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We, at HomeWarrantyReviews.com, are proud to announce the winners of 2016’s Annual Home Warranty Awards! Seen as a token of appreciation, the annual awards are a source of encouragement and pride to those home warranty companies which have wowed their customers with impressive services and satisfaction rates. And like always, the awards help home warranty customers in identifying the best contenders in the industry which in turn pushes the warranty providers to put their best foot forward.

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About Home Warranty Awards

HomeWarrantyReviews.com first began the tradition of awarding three companies across three categories in 2012. Since then, the awards have become an annual tradition where three companies are recognized for their commendable efforts. Being an industry often wrongly faulted for being rather difficult to deal with, the tradition of annual awards has managed to bring about a change in the conduct of the warranty providers as it quelled many misconceptions. The customers have come to realise that most of the bad incidents happen because there is a serious misunderstanding between the customer and the company.

The Annual Home Warranty Awards include the following categories – Top Rated, Best In Service, Best Regional. Three nominees are picked for each category, giving a total of 9 top companies, which are further evaluated on various aspects before the winners of each category are picked.

Award Categories & Nominees

Top Rated Company

This is an award bestowed on a company that has, through their services, achieved maximum levels of customer satisfaction rates. The company must also present excellent quality repair services and products. The nominees in this category for 2016 are –

  • American Home Shield
  • Home Service Club
  • HSA Home Warranty

Best In Service Company

A company that provided the best possible customer service to its clients is the one that is given the Best In Service award. This year’s nominees are –

  • Home Service Club
  • First American Home Buyer’s Protection
  • 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty

Best Regional Company

Bestowed on a company that provided exceptionally good services and achieved high levels of customer satisfaction in a specific region, the Best Regional Company award nominees are –

  • Landmark Home Warranty
  • Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Winners of the 2016 Home Warranty Awards

Drumrolls please!

Here are the winners for the 2016 Annual Home Warranty Awards. Please join us in congratulating these companies and wishing them the very best in the coming year.

Winner Selection Process

All companies listed with HomeWarrantyReviews.com are first screened to see if they meet the basic criteria required for being nominated. Next, shortlisted companies further undergo stringent screening before the winners are picked. Following are the criteria to be met by companies in order to be nominated –

  • A tenure of five (5) or more years in the industry
  • A customer base of five thousand (5,000) or more
  • A nationwide footprint, with coverage in over 75% of the states in the U.S. (This is not applicable to the nominees for Best Regional Company award)

All companies that meet the aforementioned requirements are further evaluated on a new set of parameters to decide their eligibility. These parameters include factors like –

  • Overall Credibility of the company
  • Customer Retention rates
  • Customer Satisfaction rates
  • Use of Social Media and Online Presence
  • Use of IT to address customer issues

Winners Code Of Conduct

All companies who have been presented with awards this year or in any of the previous years, are expected to follow certain guidelines laid down by HomeWarrantyReviews.com. By accepting the awards, you are considered to have accepted our terms of fair use.

If a winning company makes use of our award seal for marketing benefits, they will be required to place a reference link to our site. This URL mentioned below, to be more specific – www.homewarrantyreviews.com/awards.

Winning companies are prohibited from breaching our terms and conditions. They are also prohibited from tampering with the link provided above or altering any visual/textual content or any related content without acquiring our consent first.

Kindly note, HomeWarrantyReviews.com maintains the absolute right to withdraw an award that was presented to a company.

A Note to the Customers

The winners of the Annual Home Warranty Awards are selected primarily based on user reviews appearing on our website and on parameters mentioned earlier. We declare that we have neither accepted favors nor money from any of the winners of this year or the previous years.

As stated before, winners are selected after a careful evaluation process. Though we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the information presented to us, errors and omissions are possible. We therefore, urge you to not consider these awards to be of an advisory nature.

We recommend that all our readers practice caution while researching companies as we shall not be held responsible for the errors you make or your misguided decisions


Any information present on HomeWarrantyReviews.com or linked with this site is of an informative nature alone and cannot be considered as advice of any kind. We neither guarantee the authenticity of user feedback on our site nor vouch for the ratings and reviews received by the various companies. We can however, vouch for the fact that we do everything in our best capacities to ensure only accurate information is displayed on our site. Kindly use the content on our site for guidance alone and never as legal advice.

For details about the previous years’ award winners, kindly visit 2015, 2014 and 2013/2012 Awards pages.