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Should You Buy Extended Warranties Or Not?

When you apply for Home Warranty or appliance extended warranty plans then you are generally signing up for insurance policies for your systems and appliances at home. This is the perfect way to safeguard your appliances and systems without having to constantly engage with contractors or worry about unexpected high costs. Similarly, you should have… Read More »

Buying Extended Warranty on Appliances

Extended warranty sometimes also called as a maintenance or service agreement, is a prolonged warranty given to customers who wish to insure their fairly new devices. They are not always provided by the manufacturer and are usually procured along with or as and when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Such extended service agreements are often purchased… Read More »

What Is Covered Under Builder’s Warranty?

Builder’s warranty is a written statement by the builder assuring that the house was completed as per a stipulated set of standards. This provides a form of protection to buyer from latent defects. This form of warranty is also called a Limited warranty and is issued by the builder on their work. This is done… Read More »

Home Warranty Vs Appliance Extended Warranty

Home Warranty or appliance extended warranty are basically insurance policies for the appliances and systems in your home. Hope you never have to employ them, but glad you have it when your appliance breakdown. With cost of service & electronic components, your repair bill could end up being the same as the price appliance was… Read More »

Home Protection Plan for Household Appliances

In a quite short period of time, home protection plan have grown considerably in recognition. Today, the plans are almost standard in every city real estate transactions, where 8 of every 10 homes sales are covered. Homeownership can be one of life’s many pleasures, but it’s not always cheap. Most likely the last thing a… Read More »

Is Extended Home Warranty Necessary?

Extended home warranty provides warranty coverage for major home appliances after the manufacturer’s warranty period is completed. Buying the home warranty, avoids unnecessary stress and to assists you in peace of mind. It is truly a best insurance for your investment. The costs are very low compared to repair bills of any of your appliances.… Read More »

Should you buy home warranty or extended warranty?

When it comes to appliance warranty protection plans, the choices are plenty. Should you buy a comprehensive home warranty or extended warranty at the point of sale? While home warranty is like an umbrella insurance that covers all major home appliances, extended warranty is purchased for each appliance separately. Home warranties will charge annual premium… Read More »