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The Best Time To Buy New Appliances

There’s not a better feeling than to buy something on the cheap. Whenever you come across a sale or a discount, you must ponder whether the purchase is worth it. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not make impulse purchases for large appliances. If you have a perfectly good device that still serves you well, you shouldn’t be influenced by the new fancy features and updates a new appliance would have. Read this to know when is the best time to buy new appliances.

The Best Time To Buy New Appliances
With that being said, you might have noticed an appliance or two on its last legs. Sure, you should consider having them replaced before they die out, but when should you make the switch? To help in your purchase you need to keep the dates mentioned below in mind as that’s when the prices of large appliances drop drastically.

So, when is the best time to buy appliances?

Special Weekend Sales

Special Weekend Sales

The United States has a lot of national holidays that land on a Friday. These national holidays set up a long weekend holiday which also becomes a great time period for major retailers to give out massive discounts. This is one of the best time to buy appliances.

Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day is known mostly for marking the unofficial end of the summer season. Labor day sales usually sees many store host closeout sales on furniture, specifically patio furniture. Also included in seasonal promotions by stores are large items such as mattresses and appliances. As part of the summer promotions, stores usually keep free delivery and installation in order to sweeten your deal. This is one of the best times to buy new appliances.

Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July Weekend

Independence day weekend usually calls for celebrations in the United States. As part of that, many stores and giant retail outlets tend to put a lot of appliances in their catalog on sale. A good thing about sales in the Fourth of July weekend is that they extend at least a week past the Fourth of July celebrations. This gives you a lot of breathing room and time to make purchases. Retailers and stores usually give massive discounts for refrigerators and freezers during the Fourth of July weekend. It is also to be believed that the discounts on appliances are much bigger than even than the Black Friday sales. You need to choose the best month to buy appliances and go in there with your shopping list and ensure that you are not left high and dry.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend also coincides with the month of may which is also Maytag Month. Maytag is an appliance brand that offers large discounts in the month of may. On memorial day weekend, retailers and stores tend to focus on percentage based discounts and rebates. To simplify terms, you as a consumer/homeowner will see discounts at 30% across all appliances, big or small.

Veterans Day

Veterans day is the last annual long weekend celebration where retailers and stores put up discounts for their appliances before Black Friday. Stores usually try to capitalize on sales during this weekend by putting up limited time period sales. These limited time period sales attract a lot of customers due it being an expiring offer. While there are big discounts and savings on appliances, they cannot hold a candle to how cheap appliances become a few weeks later.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales

The infamous black friday sale is known for having the largest discounts in the whole year. These discounts are applied on all appliances and attracts the largest number of purchases. Black friday sales are so awaited, retailers and stores tend to leak the low prices of their appliances months in advance. You need to be careful though, stock of appliances deplete rapidly during the black friday sales. Black friday sees large crowds and you will have to be quick in order to get the appliance you want.

If waiting in large crowds is not your forte, you can always wait a few weeks as christmas is right around the crowd. If there is still stock, you could find the appliance of your choice at around the same price as the black friday sales, provided stocks last.

While the above weekends are the best time to buy your appliances on the cheap, how about the months when your appliances are priced at the lowest? This is by far the best time of the year to buy appliances.

September & October

Every year, the months of September and October is your best bet to get a good price on appliances. This is because, these two months are when manufacturers reveal to the world their new catalogue of appliances. This reveal causes retailers and stores to slash down prices of last seasons appliances. While these discounted appliances may not be as flashy as the newly announced appliances, the features provided are more or less the same.



Contrary to the months above, May is the month many refrigerator and freezer manufacturer unveil their new range of appliances. The main reason for this is that summer is right around the corner and homeowners would consider the upgrade due to the heat. Hence, last years models get a massive price cut in the spring. Hands down, this is the best time to buy refrigerators.


Many retailers and stores hold on to the previous year’s stock while making the transition to newer inventory. But when the newer stock of appliances arrive, all the old appliances must go. This results in large discounts for you to swoop in and take advantage of.

End of Month

End of Month

If you didn’t know, you could avail a better deal for appliances at the end of the month. Since most retailers and stores work on a quota system where they need to make a certain amount of sales, they reduce prices of appliances. So at the end of the month you could walk into a store and see discounts on appliances, you can even ask for a better deal from the store personnel. There’s a chance you might even get it, seeing as they would be pressed to make a sale.


While online markets do not work the same way as retail and  physical stores, they too have time frames where they sell appliances at low prices. The added advantage of online markets is they hold sales in periods where physical stores won’t. Even better is that you can even compare prices easily and make better buying decisions in comparison to combing through shelves in a store. One thing you have to keep in mind though, is that many appliances online will have shipping charges, which will bloat up the total price you pay in the end. You need to make a choice whether you should consider buying appliances online vs in store.

Year End

The end of the year is one of the best periods to buy an appliance on the cheap. This is because of three reasons. The first would be the Black Friday sale as mentioned above. The second would be the sales that occur as part of the Christmas season and New Year Eve Sales. The biggest reason of them all is that stores need to clear out all of their old stock by the end of the new year. This is to make space for newer appliances that will take over the market in the next year. So expect to see high savings and discounts across the board at the end of the year.

Few points to remember during a sale

Buy on your terms

As explained above, impulse buying will make you regret your purchase. So before you buy an appliance, see if your current appliance is working perfectly fine. On the flipside, if your appliance is on its last legs, consider buying its replacement soon. You would not want to be stuck in a situation where your appliance is of no use anymore and can’t afford a replacement at the moment.

Compare before buying

Any smart homeowner knows that one shouldn’t blindly buy an appliance just because it is on sale. Before you make the decision to buy an appliance, compare the price of the appliance on sale on different online portals and different stores. If you find an even lower price then it would be a wise decision to go for it. After all, there is no harm in being sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

Fund your investments in advance

In preparation for a big list of purchases during a sale, it is best you start saving months in advance. As you will not be able to predict the price of appliances on sale, it’s best you start saving up months ahead. You don’t have to be a complete miser too, just setting aside a small amount of money every month will be essential when it comes to buying replacement appliances.

Protecting your new replacement appliances

Now that you intend to buy an appliance from one of the sale periods in the year, you need to keep in mind that many of them will have warranties for a short duration of time. This means that after this brief protective period, your appliances will be vulnerable. Not to mention that each appliance in your home has different warranty periods, some longer, some shorter. You will then have to maintain and repair your appliances all on your own. Calling in a contractor to come in and repair your appliance will cost you a lot of money.

If you would like a glimpse of how much you would probably be spending in year for maintenance and repair, you can check out this home maintenance calculator. This calculate incorporates all the appliances in your home and how much you would be spending on their maintenance and repair for a year.

Now that you know the price of maintenance, you sure wished that you had that initial protective warranty period for longer right? Worry not, because you can always resort to the handy home warranty. A home warranty helps you greatly in maintenance and repair of all your appliances for a year. All you need to do as a homeowner is invest a relatively small amount of money in a home warranty service. Once you have done that, you can call your preferred home warranty company anytime your appliance breaks down. The home warranty company will send in a private contractor to come and inspect and fix your appliance. Keep in mind, each and every home warranty company have their own policies, deductibles, recognized appliances.

Now how do you pick a good home warranty? Well that’s easy! All you need to do is head on to HomeWarrantyReviews.com and browse through the top home warranty companies in the united states. Every home warranty company listed on HomeWarrantyReviews.com is rated by actual users of the home warranty. This is to give you utmost clarity as to how efficient the home warranty company. Every home warranty company listed also has its own ratings timeline. This timeline explains to you how the home warranty company has been faring in the past five years in the eyes of consumers just like you. Once you’re satisfied with your pick in home warranty services, you can ask for a quotation and begin negotiations with your selected home warranty company

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