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Insurance on Appliances in the Home

Purchasing warranty plans for household items has become a common thing these days. Over time, it has become one of the best ways to protect your budget against unexpected repairs and replacements of damaged household devices. A Home Warranty, sometimes called an Appliance Warranty is a contract that agrees to offer discounted repairs and replacements… Read More »

Rising Costs of Home Warranty

Is the increasing price of home warranty and insurance your concern? You may be wondering why appliance warranty costs are always on the rise. We know that it is a huge financial strain to keep your expenses within your budget. It therefore comes as no big surprise that the yearly increase in your annual premium… Read More »

Are Home Warranty Premiums Tax Deductible?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows several home related expenses to be deducted from income tax. While most homeowners enjoy tax exemption on expenses like mortgage interest, property taxes etc, some are unaware whether home warranty premiums are allowed deductions. When some of our readers approached us with this question, we realized that this could… Read More »

How Home Warranty Protection can Prevent Real Estate Experts from Facing Lawsuit

For the majority of people procuring or selling their home is an important undertaking. So what happens when a real estate closing goes skewed? How can you make sure that your interests are fully protected? At the law offices, the attorneys offer experienced and knowledgeable legal services to clients involved in real estate disputes. What… Read More »

Should You Renew Your Home Warranty?

Do you possess a home warranty program? Chances are, if you are a new homeowner, you likely do. But after you have been in your home for a year, you are likely speculating if you should renew your home warranty or not. So many families get themselves in the same situation and expectantly this article… Read More »

What are Home Warranty Hidden Costs?

When is the homeowner supposed to buy home warranty? A home warranty is not a plan that can be purchased and used for the life of a home, but it is a warranty coverage for home appliances. It is procured before the sale of a home and acts as insurance for the new homeowner. Selling… Read More »

What Kind of Insurance Landlord Needs?

As a landlord, legal responsibility is a bigger issue for you. You need to guard yourself against the losses that can potentially crop up to your properties and in general financial health. What if your occupant is hurt on the rental possessions? You want to be sure that if you are prosecuted, you have the… Read More »

Home warranty coupons and deals

Home warranty coupons and deals: 02/17/14 Update As of now, many of these coupons have expired. However you can still get a price quote for home warranty on our website. This will be a free quote and there is no obligation to buy 10/11/08 Update Choice Home Warranty is offering 25% discount on premium and… Read More »

Popular Articles About Home Warranty

Here is a list of most read articles about home warranty on our site. Enjoy your reading and provide us your feedback! Home Appliance Warranty Plans – What is appliance protection plan and how does it help homeowners Extended Home Appliance Warranty – Things you should consider before buying an extended appliance warranty policy. FAQs… Read More »

Things you must know about home warranty

Home Warranty Insurance provides you with protection against expenses that are incurred due to damage of your household appliances. The appliance warranty company shall either pay for repairs or replace your damaged appliance. Home Warranty is not an ideal choice for customers who have fairly new equipment in their homes. It is ideal for appliances… Read More »