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Does American Home Shield Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

PUBLISHED: September 7, 2020 5 MINS READ

Are you looking to buy an American Home Shield (AHS) warranty plan to protect your old home appliances and systems? If you’re wondering whether it covers your home devices with pre-existing conditions, then you have landed on the right page! Here, we will tell you if American Home Shield covers pre-existing conditions. 

But before we get to that, let’s quickly have a look at American Home Shield and its plans. 


More About American Home Shield

American Home Shield is the pioneer of the home warranty industry. It was established in 1971 and since then has served more than 1.8 million customers. Committed to customer satisfaction, American Home Shield has a vast network of 15,000 licensed and skilled technicians nationwide who offer niche services. 

AHS offers three plans: the Systems Plan, the Appliance Plan, and Combo Plan. It covers a wide range of home devices at pocket-friendly prices. AHS also allows customers to cover extra items at an additional cost. The add-ons can be purchased up to 60 days without any inspection from the date of beginning the contract. 

American Home Shield assures to protect appliances and systems regardless of make, model, and age, even if service records are not available. It also guarantee to cover rust and corrosion, especially in plumbing systems.   

But, Will American Home Shield Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

American Home Shield covers pre-existing conditions, provided they were undetectable. That is, the conditions could not be identified either by visual inspection for faulty parts or a mechanical test that includes turning the device on and off to determine if it works normally. 

What Is Included And Excluded In American Home Shield Plans?

As said earlier, American Home Shield offers three warranty plans that cover various home devices. Some of them include, but not limited to:

1) Air Conditioning Systems With Ductwork

AHS covers all components and parts of different air conditioning systems, like ducted central electric split and package units, mini-splits, geothermal, and wall air conditioners. Regarding ductwork, the company covers plenums, damper-only controls, dampers, leaks, or breaks in ductwork (duct board, sheet metal, and flex duct). 

However, the company does not cover well pump, outside or underground piping, well pump parts for geothermal and water source heat pump like window units, chillers, chiller components, water towers, and water lines.

2) Heating Including Ductwork

The company covers all parts and components of various heating systems, such as forced air (electric, gas, oil), geothermal, floor furnaces, wall-mounted heaters, and package units. It also covers heat pumps, hot water or steam circulating heat, mini-splits, room heaters, electric baseboard, and cable heat. 

Concerning ductwork, AHS warranty plans cover plenums, damper-only controls, dampers, and breaks and leaks in ductwork (duct board, sheet metal, and flex duct). 

However, AHS does not protect well pump parts and components of water source heat pump and geothermal, outside or underground piping, and well pump. Its plans also excluded fuel storage tanks, fireplace, portable units, pellets, grain, or wood heating units.  

3) Plumbing Systems

American Home Shield covers all parts and components of plumbing systems. These include leaks and breaks of water, gas, drain, waste or vent lines, toilet wax ring seals, toilets and related mechanisms, faucets, shower arms, showerheads, and valves for showers.

It also covers tub, and diverter, risers and gate valves, angle stops, basket strainers, hose bibs, permanently installed sump pumps ( only groundwater), pump, and air switch assemblies, built-in bathtub whirlpool motor, and pressure regulators. 

Besides, AHS plans cover expansion tanks, sewage ejector pumps (conditions applied), clearing of a sink, shower, and toilet stoppages, bathtub, and many others. 

But its plans exclude stoppages caused by collapsed, vent or sewer lines located outside the home’s main foundation, damaged or broken drain, and broken lines. It also excludes bathtubs, showers, sinks, shower enclosures, and base pans, toilet lids and seats, caulking or grouting, jets, septic tanks, holding or storage tanks, water filtration/purification system, etc.

4) Electrical Systems

AHS warranty plans cover all components and parts of electrical systems, including Direct Current (D.C.) wiring. It also covers built-in vent/exhaust/attic fans and lighting fixtures, 

However, it excludes circuit overload, faceplates, security wiring or cable, audio/video/intercom/computer/alarm, and telephone wiring. 

5) Water Heaters

The company protects all parts and components of water heaters, including circulating pumps and tankless water heaters. But it does not cover noise, auxiliary holding or storage tanks, energy conservation unit, and fuel storage tank. 

6) Refrigerators

American Home Shield plans all components and parts of the refrigerator. However, it excludes multi-media centers, freestanding freezer, and wine chillers.

7) Garage Door Openers

AHS covers all parts and components of garage door openers except door or door track assemblies.

8) Built-in Food Centers

Except for removable accessories, the company protects all components and parts of built-in food centers.

How Much Do American Home Shield Plans Cost?

The cost of American Home Shield warranty plans varies with states and other factors like appliance age. On average, the plans cost $59.99 on a monthly basis, and the trade call fee is $70 to $125. 

What Are The Benefits Of AHS Warranty Plans?

American Home Shield offers several benefits to customers. For instance, if a customer wants a new appliance, it offers an Appliance Discount program to help them get brand new appliances at competitive prices. 

They also offer discounted air filters and pre-season HVAC tune-up for air conditioning upon request in the spring and protect the systems from unexpected breakdowns. 

Final Words

AHS plans are the best option if you want to protect your home devices at affordable prices. However, before buying a home warranty plan, it is wiser to carefully read the service contract and be aware of all the terms and conditions.

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