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How to Fix a Freezer That’s Not Working?

If you’ve ever had a problem with your refrigerator, you know the pain that accompanies it. Finding a serviceman, calling them home, and the whole chain of trying to spot the problem can be tiring. Once you fix it or think that it is fixed, you soon realize that the problem hasn’t actually been fixed… Read More »

Common Refrigerator Problems that Needs Attention

Among the most used appliances in your home, your refrigerator is commonly used by all members of the family. Be it cooking, storing produce that you purchased from the local store or some delicious snacks that you would like to save for later in the day. It goes without saying that without a refrigerator, you… Read More »

Importance of Washing Machine Pan

Just imagine if you come home and find that your washer is leaking. This could prove to be exceedingly expensive when gallons of water spills on the floor by the hour if not detected. It can be extremely expensive to repair the water damage from a washing machine. This is why a washing machine drain… Read More »

Must-Have Tools And Appliances In Every Garage

Most homes need to stock the right set of tools and appliances to ensure that they can take on minor repair and maintenance all year round. On the one hand you can turn your garage into a viable workspace and ramp it up to do some spring and summer projects. Otherwise, it’s the perfect place… Read More »

Air Conditioner Leaks: Problems and Quick Fixes

If you think that a leaking air conditioner would only cause cosmetic damage to your home, think again! Many chemicals are at play whenever your air conditioner is cooling your home, and when exposed to the air can cause a lot of health hazards to you and your family. Furthermore, these gases when released can… Read More »

Do You Really Need In-Floor Heating?

A freezing morning and cold floors can be very discomforting for one that lives in places where the temperatures fall below freezing. In-floor heating systems supply heat floors directly or through panels in the walls and ceiling vents in your home.   In-floor heating is a form of central heating that keeps your floor warm… Read More »

Key Systems that Require Home Warranty Coverage

If you need to ensure that your home is running efficiently then these shortlisted systems should not break down anytime soon. Without these 14 systems working in top notch condition, your comfort of living would have a step backward. Why go through all that pain when you can enjoy living at a comfort level beyond… Read More »

Top 4 Home Appliances That Overheat

Too much of anything can be bad for you. This holds true even in terms of your home appliances. If you use your appliances too much then you could wear them down and reduce their lifespan. A clear indication of this is when your appliances overheat. Overheating is a major warning sign that something isn’t… Read More »

Gas Versus Electric Heaters: Merits and Demerits

If you are constructing a new home or replacing the existing heating equipment, then you should know about which fuel is best suited for you and which costs the least. The two major fuels that are being explored are natural gas and electricity. The best way to choose between heaters is by comparing the pros… Read More »

Common Appliance Repairs To Expect

Whenever you invest in a new home appliance, the intention would be to get the best bang for your buck. This entails that your potential new fridge, HVAC, washer/dryer should be able to use your energy efficiency as well as last longer. So before you think you need to buy a new home appliance it’s… Read More »