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American Home Shield (AHS) to acquire HSA Home Warranty

In what looks to be a paradigm game changer, American Home Shield (AHS) announced its plan to acquire HSA home warranty.

HSA Home Warranty
AHS is a business unit of The ServiceMaster Company, one of the world’s largest residential and commercial service networks. HSA is a leading home service contract company offering comprehensive appliance protection plans operating in the industry for nearly three decades.

The acquisition deal was announced on November 8, 2013 and was expected to conclude in 30 to 60 days. This merger will not only create a colossal force but can also craft healthy competition in the $2 billion home service contract industry in U.S.


“We believe HSA uniquely complements our business and will help accelerate our pace of growth in strategic markets,” said Mark Barry, president of American Home Shield. He continued – “Like us, HSA Home Warranty is known for providing reliable, quality service to its customers, and for building strong relationships in the real estate community. We look forward to positioning both companies to deliver even more value to homeowners across the country as a result of this acquisition.”

Upon completion of the deal, HSA is expected to operate as an independent brand under the aegis of AHS. Bob Lehmann, president and founder of HSA Home Warranty, will report to Mark Barry and continue to lead the company from its headquarters in Madison, WI.

On this momentous announcement, Bob says “The HSA team has built a strong legacy in this industry, and I’m excited about the opportunities we believe this acquisition will bring to our business, our customers, and our real estate clients. I am proud of where we are today, and we are delivering on our commitment to position our company for continued growth.”

About American Home Shield
American Home Shield is the pioneer in the industry, servicing more than 1.3 million customers across 49 states. In addition to its core focus on home protection plans, the company also issues and administers preventive maintenance contracts on major home systems and appliances in 48 states across the country. The Memphis-based company operates three customer service centers, employs approximately 1,600 employees and has a national contractor network made up of more than 10,000 independent home-service contractors, which includes more than 40,000 technicians.

About HSA Home Warranty
HSA provides comprehensive, affordable appliance protection plans and Errors and Omissions insurance. Since 1984, real estate professionals, homeowners and service contractors have partnered with HSA for coverage on home appliances and systems.

Both the companies –  HSA and AHS Home Warranty are profiled on our website.


Recent Comments
I have been trying to get these people to fix my AC for 3 years now. They keep sending crooks and liars to my home. First guy called the coil out for having a leak. We replaced it and it didn't fix the problem. Second guy came out after the coil was replaced and he said the coil was bad. Third guy they sent out said he'd have to come back with tools to find the leak and never did. Fourth guy called me and said it would be a little over $400 to find the leak and HSA doesn't cover it. Fifth guy came out, emptied the unit and told HSA I needed a new coil and that it was ridden with oil. I took a look. Still shiny as the day I bought it. I called him back to get my money back or come back and do his job and he laughed at me. Then he filed a false report to try and cover his rear. Sixth guy came out, looked the coil over for a good 45 minutes and he reported that the coil was absolutely not leaking and that he'd have to come back with gas to find the leak. He never came back. What does HSA have to say about this? "We can send someone else out". THREE YEARS! NO AC! HSA says we'll keep sending more people. We have an appointment with a lawyer now. DO NOT USE HSA!!!!!!!
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