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Home Warranty Awards-2018 is proud to announce the much awaited 2018 Annual Home Warranty Awards! The annual awards are presented to those home warranty companies that have provided outstanding services to their customers during the previous year. The awards are bestowed as a memento to inspire and motivate these companies to continue to service their clients with first-class services and retain their position at the top.

Home Warranty Annual Awards For 2018

Home Warranty Awards for 2018
editor's choice award
best in service award
best regional company

About Home Warranty Awards first began the tradition of awarding the most deserving home warranty companies across three categories in 2012. Since then, the awards have become an annual tradition. Back when the awards began there were only 3 categories of awards. Last year, a new home warranty award was introduced – Editor’s Choice. The home warranty industry being one that is often wrongly faulted for being rather difficult to deal with, the tradition of annual awards has managed to bring about a change in the conduct of the warranty providers as it quelled many misconceptions. The customers have come to realize that most of the bad incidents happen because there is a serious misunderstanding between the customer and the company.

The Annual Home Warranty Awards include the following categories – Top Rated, Best In Service, Best Regional, and Editor’s Choice. Three nominees are picked for each category, giving a total of 12 top companies, which are further evaluated on various aspects before the winners of each category are picked.

Award Categories & Nominees

Here are the nominees for each category of the home warranty awards.

Top Rated Company

The Top Rated Company award is bestowed on a company that has, through its services, achieved maximum levels of customer satisfaction rates. The company must also present excellent quality repair services and products. The nominees in this category for 2018 are –

  • American Home Shield
  • First American Home Warranty
  • Home Service Club

Best In Service Company

A company that provided the best possible customer service to its clients is the one that is given the Best In Service award. The nominees for this year are –

  • Select Home Warranty
  • Home Service Club
  • 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty

Best Regional Company

Bestowed on a company that provided exceptionally good services and achieved high levels of customer satisfaction in a specific region, the Best Regional Company award nominees are –

  • America’s Preferred Home Warranty
  • Landmark Home Warranty
  • Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Editor’s Choice

This is an award bestowed upon a home warranty company which offers the best Digital Experience on the website and how well it has managed its online reputation through Complaint Resolution Program (CRP). This year’s nominees are –

  • The Home Service Club
  • Choice Home Warranty
  • First American Home Warranty

Winners of The 2018 Home Warranty Awards

Drumroll, please! Here are the winners for the 2018 Annual Home Warranty Awards. Please join us in congratulating these companies and wishing them the very best in the coming year.

The Winners’ Words on The 2018 Annual Home Warranty Awards

The winning companies express their deep gratitude and appreciation for being recognized for their year long hard work in a few words.

2018 Home Warranty Awards

American Home Shield, Headquartered Memphis, TN – 2018 Top Rated

“In 2017 we serviced nearly four million claims across the nation. Receiving the Top Rated award four years straight is a tremendous honor and a testament to the hard work and commitment to service that our employees bring to work every single day,” says Tim Haynes, President of American Home Shield.

The Home Service Club, Headquartered New York, NY – 2018 Editor’s Choice

“Having been a proud recipient of numerous “Best in Service” awards over the years, we are very excited about winning the 2018 “Editor’s Choice” award for the first time. We humbly accept this award and are extremely thankful to all of our staff and our partners for their hard work and contributions, to for all of their work in the industry and, of course, to all of our customers without whom none of this would be possible. We look forward to continuing to improve and provide even better service, resolutions, innovations, and user experiences in the world of home warranties as we expand into new areas and take the industry to new heights. With new products launching and announcements planned for this new year, we are very excited to start 2018 off with a bang and this amazing award. Happy and healthy New Year to all, from our family to yours,” says Dmitriy Krupin, Vice President.

Select Home Warranty, Headquartered Mahwah, NJ – 2018 Best in Service

“We are honored to be named HomeWarrantyReviews’ 2018 “Best in Service” home warranty company for 2018. This award is especially meaningful, having won in the same category last year. At Select, we strive to provide our customers with the best service in the industry and the fact that we’ve been recognized as Best in Service, now for the second year, is not only indicative that we are achieving this goal, but we are doing so consistently!” said Joseph Shrem, President of Select Home Warranty. “Within the past year, we’ve implemented extensive enhancements to our IT infrastructure and exponentially increased the number of service technicians to our network. The results have provided our customers with a more efficient and satisfying claims process and industry leading service, which I’m proud to be recognized for.”

America’s Preferred Home Warranty, Headquartered Jackson, MI – 2018 Best Regional Company

“To earn this award two years running is truly special to us. We are thankful to our hard working dedicated employees for their service. It is because of their efforts and God’s blessings we are experiencing such tremendous success. Our team is always focused on treating our customers with respect and professionalism.” says Randy Caltrider, President.
“Our teams work diligently to provide the highest levels of service and to treat our customers and REALTOR partners with respect. This award belongs to them for the second year in a row. To achieve this level of customer satisfaction requires years of constant focus and dedication. We have amazing people. I’m so proud of them all,” says Rodney Martin, CEO.

Winner Selection Process

All companies listed with are first screened to see if they meet the basic criteria required for being nominated. Next, the shortlisted companies further undergo stringent screening before the winners are picked. The following criteria is required to be met by companies in order to be nominated –

  • A tenure of five (5) or more years in the industry
  • A customer base of five thousand (5,000) or more
  • A nationwide footprint, with coverage in over 75% of the states in the U.S. (This is not applicable to the nominees for Best Regional Company award.)

All companies that meet the aforementioned requirements are further evaluated on a new set of parameters to decide their eligibility. These parameters include factors like –

  • Overall Credibility of the company
  • Customer Retention rates
  • Customer Satisfaction rates
  • Use of Social Media and Online Presence
  • Use of IT to address customer issues
  • Ease of Use and Digital Experience

Winners Code of Conduct

All companies that have been presented with awards this year or in any of the previous years are expected to follow certain guidelines laid down by By accepting the awards, you are considered to have accepted our terms of fair use. If a winning company makes use of our award seal for marketing benefits, they will be required to place a reference link to our site. This URL mentioned below, to be more specific – Winning companies are prohibited from breaching our terms and conditions. They are also prohibited from tampering with the link provided above or altering any visual/textual content or any related content without acquiring our consent first. Kindly note, maintains the absolute right to withdraw an award that was presented to a company.

A Note to Our Readers

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