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What Exterior Paint is best for your home?

A common aesthetic dilemma that new homeowners have is the choices of paints to use for the outside. The paint job for the exterior of your home is based on many determining factors. Do you go for paints that have a very appealing look but sacrifices durability from harsh weather?. Or do you choose from… Read More »

Homemade Cleaning Products for the DIY Homeowner

Most homeowners these days are extremely aware of the chemicals present in cleaning agents that are used every day. Some of these products trigger allergic reactions, asthma, and other health conditions. Due to these reasons, quite a large number of homeowners have decided to make a conscious effort to switch to homemade cleaning products as… Read More »

How to Clean Your Home Quickly?

You give your home a thorough cleaning, it looks good for a week or two. Then, you get caught up with work, the kids’ exams, or a commitment you’d forgotten about, and poof! The home is a mess again! You don’t even know how the kitchen counter has gotten greasy or the faucets in the… Read More »

Best Bathroom Countertop Materials for Your Home

Quite often the bathroom countertop takes a backseat while you’re busy choosing the kitchen countertop. Bathroom countertops don’t usually face the same amount of abuse as the ones in the kitchen (knives, hot pans, oven trays, etc). The battle to choose the perfect bathroom countertop typically lies among material, style, budget and the ease of… Read More »

Guide To Removing Black Mold

Mold infestation is a common problem that impacts hundreds of houses in America. You need to learn the remedies and take steps to learn how to remove mold and perform black mold removal routinely. Determining the Problem The reason why black mold builds up is because it produces and spreads by releasing spores into the… Read More »

Things to Do Before You Leave Home on a Long Vacation

After a wonderful vacation and some much needed time off, getting back to your routine can be gloomy as it is. But getting back to a home that has been broken into or flooded rooms can ruin the fun of the entire trip. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy an amazing holiday without having to… Read More »

Homemade Floor Cleaners for All Floor Types

Homemade floor cleaners are definitely a better option when compared to readymade mopping solutions. You can customize your homemade solution to suit the texture of your floors. Readymade solutions are made for floors in general, it may work well on some floors, may not work on others. Ingredients that work well and remove stains on… Read More »

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance is something that often slips our mind amidst our busy schedules and hectic lives. The regular cooking, laundry, and cleaning is something that consumes a significant amount of time in our routines but a little effort from your end can save you a lot of money when the time for repair arises. Just… Read More »

Home Improvement Trends in 2018

Looking to make a few home improvements that would set your home apart from the rest? With a little planning and execution, you could adopt a few of these home improvement trends and live in style. Not only does this help in improving the aesthetics of your home, but in the long run, this can… Read More »

5 Factors Why You Need a Home Warranty

Now that you purchased your dream home, would a home warranty burn a hole in your now empty pocket? Do you feel that things like damage or repair would come your way? Are you now well prepared for it? Guess again! Here are few possible factors or scenarios that you as a house owner will… Read More »