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Pass Your Appliance Repair Costs To Someone Else

Dear Homeowner,

How would you like to pass your home maintenance headaches to someone else? Oh, and the expenses too…

If you are like me, you always try to minimize your expenses and spend money on things that you enjoy the most.

How many times you had to spend your precious time and money on silly maintenance problems? And then deal with contractors who either charge too much or don’t deliver their promises.

Well, there is an alternative if you explore. Many smart homeowners insure against maintenance expenses these days! It is called home warranty insurance. Appliance repair and replacement cost too much if you don’t have a home warranty.

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Let’s say you have an old air conditioner that has reached the end of its life cycle. It generally costs anywhere between $3300 to $5700. If your heater broke down, it would cost $2700 to $6300 for replacement. Keep another $1200 plus change for installation charges.

If you have a home warranty, it costs you nothing. You need to pay your annual insurance premium of course, but it is nothing when compared to those astronomical replacement charges.

But I never had to spend money on big repair costs, why worry now?

How often do you drive a car without auto insurance?

I have driven a few times without any insurance in my teen years. But never owned a car without getting insurance first.

The same thing happened to me with appliance insurance. For several years, I resisted getting home warranty insurance. I mean… who needs another insurance as the repair costs are seemingly little? But on a cold winter day, my heater broke down.

I reached out to Yellow Book (online version actually, who keeps those heavy books these days, unless you are a bodybuilder?) and made a cold call to too few contractors. I had no idea how credible they are as I had no background information on them. True to my disbelief, some were genuinely dishonest and had no idea what they are doing. Finally, one gentleman was able to diagnose the problem and fix it temporarily. But I had to replace the whole unit or else it will break down soon and it costs me a fortune. At that time, I decided it is time to get a home warranty.

So, to make the long story short, your appliance repair costs history does not mean much. They can break down any day and you want your wallet to be protected.

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Don’t they charge me higher premiums for this insurance?

Well, I don’t even pay one-fourth of my car insurance premium on home warranty while my home is worth at least 20 times more than my car. In fact, you can get an estimate right now using the link below and then decide if it is worth getting the coverage.

I heard home warranty companies offer bad service

There is some truth to it. The problem is that there were some fraudulent companies in the past that were eventually shut down by the government. But if choose one of the trusted companies, you will receive good service.

Many companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, if you request the price quote below, you will have an option to get coverage on pre-existing conditions as well. Be sure to ask for that option when you sign up with them.

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Doesn’t homeowners’ insurance cover appliance repair costs?

Homeowners insurance only insures against natural disasters. It won’t cover wear and tear problems and appliance repairs. If you have an old appliance that breaks down, Homeowners insurance does not replace it. But a home warranty insurance does.

Find out how much would it cost to get a home warranty

NOTE: You have no obligation to buy. Even if you buy one, you can cancel your policy anytime if you are not satisfied with the coverage.

Home warranty insurance is very affordable and every homeowner should consider it. If you have not decided yet, don’t worry, you don’t have to decide right now. Go ahead and find out how much would it cost by using the price quote option below. You can decide later.

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to protect yourself from costly appliance repair costs, congratulations on being a responsible homeowner! I am sure you will appreciate your decision to get the coverage. If not, it is still cool. Just make sure you understand the risks.

Have a good day!

Neil Albright
Responsible Homeowner and Editor in Chief

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