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Best Home Warranty Companies In wisconsin 2024

Wisconsin’s harsh winters and unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on your home’s comfort.  Unexpected appliance breakdowns add stress and expense. This guide explores the Best Home Warranty Companies in Wisconsin, helping you find a plan that safeguards your essential systems and keeps your home running smoothly year-round.

Our Picks: 5 Best Home Warranty Companies For wisconsin Residents

After conducting thorough assessments of various providers, we've pinpointed five top home warranty companies in Wisconsin. These companies offer dependable coverage, guaranteeing homeowners' tranquility and seamless operation of their residences all year round.

3 | three_star Good

Monthly Cost

$38 - $66

Service Fee

$100, $125, $150

Response Time

Same day

The Industry Leader
4.5 | fourhalf_star Excellent

Monthly Cost

$29 - $89

Service Fee

$100 & $125

Response Time

Up to 48 hours

3.9 | threehalf_star Excellent

Monthly Cost

$45 - $84

Service Fee


Response Time

Within 48 hours

3.7 | threehalf_star Excellent

Monthly Cost

$33 - $56

Service Fee

$75 - $125

Response Time

4.4 | fourhalf_star Excellent

Monthly Cost

$50 - $55

Service Fee


Response Time

Is Home Warranty Plans Beneficial For Wisconsin  Homeowners?

From weather-related challenges to bringing peace of mind, Wisconsin homeowners must consider the following reasons why home warranty plans are essential:

  • Wisconsin experiences harsh winter weather, with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. Home warranty plans protect crucial systems like heating and plumbing, ensuring homeowners can stay warm and avoid costly repairs during the frigid months.
  • Frozen pipes are a common issue in Wisconsin due to freezing temperatures. Home warranty plans typically cover repairs related to burst or frozen pipes, saving homeowners from expensive damage and restoration costs.
  • Wisconsin's climate requires reliable heating and cooling systems throughout the year. Home warranty plans cover HVAC systems, including furnaces and air conditioners, ensuring they remain operational during extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Heavy snow accumulation can stress roofs, leading to leaks and structural damage. Home warranty plans may include coverage for roof repairs, providing homeowners with peace of mind during Wisconsin's snowy winters.
  • Wisconsin experiences high humidity levels, especially during the summer months. Home warranty plans protect appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners, safeguarding them against moisture-related issues such as mold and corrosion.
  • Many homes in Wisconsin are equipped with sump pumps to prevent basement flooding, particularly in areas prone to heavy rainfall or melting snow. Home warranty plans can cover repairs or replacements for malfunctioning sump pumps, helping homeowners avoid water damage.
  • Wisconsin is susceptible to severe weather events like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hailstorms. Home warranty plans may include coverage for damages caused by these events, such as electrical system damage or appliance breakdowns due to power surges.
  • In rural parts of Wisconsin, where access to repair services may be limited, home warranty plans offer access to a network of qualified contractors and technicians. This ensures timely repairs for covered issues, even in remote areas of the state.

How Much Does A Wisconsin  Home Warranty Cost?

Here's a breakdown of the average costs associated with a home warranty in Wisconsin:

Average Annual Cost

$456 - $960

Average Monthly Cost

$38 - $80

Average Service Fee (Deductible)

$65 - $150

It's important to remember that these are just averages, and the actual cost of your home warranty in Wisconsin will vary depending on several factors:

  • Company you choose: Different companies offer various plans and coverage levels, all at different price points.
  • Coverage Level: More comprehensive plans with a broader range of covered items will typically cost more than basic plans.
  • Add-on coverage: Some companies allow you to add coverage for specific appliances or systems, increasing the overall cost. For instance, consider adding coverage for the well pump if your home has a well.
  • Your home's location and age: Location and age can sometimes influence pricing due to factors like repair costs and claim frequency. For instance, homes in remote areas might see slightly higher service fees due to travel time for technicians.

Home Warranty Coverage In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state of extremes—frigid winters test your furnace, and hot, humid summers demand a reliable AC unit. When these essential systems sputter, a home warranty can be a lifesaver. But what exactly does it cover in the context of your Wisconsin home?

Common Inclusions for Wisconsin Homes

  • Heating SystemsGiven Wisconsin’s harsh winters, including heating systems in a home warranty plan is crucial. Coverage often extends to furnaces and boilers, crucial for maintaining warmth and comfort during the long, cold months. This can include repairs due to normal wear and tear or system failures. 
  • Electrical & Plumbing SystemsFrequent temperature fluctuations and seasonal changes can strain electrical wiring and plumbing. Wisconsin’s warranty coverage adjusts systems for harsh winters and thaws, preventing pipe bursts and electrical strain.
  • Major AppliancesThe humidity and seasonal temperature shifts in Wisconsin can affect the performance and lifespan of appliances. Home warranty plans typically cover repairs or replacements of major home appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and washing machines, ensuring they function reliably through all seasons.
  • Air Conditioning SystemsWhile Wisconsin is known for its cold winters, summers can be quite warm and humid, making air conditioning systems necessary for comfort. Home warranty plans usually cover central air conditioning systems, helping homeowners avoid the discomfort and expense of system failures during the warmer months.

Common Exclusions

  • Pre-existing ConditionsHome warranty plans typically do not cover issues that existed before the start of coverage, so it’s essential to thoroughly inspect the home and its systems before purchasing a warranty.
  • Improper MaintenanceDamage resulting from improper maintenance or neglect is often excluded from coverage. Regular upkeep and maintenance of home appliances and systems can help prevent issues and ensure warranty coverage remains valid.
  • Cosmetic DamageHome warranty plans generally do not cover cosmetic issues or aesthetic enhancements, focusing on functional repairs or replacements.
  • Outdoor FeaturesHome warranty plans typically do not cover Features like sprinkler systems, outdoor kitchens, and swimming pools and may require separate coverage or maintenance agreements.

Additional Points to Consider for Wisconsin Homeowners

  • Coverage Limits and DeductiblesUnderstand the coverage limits and deductibles associated with the home warranty plan to ensure it meets your needs and budget.
  • Service Call FeesSome home warranty plans require homeowners to pay a service call fee each time a technician is dispatched, so it’s essential to clarify these fees upfront.
  • Contractor NetworkVerify the reputation and availability of the warranty company’s contractor network, especially in rural areas of Wisconsin where access to service providers may be limited.
  • TransferabilityIf you sell your home, consider whether the home warranty plan is transferable to a new owner, as this can add value during the resale process.

Who regulates Home Warranty Companies In Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, home warranty companies fall under the purview of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), but with a twist compared to some other states. Here's a breakdown of what that means:

Limited Regulation by the DATCP:

The DATCP doesn't classify home warranties as insurance. Instead, they consider them "property service contracts." This means companies must register with the DATCP but aren't subject to the same level of scrutiny as traditional insurance products.

  • Consumer Protection FocusThe DATCP's primary concern is ensuring fair and ethical business practices. They achieve this through:
  • Registration RequirementCompanies must register to demonstrate they meet basic operational and financial requirements.
  • Complaint ProcessThe DATCP offers a platform for homeowners to file complaints against home warranty companies if they encounter issues with service or coverage.

Final Word

Conquering Wisconsin's seasons shouldn't mean battling a broken furnace in winter or a malfunctioning AC in summer. This guide has unlocked valuable insights into the top home warranty providers in the Badger State. By making an informed decision, you can secure peace of mind and safeguard your Wisconsin home's comfort and functionality against unexpected breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Most Common Home Repairs In Wisconsin?


In Wisconsin, residents commonly report home repairs related to heating systems, roofing, and plumbing issues. The state’s cold climate contributes to frequent heating system problems, such as furnace malfunctions or thermostat issues.

Roofing repairs often address issues caused by snow, ice, or severe weather conditions. Additionally, plumbing repairs may be necessary due to frozen pipes or issues related to the colder temperatures.

Does Universal Home Protection Offer Its Services In Wisconsin?


Universal Home Protection offers services in only two states, Wisconsin and Illinois, and has a Google Rating of 4.5/5.

What Does A Seller’s Home Warranty Cover?


A seller’s home warranty typically covers repairing or replacing major home systems and appliances, including heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and essential household appliances. Some plans may also include built-in systems and roof repairs. It serves as an incentive in real estate transactions, reassuring buyers about the condition of key components in the home.