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Last updated: September 17th, 2019

HomeServe USA

HomeServe USA considers themselves as independent providers of emergency repair solutions. Though the company was originally founded in 1993 as HomeServe in the United Kingdom, it began expanding and subsequently opened branches in France, Spain, and North America.

For over 10 years, HomeServe USA has been providing home warranties to over 3.4 million homeowners in the USA and Canada. The company claims that it are dedicated to being a customer-focused company that operates with the best possible service in the industry. The company is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut

HomeServe USA
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WHY HomeServe USA?

  • Only company to offer coverage on sewer/septic line, interior plumbing and drainage system, and water service line
  • Partners with a number of local municipalities and utilities
  • Rapidly expanding contractors' network
  • An estimated annual coverage limit of $10,000
  • Does not charge service call fee
  • Affordable plans starting at a monthly premium of $6.99


Homeserve USA repair plans protect homeowners from the inconvenience of spending a huge amount of money on sudden unexpected breakdowns. They cover the costs of parts and labor to get critical systems like water, plumbing, heating, etc up and running. The coverage varies depending on the state of residence.

The lowest-priced plan is the Interior Electrical Line Coverage Plan at $6.99 per month. It covers leaky or burst pipes, overflowing toilets, leaking wax seal, drain line, and blocked drain.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plan come next in terms of pricing at $7.99 per month. It covers burner supply tube & assembly, pilot light, drain & gas valves, temperature control, and the main burner.

The Exterior Water Service Coverage Plan comes at $8.98 per month. It covers pipes, leaks, seals & joints, backfilling, fusing, welding, etc.

Buyers of the Exterior Septic/Sewage Line Coverage Plan would pay a monthly premium of about $12.89. It covers valves, pipes, repair of the disturbed yard, etc.

Here is a list of all of Homeserve USA’s repair plans in Texas along with coverage details and pricing. (Some of these plans are also extended to other states)


Homeserve USA has built a strong presence across the states it operates by tying up with utility companies and local technicians. It has a very simple claim filing process. To file claims, this is all you have to do:

  • Call the Homeserve USA phone number which is available 24/7 to file complaints. You can also login to Homeserve USA’s website or app.
  • HomeServe will schedule a visit from a licensed, local technician to take up the repair or replacement.
  • No service call fee needs to be paid by you.
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