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What Does Total Home Protection Cover?

PUBLISHED: April 17, 2020 4 MINS READ

Home appliances and systems, unfortunately, don’t last forever. They break down with time, and fixing them can be quite expensive. To save home items and protect homeowners from huge out-of-pocket expenses, Total Home Protection offers top-notch home warranty plans. But what does Total Home Protection cover? This article will break it out for you. 

About Total Home Protection

Total Home Protection is the industry leader in delivering top-notch home warranty plans. Driven by values, the company aims at providing unmatched services to their customers. Being committed to customer satisfaction, Total Home Protection provides 24/7 customer support. 

Total Home Protection warranty plans 

Total Home Protection offers comprehensive and budget-friendly warranty plans to customers. These include the Gold plan and Platinum plan. In addition to these plans, the company gives their customers the option to cover extra items at an additional cost. Total Home Protection shields not only homeowners but also real estate professionals. 

What does Total Home Protection cover?

As said earlier, Total Home Protection covers significant home systems and appliances. Some of the items included are as follows:

1. Heating system

The company covers all mechanical parts and components of two systems, either steam heating and hot water system or centrally ducted forced air gas/oil heating/oil system. They also cover electric baseboard units, provided the unit is the primary source of heat for your home. The plans also include burners, controls, heat/cool thermostats, fan blades, pilot and ignitor assemblies, etc. 

But they exclude items such as flues, chimneys, key valves, nozzles, oil filters, ductwork and piping, primary and secondary drain pans, built-in radiant heating system, registers and grills, to name a few. 

2. Refrigerators

Total Home Protection covers refrigerators only if they are located in the kitchen. The plan includes all parts and components of the appliance, including the integral freezer unit. But they exclude doors, shelves, wine chillers, door seals, gaskets, hinges, ice crushers, ice makers, interior thermal shells, mini-refrigerators, water lines, and valves to ice makers, etc.

3. Air conditioning

Their home warranty plans cover mechanical components and parts of two ducted electric central systems. They also include parts and components for units below R-22 or 13 SEER. But the plans exclude roof mounts, registers and grills, chillers, condenser casings, swamp coolers, thermal expansion valves, leak detections, stands and supports, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, filters, non-ducted wall units, jacks, and many more.

4. Clothes washer 

Total Home Protection covers all parts and components of a clothes washer except removable mini tubs, filter screens, soap dispensers, door seals, dials and knobs, damage to clothing, leveling and balancing, commercial units, damage from conditions of water flow restrictions due to rust and other minerals, etc.

5. Clothes dryer 

All parts and components of clothes dryers are covered, excluding clogged lint screens, venting, door seals, leveling and balancing, damage to clothing, airflow restriction due to low maintenance, glass, and hinges, etc. 

6. Built-in microwave

Total Home Protection covers all mechanical parts and components of a built-in microwave regardless of model, brand, or age. But they exclude meat probe assemblies, trays, racks, rotisseries, portable or countertop units, interior lining, door seals, hinges and glass, and clocks unless they impact the unit’s cooking functionality. 

7. Oven/cooktop/stove/range  

Their warranty plans cover all mechanical parts and components of cooktop/oven/range/stove, excluding range exhaust hoods. But they exclude lighting, hinges, screens and filters, drip pans, trays, racks, meat probe assemblies, rotisseries, door seals, hinges, glass, clocks unless they affect the unit’s cooking functionality, etc. 

8. Dishwasher 

All mechanical parts and components, excluding baskets, rollers, trays, racks, damage caused due to broken glasses, hinges, knobs, handles, portable units, door seals, noise due to low maintenance, commercial units, etc. are not covered. 

9. Electrical system 

Total Home Protection covers all parts and components, except exterior wiring & components, load control devices, touchpad assemblies, multi-media systems, batteries, telephone wiring, solar parts & components, alarm/security systems, direct current wirings, attic exhaust fans, and many more. 

10. Water heater 

All parts and components of the gas and electric water heater, including circulating pumps, are covered. But the warranty plans exclude items like storage tanks, vent lines/pipes, heat recovery units, expansion tanks, solar water heaters, heat recovery units, timers, straps, racks, sediment build-up, etc. 

The items covered are not limited to the ones mentioned above. The company also gives their customers an option to protect items such as septic systems, pool/spa equipment, sump pump, second refrigerator, etc. at additional cost.

Closing thoughts

Total Home Protection’s warranty plans are affordable and worth the investment. Their plans shield your home appliances and ease your worries of costly repairs or replacements.


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