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Paramount Home Club

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Paramount Home Club

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888-351-0908 $300
Premium $300
Deductible $50
Effective 30 days from payment
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Coverage Area Nationwide (USA)
Years In Business 6
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Paramount Home Club is a company that claims to provide services much above everyone’s expectations. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has a nationwide footprint. However, the company does not conduct business in Alaska and Hawaii currently. Paramount Home Club claims that the warranty products they offer are unique and ones where customers do not pay for items they don’t need coverage for.

The company also claim that they do not use a 3rd party for claims and that they are the only home warranty company that lets customers choose the items they wish to protect.

The company’s primary service is home warranty in which every customer is given a choice to pick items that he wishes to buy protection for. In addition to home warranty services, Paramount Home Club provides several additional benefits. Every customer who purchases a plan with the company gets to take full advantage of club member benefits. Some of these benefits include restaurant discounts, retail benefits and discounts on Emergency Alert Network. The company also has a claim processing center that functions round the clock.

Paramount Home Club also provides a host of online services through their official website. Potential customers can read about their products and services and can even make plan purchases online. Existing customers can make service requests on the website and track the process to its completion.

Contrary to the home warranty plans that are typically seen in the market, Paramount Home Club’s plans are unique. The company does not offer plans with fixed coverage, instead the company provides a list of items they provide protection from. The customer can choose all the items he wishes to buy coverage for. Hence, it is a pick the items you need sort of arrangement that ensures that a customer gets only what he needs and that he doesn’t have to pay a single extra penny for unnecessary coverage.

The customer needs to choose a minimum of 5 products from the list of items to build a custom plan. The company also provides a specialty list of 5 extra appliances/systems. Items picked from this specialty list may come with extra charges. Prices for custom plans start from as low as $29 per month and deductibles start from $50 and varies with the plan.

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modesto - CA 02-09-2015
steve modesto CA
Posted On 02/09/15
Review No. 84902
1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating
Customer Service:1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating
Service Timeliness:1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating
Repair Service:1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating
Overall Rating:1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating1 Star Rating
company does not cover anything they sent a plumber out to do some work then told him they didnt want him to do the work because it cost to much still had to pay service fee of 60.00 for nothing would not recomend this company to anybody.
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# 84902

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