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Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance is something that often slips our mind amidst our busy schedules and hectic lives. The regular cooking, laundry, and cleaning is something that consumes a significant amount of time in our routines but a little effort from your end can save you a lot of money when the time for repair arises. Just… Read More »

Home Improvement Trends in 2018

Looking to make a few home improvements that would set your home apart from the rest? With a little planning and execution, you could adopt a few of these home improvement trends and live in style. Not only does this help in improving the aesthetics of your home, but in the long run, this can… Read More »

5 Factors Why You Need a Home Warranty

Now that you purchased your dream home, would a home warranty burn a hole in your now empty pocket? Do you feel that things like damage or repair would come your way? Are you now well prepared for it? Guess again! Here are few possible factors or scenarios that you as a house owner will… Read More »

5 Home Repairs That Will Cost You

Maintenance and repairs of your household can be difficult for the uninformed homeowner. Neglecting to check, observe and regularly service your home will lead you to spend a lot of money on its eventual repair or replacement. Just like any other device, your home is also subject to wear and tear. This could be from… Read More »

Does a Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

Water is an essential resource in all domestic buildings, but it can also cause a lot of damage. This is usually in the form of seepage or leaks that can harm – potentially ruin – the building structure. The big question is if Home Warranty covers roof leaks, and most often it doesn’t, at least… Read More »

50 Best Home Improvement Blogs

Man’s constant thirst for improving and upgrading has never been quenched. The process of turning a house into a home involves looking for novel, innovative, unique DIY ideas. These most definitely will add some interesting twists to your lifestyle. In an attempt to make things simpler and a whole lot more fun, we have made… Read More »

6 Easy Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall is an important time for home maintenance. You need to inspect your home and make the necessary repairs before the cold weather sets in which invites damages along. Carry out your maintenance routine before the temperatures begin to drop. Follow these 6 home maintenance tips to gear your home for winter this year. 1.… Read More »

How to Unclog a Kitchen Drain?

A clogged kitchen drain is one of the most common plumbing problems you can face and can cause you a massive inconvenience. As long as you know how to how to unclog the drain, it should no longer be a problem. Why Do Kitchen Sinks Get Clogged? The biggest cause for kitchen sink clogs is… Read More »

Why Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping?

The customary Electric Panel Box at the entrance to any building receives electricity from the government and distributes it evenly and safely to various portions of the building.  Circuits are used to disburse electricity to various parts of the building. The often asked question of why circuit breakers keep tripping is simply because the circuit… Read More »

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

To keep your basement dry during heavy rains, having a sump pump alone isn’t enough. You need to have a sump pump that functions. Just like every other system in your home, even a sump pump needs maintenance. Most sump pumps are equipped with flood alarms or water alarms that alert you if the water… Read More »