Certified Warranties Corporation Files For Bankruptcy

October 7, 2014: In what came as a shock to many consumers and industry observers, Certified Warranties Corporation, a relatively new home warranty company, filed for bankruptcy owing to financial difficulties.

The company, headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois is a nationwide provider of warranty services, however, due to licensing requirements, the company had recently exited from the states of California and Florida.

On October 3rd, 2014, Certified Warranties Corporation, announced through their official website that the company has filed for bankruptcy as it suffered financial problems. No further details have been provided by the company at the time of this article’s publication.

Certified Warranties Corporation

The company, founded in 2010, quickly acquired customers owing to their affordable plans and timely services. Certified Warranties Corporation had managed to gather a sizeable number of customers during its 4 year stint in the industry. Since most of their reviews were positive, the news of bankruptcy came as a shock to many.


Reasons behind the company’s financial difficulties are unknown as of now. The company has remained unavailable for a statement.

Customer Reviews And Overall Reputation

Logo Certified Warranties Corporation

Certified Warranties Corporation had a good reputation among home warranty customers. The Illinois based company had a host of affordable plans, most of them were offered at zero deductible rates. The company also had a 60 day guarantee on all repairs they performed.

Certified Warranties Corporation was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2012. The company previously held an A-rating. BBB’s website states that the company met all the necessary standards which made sure that an institution is ready to resolve consumer complaints by taking necessary steps.

The consumer complaints summary for Certified Warranties Corporation on BBB shows that there were zero complaints against the company in the last six months. BBB also states that it knows of no significant government actions ever being taken against the company.

The company enjoyed good ratings on many online review sites. With over a thousand reviews from the company’s customers, Certified Warranties Corporation had a reasonably high rating on HomeWarrantyReviews.com as well.

Customers of the company have reported that while unpleasant incidents were not uncommon, the overall quality of services provided by Certified Warranties Corporation was above average. This only leaves us wondering as to what could have possibly gone wrong with the company in such a short span of time.

A Word To The Customers Of Certified Warranties Corporation

Until further details are revealed by the company, customers are encouraged to exercise caution when trying to place claims or buying plans from anyone who claims to be associated with Certified Warranties Corporation.

Do not discard your copies of the policy booklet or the home service contract. You may need these documents in case you are given an opportunity to recover your money. You can attempt to contact your State’s Dept. of Insurance and inquire about what needs to be done if your state’s laws afford consumers protection against loss of home service contract services without a refund.

Most importantly, make sure that you have coverage for your appliances. Now that you do not have coverage, assess your needs and choose a reputable home warranty company if you decide to go with another company. We suggest that you use reviews and ratings about various home warranty companies providing services in your area, before you choose one. Now more than ever it is important to judge the financial stability and long term sustainability of any company you consider doing business with.


Recent Comments
Ramesh Javan
Anyone with information on how recoup our money please share it with me. Thanks
I purchased a home warranty in May of 2014. When I tried to file a claim in November 2014, I found the company had filed for bankruptcy. I was directed to the General Attorneys Office in Chicago to file a complaint. I live in Tennessee. I have not heard back from anyone, other than receiving a post card advising me that my complaint had been received. I sent an email today asking for an update. If I get any useful information, I will be glad to share.
Susan K
Like so many others I also paid for the warranty and only found out about their bankruptcy after needing to call them for service. If anyone knows how to get our money back, please let me know! Thank you! [email protected]
Ken Franklin
I have had a two year policy since June 2014. I did not receive any information that the Certified Home Warranties filled bankruptcy until I attempted to contact them May 18 2015. If there is any information addressing how to get a refund for the time period they did not provide coverage please reply to this post.
I'm like most of you all. I closed on a home in August 2014 which included a 12 month warranty issued by Certified. When I called to file a claim last month, all numbers were disconnected. I attempted to contact the TX Department of Insurance and was referred to the TX Real Estate Commission, who has not been able to assist. Please email me if you identify a way to get your money back: [email protected]
Leah Cook
If anyone figured out how to get money back, I too would like to know! We purchased a contract in 08/14 and tried to use our warranty in February...this is really discouraging. The NC dept of Insurance wasn't very helpful at all...any info would be great. [email protected]
Sherrie Throckmorton
I also purchased a policy from CWC in April 2014. I have just now found out that they declared bankruptcy and it sounds like it happened months ago. I looked through my policy and cannot find any reference to their insurance company. Like everyone else, I would like a refund for the premium that I paid in good faith. I am very discouraged that the company accepted payment, issued a contract and then defaulted on it without any notice or information about refunding my money. If anyone finds out how to get our money back I would appreciate knowing the steps. [email protected]
Julie Turner
http://insurance.illinois.gov/newsrls/2014/10/CertifiedWarrantiesCorporation.pdf "CHICAGO – October 22, 2014. The Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) is alerting consumers that an unlicensed company doing business in Illinois as CERTIFIED WARRANTIES CORPORATION, with addresses in Lombard and Oakbrook Terrace has been issuing, selling or offering for sale home warranty service contracts in violation of the financial and registration requirements of the Service Contract Act (215 ILCS 152/1 et seq.)."
Jeff Pastorius
I closed on a home in Pittsburgh, PA 9/18/14, secured the warranty on 9/15/14 via PayPal, and they filed bankruptcy on 10/7/14. Refrigerator breaks down on 12/18/14, go to website to seek repair and boom the bankruptcy notice. Over the past three months I thought I was covered! Not sure we have much protection in these situations, but I hope somebody goes to prison for scamming $ out of many of us right before filing! I'm not sure I got the official contract, waiting via E-mail, but I have the credit card charges verifying they secured my $445.00. Any advice as to how to get my $ back in Pennsylvania would be greatly appreciated.
Russell Kauitzsch
I too was scammed by certified home warranties. I bought a nearly $400 policy in August 2014 and tried to use it this week only to find out I am not covered and lost my money! I want money back too! We all deserve a refund from this terrible company! Sad we are all finding out this way rather tham the company notifying us. Just cowardly!
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