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Gadgets to Help You Around the House

With the pace of innovation rapidly bringing new gadgets into the market, there are bound to a number of household gadgets worth your while. Some maybe pricey but with constant use, they are reliable and noteworthy. While some championed the need for the washing machine and the dishwasher, likewise these future-centric gadgets are sure to… Read More »

20 Home Improvement Apps

If you have not already used Home Improvement Apps then you are in for a surprise! There is probably an app for everything and anything to improve your home. This includes apps for do-it-yourself and home improvement projects. This will help you budget your expenses, determine the best designs and changes that make a massive… Read More »

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

The American Dream is synonymous with calling a place one’s home, but the reverie of having such a space has often been seen as quite a financial and logistical burden. The scales tip towards renting in order to minimize the need for maintenance costs, upkeep, and painstaking repairs. Home Warranties, their schemes, and companies are… Read More »

How To Cancel A Home Warranty Policy And Get A New One?

Functioning along similar lines as an insurance policy does, a Home Warranty is a policy put down in order to supplement existing warranties on your appliances and home systems. Most often we tend to use appliances much after their manufacturer’s warranty runs out, and the chances of our wiring and plumbing coming with a concrete… Read More »

Guide To Structural Warranty For New Homes

An offshoot of Home Warranty, Structural Warranty is a legal agreement between the builder of the home and you – the owner. Structural Warranty functions basically in the case of new homes, wherein the builder assures that the home he has built will have no structural defects for a period of ten years after its… Read More »

How to Identify Structural Defects in Your Home?

Most of us know how to identify a faulty socket, a home appliance that isn’t working right or a leaky roof panel. What about noticing a structural defect before it gets out of hand? By definition, any crack, fault or deviation in the structural integrity of the building is identified as a structural defect, one… Read More »

Home Warranty Benefits for the Aged

How a home warranty benefits for aged? You might ask! Visualize this scenario: In your later part of life, when all the burdens have been released, you decide to finally live in peace. Enjoying all the luxuries of life, you decide to have a cup of coffee with the morning newspaper. And right at that… Read More »

Home Warranty Guides for First Time Users

The joys of home ownership and delight of self-sustenance comes hand in hand with maintenance anxiety and budgetary concerns. Let’s look at how to lighten the load and delegate some of the upkeep and repairs with the help of a home warranty plan or a home service contract! Working towards keeping your home new, resolved… Read More »

Gearing Up For Winter – 5 Tips To Winterproof Your Home

Well, technically it isn’t winter yet, but like the Starks say – “Winter is coming” and as a homeowner, you better be prepared for it. If you live in a region which sees subzero temperatures and biting winds, your house, and its contents could be in trouble. While snow covered trees and angelic white surroundings… Read More »

How to Craft Your Budget Efficiently?

A beautiful home demands maintenance. Maintenance, that comprises of regular repair and replacement costs, and other household chores. But it can be challenging to maintain a house with a limited budget. In such a situation, it is crucial to plan your budget well in advance, to meet all the needs without creating any confusion or… Read More »