.  But this one is different.  This one holds the reminder you dread seeing, the electric bill. Okay, so maybe the electric bill isn’t the one you dread seeing most each month.  But it… Read More »

Refrigerator Maintenance and Energy Saving Tips

Refrigerator maintenance is a vital part of housekeeping that just cannot be ignored. For people who don’t know the first thing about cleaning a fridge, this guide is just for you! Is your refrigerator running?  Well, you’d better go catch it! If you are rolling your eyes then maybe you’re not a fan of old… Read More »