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Home Warranty Companies Not in Business

This section lists the companies that went out of business. We keep this list to track businesses that close the door before honoring their commitments. It is possible that some companies are still selling home service contracts. If you are considering one of the companies mentioned here, stay away from them!


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  • PJ Olson 04/08/14, 4:34 pm

    Thank you so much for a list of these companies that are no longer in business. I have had the same company for the past several years and just got a notice through the mail that they claimed bankrupty a month before we got the notice. Checked your list and yes, I see my company’s name on it. Now I am left scrambling to find another home warranty company that can cover our needs without draining our bank account. Checking online for free quotes plus terms and conditions. Getting annoyed by my phone ringing and messages left from the company that I am just looking at online. Haven’t even got a chance to see what plans they offer or optional coverage and my phone is ringing again!!

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