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Home Warranty Claims

Most Common Reasons for Home Warranty Claims Denied

The biggest apprehension that people have about home warranty policies is the trust factor. Homeowners are unsure whether the claim made will be accepted or not. Truth is that what one home warranty company covers another home warranty company may not cover. Here are the reasons for some of the most common home warranty claims… Read More »

Which Home Warranty Should You Choose?

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your appliances working like clockwork? You should make it a point to keep your appliances in check and ensure that they are all in working condition. This is where a home warranty plan comes to good use and allows you to maintain all those appliances and systems all… Read More »

Common Reasons For Home Warranty Claim Denials

Claim denial is an incident in which a home warranty company rejects a customer’s request for repair service. Sometimes customer claims are legit and fully entitled to receive services stated as per the contract. Claim denials are considered to be a major reason behind spats between service contract companies and the customer. While some claims… Read More »

Home Warranty Claim Denials and Lack of Maintenance Issues

While appliance protection plans are always a wise purchase if your appliances are older than 4 years, you still have to make sure that you chose a home warranty company that has a good reputation. It has been noticed that companies sometimes deny our claims on vague grounds, often quoting fine print from the contract.… Read More »

What to Do When Your Home Warranty Claim is Denied

Americans buy home warranty to protect themselves from repair and replacement costs of home appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear. Unfortunately a lot of policy holders feel let down by the result after filing a claim with their warranty company. Some people are ignorant that they have the power to dispute the… Read More »

Insurance Claims – Another way to pursue tough claims

Recently, there was an interesting review posted at AHS warranty discussions page about dealing with insurance claims. The legal option suggested by the reviewer might be useful to some homeowners, who have difficulties dealing with home warranty insurance claims. It is not practical and cost effective to take legal route to pursue your insurance claims… Read More »

How To Pursue Insurance Claims

Since you searched for this online, it is possibly true that you are frustrated beyond possible limits, because your Insurance Company, that you hired to make your life easier, is in fact annoying you. Let’s not waste time, this article explains the strategy that you must adopt in the event that your Insurance company acts… Read More »

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