Home Maintenance

Things You Should Know about Cracks in Slab Foundation

Concrete slabs are essential to the structural stability and design of modern buildings. A single, thick concrete slab is often used as the foundation for large buildings – called “Slab-on-Grade Foundation” – resting on compacted subsoil and ensuring the building stays level. In terms of function, concrete slabs act as both the foundation for the… Read More »

How to Fix a Squeaky Door?

Everybody loves a squeaky-clean house but a squeaky door, on the other hand, is unwelcome and rather frustrating. From the slightest squeak during just the rainy days to the incessant screeches. They are sure to take you back to the days of chalk on blackboards in grade school. Hence, it is safe to say that… Read More »

Visually Maximizing a Small Space

An urban lifestyle is everything today – you get to live young, live classy, and live fast! But on the downside, when living in urban spaces, dreaming about a spacious airy apartment with ample natural lighting often remains just a dream for many. The reality of urban living is that we live in houses that… Read More »

Essential Power & Hand Tools to Have in Your Home

An essential part in what has enabled the development and progress of the human race are tools. What could be considered an extension of the human body, tools not only aid in work but also increase speed and efficiency. Be it small maintenance tasks or full blown repairs and construction, tools are always helpful. Having… Read More »

How To Choose The Best Washer-Dryers For Your Home?

The time of basic functionality appliances is long gone. Washers and dryers that required individuals to shift clothes from the washer drum to the dryer and make sure the water has drained are all things of the past. The 21st century has seen a surge in all household appliances, bringing to the fore mastery of… Read More »

14 Tips for Fire Safety in Your Home

Fastening the seat belts snug around your son when you drive him to school, looking both sides before crossing the road – every individual has been hardwired to keep themselves and their loved ones safe in every circumstance. While we deem our homes safe, secure and padlocked, domestic hazards of fires are rampant, leading to… Read More »

Getting Ready for Kitchen Renovation – What to do Before the Hammer Hits?

Personalizing a space and its aesthetics to suit your style and needs is what renovation is all about, but it’s not all about how it looks. We all know what a task it is just to get your home repainted, from covering up all the furniture and appliances to pretty much having to move out… Read More »

Kitchen Renovation And The Golden Triangle

For many of us, the idea behind a home and having our personalized space and groove is indisputably linked to having access to our own kitchen. A service and task from your daily routine which hotels and resorts pride themselves in taking care of for you, there is still a joy in waking up to… Read More »

Top 4 Tips To Cleaning Your Rooftop

Tired of seeing your roof green, stained and covered in leaves or in snow? Of all the home maintenance, spring cleaning, repairs and errands a homeowner is fated to, roof cleaning can be one of the most tiresome. Doing a balancing act on the shingles with a broom, a blower and a hose, scrubbing off… Read More »

How Home Inspection Is Beneficial For You?

A place to make countless memories in and call your own, if you’re in the market for a new home then you sure know what a task it can be to research, hunt and narrow down to just the right space. From the way the homes you walk into make you feel to the technical… Read More »