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Blue Ribbon Home Warranty solely offers home warranty plans in Colorado, which makes it a local niche in the state. The company offers three extensive plans- Silver, Gold & Platinum, starting at $30.75/month. And the company’s service fee of $75 per visit is lower than the industry average.

Our editorial team has compiled a detailed Blue Ribbon Home Warranty review to help homeowners with the following information:

  • Plans and coverage 
  • Claim process guide 
  • Inclusions, exclusions, and cost of the plans

Why Blue Ribbon Home Warranty?


Blue Ribbon has over 38 years of experience


The company provides a discount for senior and military personnel


BRHW has an A+ rating from BBB



3.6/5 (103)

Consumers Advocate


2.1/5 (7)



2/5 (94)

Explore Verified Consumer Reviews for Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Nina Iwashko , CO, Denver

I am very happy with Blue Ribbon. I use them on my home, and several rentals. No, they don\'t cover everything, and there are limits to what they pay. But, in general, they find the service professional, who is generally very good. The vendors they use show up, are licensed, and know what they are doing. They are upfront on what they cover, easy to work with, and trustworthy. I like the piece of mind they offer!

Albert Hernandez , CO, Grand Junction

The are very good never have any problems with highly recommended when you call they send a repair person out right away

Michael Rogers , CO, Colorado Springs

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty has been a company I\'ve been familiar with in Colorado since the late 1990\'s. We have used them for years in our most recent home purchase which was seven years ago today. In that time, the home was nearing nine years old. Over the next few years, one by one the major appliances were dying out because of planned obsoletion kicking in and wearing out. So far we\'ve replaced the washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, garbage disposal, microwave oven, gas range stove and oven and water heater. We\'ve had a water pipe leak that caused a flood. All items we opted to replace because of their age. I replaced so many things one of those years, I thought they\'d dump us as customers for sure. Not so. They continue to provide service and were fair with the replacement costs. We usually opted for better quality items so there was an added out of pocket expense required by us. Because our time is extremely valuable, we couldn\'t see replacing the water heater that may only last 3 years from builder\'s grade entry level Home Depot water heater, when we could spend more on a 10-year tank with a spinning platter to shake off any sediment from our municipal (city) water source. My only gripe is how ancient they run their internal business accounting operations. They need to allow a customer to renew and if needed agree to a new contract online and if the rates increase send out in the mail the increase letter a month ahead of renewal like the cable company does. I should not in this age have to fill out a form by hand with my credit card information and line to print it on about the height of this lower case font sized print EVERY YEAR. Plus there\'s not enough length to complete billing information on the paper form. All of this can be done and has been done by e-commerce for decades with a 128-256 bit encrypted web page shopping cart. Response time is usually a couple of days out and once they arrive and diagnose the issue, if we elect to have something warranty repaired, it can take 2-3 weeks for the part to arrive because there\'s no such thing as local repair parts inventory. This is no fault of the warranty company or the contractors. The contractors they send are all great. Once time I referred a co-worker to them. I called the company last Spring 2019 and provided the contact information of the referral. Rather than simply calling the referral directly to answer any questions and enroll them, they made ME jump through hoops by calling them back because they left me a message instead. Then because the rep never provided his name in the voicemail, they told me they don\'t know who called me to leave a message. This is frustrating that they do not have CMS data program to document a case or even a customer\'s contact. So I just told my co-worker to call them directly and said the heck with the effort to get a free month\'s referral fee. This is just a simple case of old school management style that refuses to enter the new millenium. So if you can get past those frustrating internal management operation issues, I would still recommend them. The rates do tend to climb over the years and mine have nearly doubled in the last seven years for the same identical plan from $25.00 to $42.00 per month. But in the end, I know I can sleep at night because they will take care of the claim, regardless of how hard they run their internal operations for their business.

KC culver , CO, Broomfield

Absolutely hands-down the best experience I’ve ever had with pretty much any company. Their responsive courteous and everyone they have sent out has been fantastic. I bought a house that was a little rougher than I have been a rental and have been through some beating up. My real estate agent recommended them and I am so happy . Never have I seen such amazing customer service. This company goes above and beyond and is just truly a joy. Unfortunately I’m living out of state and I can’t have Blue Ribbon on my new house. Buying warrantee is the best thing you can do for your house and your sanity. Thank you Blue Ribbon team!!!! ??????

Florence Hicks , CO, Colorado Springs

I have renewed my warranty in November and they are extremely friendly and helpful. Last year I had a dishwasher and plumbing issue and had service twice, always with prompt and friendly service and I only paid my deductable. My heater did not work, I called it in and within 1 hour christy from the service company reliable heating and cooling called me. That evening they sent over Nick and he did a great job. Fast and friendly. I can only highly recommend blue Ribbon, I have had nothing but positive experiences with them and will definitely renew November 2018 again. I absolutely am greatful for the peace of mind being covered has given me, being a single mom anything breaking down is quite intimidating and now I don\'t have to worry. Thank you for your great service.

Kayeloni , CO, Colorado Springs

Buying a house a stressful enough but Blue Ribbon made it a little easier. She stayed in contact with me, went over what I was concerned about and went above and beyond for us to get our dream home. I would recommend Blue Ribbon to anyone buying their home. Thank you Blue Ribbon for making buying a house a little less stressful. I can not thank you enough!!!

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Pros & cons


  • Guarantees to response within 24 hours
  • Offers 2 additional months on the yearly plan


  • Online chat is not supported

Enquire For Cost-effective home warranty plans

Protect Your Home Appliances And Systems Starting As Low As $1.5/Day

Plans & Coverage Of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty provides three comprehensive protection plans for 14 months: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

With the Platinum Plan, you get 3 additional optional coverages at no extra cost, which many in the home warranty industry do not offer. Have a look at the table to get a complete picture of the company’s coverage:

Items Included  Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan 
Heating System 
Plumbing System
Water Heater
Electrical System
Built-In Microwave 
Garbage Disposal
Trash Compactor 
Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Fans 
Built-In Whirlpool Tub 
Central Vacuum 
Ceiling Fan
Doorbell (Wired)
Garage Door Opener
Sump Pump
Central A/C Evaporative Cooler, Heat Pump Or Whole House Fan
Blue Ribbon Premier Upgrade 
Maintenance Plan 
2nd Garage Door Opener 
3 Items From Additional Items Menu 

Optional Coverage

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty provides the following items as optional coverage at additional prices:

Add-On Items


Heating System


A/C Evaporative Cooler Or Whole House Fan






Built-In Double Oven 




Built-In Microwave


Garbage Disposal 






Garage Door Opener


Gas Fireplace


Water Heater


Sump Pump 




Septic Tank


Sewage Ejector Pump




Hot Tub


Pool & Hot Tub Combo (With Common Equipment)


Blue Ribbon Premier Upgrade (Included In Platinum Plan)


Preventive Maintenance Check & Cleaning (Included In Platinum Plan)


Supplemental Coverage (Added Coverage For Boiler, Upgrades For Water Heaters, ACs & Heating Systems)


Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!
Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!
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Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!

Coverage Limitations & Exclusions 

Blue Ribbon has set limitations to its coverage options, which vary from one covered item to another. Explore all the related information in this section.

The table below shows the different dollar limits as set by the company. Take a look:


Coverage Limitation

  • Gas, Electrical, And Hot Water Heating System
  • Heat Pump, Dual Pack
  • Air Conditioner Or Evaporative Cooler 

$2,000 Per Item

  • Electrical System
  • Hot Tub Or Pool

$1,600 Per Item

  • Each Built-In Double-Wall Oven


  • Supplemental Coverage (Per Contract Term)


  • Each Well Pump


  • Each Water Heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Gas Fireplace

$1,000 Per Item

  • Each Whirlpool Tub, Laundry Center


  • Each Sewage Ejector Pump
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Kitchen Or Laundry Appliance

$600 Per Item

  • Septic System Pumping (Per Contract  Term)


  • Hood, Kitchen Or Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Lead Or Galvanized Piping, Ice Maker

$250 Per Item

  • Each Drain Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Each Blue Ribbon Premier Upgraded Item

$120 Per Item

Blue Ribbon excludes some components or parts from the coverage. These are listed below:

Note: Before purchasing a home warranty, we advise reading and understanding the terms and conditions mentioned in the Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Contract.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Cost 

Blue Ribbon protects single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos, and townhouses. The monthly cost of Blue Ribbon’s home warranty begins at $30.75 and goes up to $71.50.

Blue Ribbon’s prices are within the industry average of the country. The company also provides two additional months in its yearly plan, making it easier for homeowners to get affordable plans.

Here is the cost breakdown of all the plans:


Property Type

Cost/Month (14 months)

Cost/Annum (14 months)

Cost/Month (2 years)

Cost/Annum (2 years)

Silver Plan

Single Family Home





Condo/Town Home





Gold Plan

Single Family Home





Condo/Town Home





Platinum Plan

Single Family Home





Condo/Town Home





Decutible/Service Fee


Review Of Plans, Coverage & Customer Service Of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Blue Ribbon is suitable for homeowners looking for a locally operated home warranty company in Colorado. They offer affordable and comprehensive coverage plans to their customers.

Review Of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

Review Of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Customer Services

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Claims Filing Procedure: Phone Number, Web Portal, & Online Form

If your appliance or system breaks down, you must follow the listed steps to file a successful claim:

Note: The claim center for Blue Ribbon is open 24/7. You have three days from the day the issue is discovered to file a claim.


According to our editorial team, Blue Ribbon has the potential to attract customers from Colorado due to its strong understanding of local coverage and pricing. We recommend that customers carefully review the company’s coverage details, inclusions, and exclusions before choosing any plan.

Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote right here!
Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote right here!
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Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote right here!

Quick Details About The Company 

Year Of Establishment





95 S Wadsworth Blvd

Lakewood, Colorado 80226, US

Type Of Company


Why Should You Trust Us?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For How Long Does Blue Ribbon Offer Coverage?


Most businesses only provide 12-month guarantees, but Blue Ribbon Home Warranty offers coverage for 14 months, including two free months.


Can I Contact Blue Ribbon To Employ My Service Technician?


You will not receive a refund of the claim fee or reimbursement for repair or replacement expenses if you submit a claim with Blue Ribbon Home Warranty.


What Are A Few Cases Where A Home Warranty Is A Good Buy?


It’s best to go for a home warranty when you purchase a new home or want protection against old home appliances and systems. Having a home warranty even offers savings in the long run. So, It is advised to go online and find a home warranty company that suits your needs and offers coverage per your requirements.


How To Face A Home Warranty Claim Denial?


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to face a home warranty claim denial:

  • Read the terms and conditions 
  • Call your home warranty company 
  • Get a copy of the inspection report 
  • Follow the process of appeals 
  • File a complaint with HomeWarrantyReviews.com and other customer review platforms

When Can My Home Warranty Claims Be Denied?


Home warranty claims can be denied if the appliance or home system is not covered under the plan. There can be various factors according to the company’s policies. As a result, to be well-versed with the company policies, you must read the fine print and get a quote before going for a warranty.


Where does Blue Ribbon Offer a Home Warranty?


Blue Ribbon’s Home Warranty services are only available in Colorado.


Can I Get Any Discount With Blue Ribbon Home Warranty?


The company offers an extra two years of coverage at a discounted price, which makes 14 months of coverage (12+2).

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We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

Reviews from employees of home warranty companies or named competitors are not encouraged. We will also not allow reviews that are too short or abusive. We may withhold reviews that in our discretion do not meet the above criteria.

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