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Editorial Guidelines

HomeWarrantyReviews.com lays a strong emphasis on producing factually accurate, easy-to-read content to help our readers pursue an ideal home warranty plan. Editorial integrity lies at the heart of our content policy as we make all the effort to put our content that has been sufficiently reviewed and fact-checked to ensure that our readers are not misled.

Key Functions

  • The HomeWarrantyReviews.com editorial team’s primary function is to create content that is accurate, accessible, and actionable for our readers. 
  • We produce various types of content per our readers’ needs on our website and our social media platforms.
  • The key objective of our content and editorial policy is to help people find all the information they need on home warranties under a single roof. We strive to make this information easy to read and understand, so it becomes useful for our readers.

Editorial Policies & Principles

  • Integrity: Editorial integrity dictates our every action at HomeWarrantyReviews.com. Every piece of content is written by a writer well-versed in the subject matter. We have a strict anti-plagiarism policy where we are not only intolerant of copied pieces but vehemently discourage other dishonest practices such as blatant paraphrasing and rehashing of content. 
  • Accuracy: We give importance to rigorous subject matter analysis to ensure that we put out accurate information for our users. We make an effort to keep an eye on frequent changes made by home warranty companies so that our content is regularly updated. 
  • Objectivity: Another guiding principle of HomeWarrantyReviews.com is our commitment to objectivity. We make sure not to put out any unsubstantiated or personal opinions to influence the decisions of our readers. As a testament to this, we have put up disclaimers on every page detailing how we earn our revenue. We make a special effort to keep our business distinct from published content to benefit our readers.    
  • Research-Centric: All our writers are trained to conduct detailed research on the subject matter before starting writing assignments. Along with data accuracy, our research-centric approach has helped us develop various tools and guides to help prepare our readers in every way before committing to a home warranty plan.  


  • Home warranty companies are known for frequently altering the details of their plans, costs, claims, etc. Although we make every effort to update our content regularly, we face the limitation of catching up with many companies. As a result, we are constantly working on fixing this gap as they continue to exist, which is the case for all review platforms in the industry.
  • We do not alter/change/modify user-generated content based on standard editorial policy.
  • Our content is based on aggregating past user experiences and the policy details mentioned by companies on websites or other official documents. As a result, the role of the content on this website is purely informational. We don’t intend to advise in favor of any company nor promise on behalf of any company for any services or benefits, and we advise the readers to consider our content as such.