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Silly Mistakes That Can Damage Your Appliances Permanently

Electronics and appliances in our household are vulnerable just like us. They too decline in efficiency over time and they also grow old and suffer from wear and tear. Just like how we must practice good hygiene and health, appliances need to be running like a well oiled machine. Often though, we as users aren’t… Read More »

Best Dishwasher for Daily Use In American Homes

Anyone with a fully functional kitchen can tell you with confidence that a dishwasher makes a huge difference when it comes to reducing daily workload. Any other major appliance can also break down suddenly, so one needs to lookout for all the major appliances in the home along with the dishwasher. With the advent of… Read More »

How Much Money Is Saved Annually With A Home Warranty Plan?

At, we strive harder to bring you honest articles that help you decide in buying home warranty plans from over 90+ companies listed with us and over 25 thousand reviews to skim through. This article is all about annual savings from home warranty plans. Now given for a fact, all of us would like… Read More »

Appliances That Need Care Before Winter Hits

“Winter is coming” – Remember this famous dialog by the Starks from Game of Thrones? Well, it is true now. Winter is indeed approaching and that means homeowners have to prepare themselves for the chilly festive season. While the idea of another Christmas is awesome, the idea of sub-zero temperatures and malfunctioning appliances is not.… Read More »

Does Home Warranty Actually Protect Your Budget?

Considering that you are on a website devoted to home warranties, you may already know what a home warranty is. It is essentially a service contract that agrees to provide you with  repair/replacement services for appliances or systems in your home. Most homeowners wonder whether annual premiums are put to better use if they are… Read More »

Home Protection Plans – Are they Worth It?

Home protection plans, commonly known as a Home Warranty or appliance protection plan is a service contract that agrees to offer discounted repairs and replacements of your household appliances. It means that if any of your covered appliances breaks, the home warranty company shall provide you with a qualified technician who will repair your device… Read More »

Warranty Plans for Household Items

So, you have decided to purchase a warranty that’s going to protect your budget against unexpected repairs and replacements of your household devices. It is a wise step, but you might also want to know about the options you have when you buy warranties. We bring you the list of the most common types of… Read More »

How to Choose a Home Appliance Protection Plan

Home appliance protection plans are getting popular these days among homeowners. Such home warranty plans cover appliance repair costs and help homeowners with maintenance and repair services. What exactly is home appliance warranty plan? Home warranty plan is a contract to insure the appliances in case of breakdowns to cover-up the repairs or replacement. Watch… Read More »

Are Home Appliance Warranty Plans Worth Buying?

Do you have a trusted appliance lying around your household for the past few years that you don’t want to give away or replace? Yet you are worried that it’s going to crash pretty soon leaving you with no other option other than repairing it or replacing it with a new one? Fret not! This… Read More »

Average appliance repair costs

Usually, appliances last for several years, mainly when they are properly maintained. Adequate maintenance actually brings down faulty function incidents considerably. When household appliances no longer work, you have two alternatives. You could either substitute it or repair it. In order to make the right decision, many points have to be kept in mind. Firstly,… Read More »