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Listen To Your Old Home Before It Gets Too Late

When you’ve lived in an old home long enough you sometimes become oblivious to the telling signs of overdue remodeling. You’re probably already stretching the home to the extent of its capacity, and you just might not realize it. Every home needs to be remodeled and refurbished & that’s how it’ll continue to be one… Read More »

10 Things About the White House Kitchen Garden

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been an absolute sweetheart of America. And when she referred to the White House Vegetable Garden as her baby, it isn’t surprising that the garden, therefore, garnered a lot of attention. Though the responsibility of the vegetable garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has now changed hands, the tradition of… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Harvest Vegetables from Home Garden

It isn’t necessarily a leafy green thumb or a large plot of ideal soil and sunny weather that makes a home garden possible. In fact, just a strip of land or even containers and pots on your balcony can be enough for you to start a vegetable garden from scratch. Whether you are choosing to… Read More »

Home Energy Efficiency and What About It

Efficient use of energy in a home has become a topic of discussion that is fundamentally impossible to ignore in today’s day and age. Both in terms of environmental policies at the level of the state and local authorities, there is constant debate and negotiation on how to make sure that domestic and commercial use… Read More »

Structural Engineering Tips for Home Renovation and Extension

Home renovation is something that most homeowners like you, have faced at least once in your lives or you’re in a transitionary phase and would shortly experience one! Home renovation is always a lucrative option than moving out of the home you have lived in and loved because you get to stick to the memories… Read More »

How To Start Urban Farming In Your Apartment?

Farming is not an activity which can only be done in a vast plane area; it can also be confined to your house, home or an apartment. Sounds appealing, isn’t it? It isn’t a mammoth task, after all, it is feasible and easy! For starters, here are some tips on where to start from, to… Read More »

Dream Home Types An American Aspires to Own

For decades now, the American Dream has been synonymous with Homeownership. Even though the housing market has not got back up after the recession hit of 2008, a majority of the population still strives to own their dream home, looking at it as a sign of stability and accomplishment. The only thing that changes is… Read More »

Tips To Grow A Micro-Garden

The intensive cultivation of plants in small living spaces, growing a micro-garden has become an urban phenomenon in the past decade. Using gardening tricks like vertical gardening and hanging planters, you can optimize the space at your disposal to garden away from your worries and reap rich health benefits out of it! What To Do To… Read More »

Health Benefits Of Gardening

Consider this: it’s a lazy Sunday and you haven’t worked out all week, your stress levels are high. And the doctor says you need to get going and get some physical exercise into your daily routine. You have considered your options – hitting the gym, joining that community swimming pool, going for those morning runs… Read More »

New Home Essentials – 5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Moved into a new home recently? Congrats! We hope the new home brings you loads of happiness. While you might not have started enjoying your new home yet, we’re sure you’ll settle in quickly. Now, this brings us to the topic at hand – what are the most vital elements for a functional kitchen?  … Read More »