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Top 7 Things Every Homeowner Should Consider Before Buying A Home Warranty

Let’s say your AC decides to let you down on a random hot summer day. Don’t get it wrong! It’s served you well for all these years. But it still irks a bit knowing you’ll have to shell out for a brand new one. This is where a warranty saves your day. Haven’t you heard… Read More »

Hurricane Irma: Prepare in Advance

If Hurricane Harvey wasn’t bad enough, you will have to get ready to brace for Hurricane Irma that is set to hit Florida soon. NOAA’s National Weather Service has stated that it’s a Category 5 hurricane with a wind velocity of 190 miles per hour is the highest ever recorded. Currently, the hurricane is battering… Read More »

How to Stay Safe in Hurricane Harvey

To ensure that the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is not repeated, several search and rescue teams have been pressed into action in Texas. Houston has been advised not to evacuate as a state of disaster has been called upon in 30 counties. Residents have even been advised to climb to their roofs to… Read More »

Hurricane Recovery – Advice & Tips to be Safe

The abundance of nature is inspiring, while at the same time, its wrath is unpredictable and destructive. Damages from natural disasters are various and have several implications – on an economy, infrastructure, and life. Considering the scale at which cyclones, hurricanes, and floods can cause damage and their unpredictable nature, it is essential to be prepared.… Read More »

How New-Age Policies Help You in Being a Well Informed Homeowner?

Your home is the center of your everyday life and possibly your most valued asset. When your home is destroyed or damaged, you want your claim sorted out by an insurance company that realizes this simple fact. A right homeowners’ insurance company best meets your needs and provides you with the most valuable blend of… Read More »

Do You Need Condo Warranty Insurance?

Condos are a great substitutes to renting an apartment or possessing a single family home and they have their own unique insurance needs. About Condo Warranty Insurance Condo Warranty is similar to appliance warranty and provides condominium owners with coverage for repair of major appliances and home systems. Appliances are intended to make your lives… Read More »

What Kind of Life Insurance Policy Serves Your Needs?

Life throws many unforeseen things at all of us. As we can’t stop these things from happening, we can choose to give our lives a bit of protection. Insurance is meant to grant us some measure of financial protection, when a disaster occurs. There is plethora of insurance options available and it is suggested by… Read More »

How to Insure a Building?

Building insurance is a type of insurance most people don’t know enough about. This is the cover that provides for dealing with storm damage, accidents, malicious damage and a range of other things most people understandably prefer not to think about at all if they can help it. Building insurance is a type of “catchall”… Read More »

How to Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium

If you have been planning to buy a house or you have already bought a house, realizing the importance of homeowners insurance is very important. Make sure you have adequate coverage. Studies reveal that approximately 20% of the Americans have cut back on their insurance costs to meet their other monthly financial obligations.   However,… Read More »

How to choose your home insurance

Next to the so important health insurance each individual should have, there stands as second in line the home insurance. For homeowners, the home insurance is a specifically well tailored preventive measure any damages should happen to their property. The most important fact before you settle for one certain type of home insurance policy, is… Read More »