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American Home Shield to Separate From ServiceMaster; Nikhil Varty to be CEO

ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc., widely known as ServiceMaster, America’s dominant provider of residential and commercial services, has declared its intention to spin off American Home Shield (AHS) from its Termix and Franchise Services Group (FSG) businesses. AHS will function as a separate publicly traded company. Nikhil Varty will appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and… Read More »

Solar Vs Utility Companies – Why This Concerns You?

This is an Article published for the Benefit of Homeowners reading our Articles regularly so that one can walk the path of sustainable energy! There’s no denying that the onset of new, improved and environment-friendly trends is putting a damper on age old companies that have been functioning without much regard for the environment. Having… Read More »

The 2017 Annual Home Warranty Awards

Established in 2006, HomeWarrantyReviews.com is one of the leading websites when it comes to Home Warranty information, guides, reviews, and customer assistance. With extensive lists of companies sorted by states, cities, rank and rating from across the country, the website is your one stop for all the information you need when it comes to Home… Read More »

American Home Shield Acquires Landmark Home Warranty

In a landfall move, American Home Shield (AHS), a subsidiary of ServiceMaster has acquired one of the best regional companies of the nation Landmark Home Warranty, adding some serious firepower to the American Home Shield’s arsenal by this move. The acquisition has paved way for better serviceability in the states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and… Read More »

Delta Home Protect Goes Out Of Business

Home appliances shut down from time to time. The amount spend on fixing the same is often very high and you cannot hide the elation you feel when you get them fixed at a very low rate. Delta Home Protect was one such home warranty company that protects your home system and appliances from unexpected… Read More »

First American Completes Acquisition of RedVision

First American offers financial services through its Title Insurance and Services segment and its Specialty Insurance segment. The First American Family of Companies’ fundamental business lines includes title insurance and closing/settlement services, home warranty products, title and other real property records and images, title plant management services, valuation products and services, banking and investment advisory… Read More »

American Home Shield Acquires OneGuard Home Warranties

Nation’s largest home warranty provider and a business unit of ServiceMaster Global Holdings Inc., American Home Shield(AHS) has announced that they have acquired OneGuard Home Warranties as part of their strategic expansion. This step seems to open up new prospects for ServiceMaster while also hugely increasing their footprint in the highly competitive states of Texas,… Read More »

Buyer Beware – Delta Home Protect Is An Unlicensed Service Company In Arizona?

HomeWarrantyReviews.com stands by its commitment to help users buy home warranties intelligently. And here’s some breaking news that we believe we’re the first to report on Delta Home Protect- The Arizona Department of Insurance has received one or more complaints from Arizona consumers regarding Delta Home Protect. Thus, the Department of Insurance is investigating the… Read More »

The Home Warranty Industry: Bringing Innovation To The Way Homeowners Manage The Care Of Their Homes

This is a guest post by Arthur J. Chartrand, Counsel, and Administrator for the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA) As homeowners, you have to live under a rock these days not to have certain lifetime or lifestyle plans in place.  In today’s world, there are many versions of service and warranty plans for life,… Read More »

From Buyer’s Market to Seller’s Market: The U.S. Housing Shortage

By:  Kevin Wallach One of last year’s most talked about movies, “The Big Short,” got people thinking once more about the great housing market crash of 2007.  The film, based on true events, cut to the heart of the abuses of government regulatory weaknesses that allowed one of the worst market collapses in history to… Read More »