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Updated on June 28, 2023

Super Home Warranty Reviews 2023

Headquartered in California, Super Home Warranty has been operating since 2015. The company offers three major plans to homeowners: Simple, Signature, and Lux starting at $45. 

Along with traditional home warranty services, Super Home Warranty helps maintain homes by coordinating other services such as HVAC tune-up and carpet cleaning.

Our editorial team has gone through customer reviews, plans, coverage limits, and pricing to help make you an informed choice. Here are the things covered in this review: 

Company At A Glance

Years In Business 8
Plan Costs $50-$118*
Waiting Period 15 Days
Coverage Limits $3,000- Unlimited
Service Fee $95
Option To Pick Your Own Contractor No

User Sentiments

positive_review_icon Positive:
neutral_review_icon Neutral:
negative_review_icon Negative:

Why Super Home Warranty?

  • Super Home Warranty has one service repair fee for all its plans
  • SHW has a vast coverage, including routine maintenance services
  • Super Home Warranty offers coverage for smart home devices
  • SHW has a user-friendly app for requesting service

latest Super Home Warranty reviews

  • Icon
    Eliza Briggs , TX, Fort Worth

    Love my Super warranty. They fixed my dishwasher so quickly. I am new to owning a home, so I didn’t have a clue who to call. I feel very grateful that my realtor told me to do this.

  • Icon
    Kirsty Morley , CA, El Sobrante

    Great company trying to help improve experiences with home warranties, reps are helpful and take the time to listen to claims, and I have used the app a few times as well.

  • Icon
    Mina P , IL, Chicago

    Super has successfully changed my perception of home warranty companies. They are marketing themselves as something different than a traditional home warranty company. Their portal and apps are very useful. I would love to see more from Super in terms of content, tips, proactive care of my appliances. Big potential.

  • Icon
    Ben Lemoine , AZ, Scottsdale

    I am really appreciating my Super contract. They have solid servicers who know what to do, and the website makes for easy scheduling. They even have maintenance for your house and lawn. I am glad my realtor hooked us up.

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    S Shah , TX, Irving

    My experience with Super Home Warranty has been nothing but outstanding. When I call for service, prompt action is taken. The vendors they work with are great (professional and responsive).

  • Icon
    Jessica Leo , DC, Washington

    I am a big fan of Super. They\'ve been around for several years in DC now, and I feel like they always get the job done with no fuss, and a really easy to use app. I\'d recommend to anyone.


2.5/5 (80)


2.7/5 (39)

Consumer Affairs

3.7/5 (65)

Consumer Advocate

2.5/5 (N/A)


3.7/5 (12)

Pros & cons of Super Home Warranty


  • Offers home maintenance services and reminders
  • 15-day waiting period
  • Mobile application to request service
  • Smart home devices coverage available


  • Only available in selected cities
  • Super customer service is not available 24/7

Super Home Warranty Covered States

Super Home Warranty offers services in 8 states, excluding Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Super Home Warranty Plans & Coverage 

Super has three plans for homeowners – Simple, Signature, and Lux

Simple Home Warranty Plan offers protection for important home systems including kitchen refrigerator, clothes washer, and garage door opener. 

Signature Warranty Plan includes everything from Simple Plan and additional features such as It’s Covered upgrade. 

Lux Warranty Plan includes everything from Simple Home Warranty and Signature Warranty Plan.

Take a look at the coverage offered by the plans:

Plans Simple  Signature Lux
Built-in Microwave 
Garbage Disposal 
Trash Compactor 
Range Exhaust Fan 
Kitchen Refrigerator w/Ice Maker & Dispenser 
Clothes Washer 
Clothes Dryer 
Air Conditioning 
Heating System/ Heat Pump
Interior Plumbing 
Plumbing Stoppages
Water Heater 
Interior Electrical 
Ceiling Fans 
Central Vacuum 
Garage Door Openers 
Gas Fireplaces & Outdoor Gas Fire Pots/Pits 
Landscape Lighting 
Smart Home Devices 
Warming & Cooling Upgrade 
Enhanced Plumbing Upgrade 
Washer & Dryer 
It’s Covered Upgrade 
Max Limits Upgrade 

A unique feature the company offers is coverage for maintenance services, which a home warranty company does not usually offer. Also, the company sends out maintenance reminders like cleaning the gutters, condenser coils, cooling fans, and more to ensure regular upkeep of your home. 


*Super’s ‘It’s Covered Upgrade’ is a part of the Signature and Lux plans but needs to be bought by Secure plan holders for $160. This upgrade’s coverage allows for more components in the case of A/C & Heating Systems, Plumbing, Water Heater, Electrical Systems, Range/Cooktop/Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave Oven, and Garage Door Opener.

This upgrade also makes Super pay a certain pre-fixed amount for Permits & Code Upgrades, Crane Costs, Refrigerant Recapture & Reclamation, Enhanced Stoppage Coverage, Equipment Disposal, and Modifications Coverage.

Optional Coverage 

  • It’s Covered Upgrade (Only For Secure Plan) 
  • Outdoor Plumbing (Covered In Lux Plan) 
  • Smart Home Devices (Covered In Lux Plan) 
  • Hvac Equipment Incompatibility Coverage 
  • Additional Refrigeration Units 
  • Built-In Pool/Spa 
  • Saltwater Pool/Spa 
  • Additional Pool Pumps 
  • Water Softener And Reverse Osmosis 
  • Guest House
  • Septic System 
  •  Well Pump 
  • Brand-For-Brand Appliance Upgrade
  •  Sprinkler System & Timer
  • Enhanced Plumbing Upgrade (Covered In Signature And Lux Plan)

Super Home Warranty Exclusions

Like every home warranty, Super also has specific limitations and exclusions to its coverage policy. For example, Super provides coverage to all mechanical parts of a dishwasher except for racks, rollers, and baskets. 

A careful reading of your contract will give you an idea about similar exclusions for other items. However, it should be noted that Super doesn’t have a lengthy list of limitations like other home warranty companies.

Super does not cover items that break down due to misuse, negligence, previous improper repairs, missing parts, damage caused by natural disasters, manufacturer defects, etc. Read Super’s sample contract to get a better idea about their exclusions.

Super’s payout caps depend on the plan and additional coverage you purchase. The coverage caps are generous compared to other companies, with some items receiving unlimited coverage. Super has set a coverage aggregate limit at $30000. They will not cover any amount that exceeds this limit.

Super Home Warranty Cost 

Super’s plan prices vary depending on the location and property’s size. For instance, the basic plan for a home-sized below 1,200 sq. ft.- Simple is priced at $45. The Signature Plan starts at $66 and includes everything from Simple Plan and a few inclusions. 

The Lux Plan is the most comprehensive and starts from $107 monthly. Depending on your location, the service call or copay fee can range from $85-$95. 

You can add optional items to your plan if they don’t cover them. The prices of optional items are the same in all the states.





Below 1,200 sq ft




1,200 – 5,000 sq ft




5,000 – 7,499 sq ft




7,500 – 9,999 sq ft




10,000 – 12,500 sq ft




12,500 – 14,999 sq ft




15,000 sq ft +






* These prices are for Houston, Texas. So, we advise you to submit a quote request to find out the exact pricing details.

Trustworthiness & Customer Service 

Super Home Warranty has generally received less-than-average ratings across different platforms. On our platform, the company has received a rating of 2.5/5 which shows the non-satisfaction with the customers. 

On BBB, the company has received an average rating of 2.93/5 from 200+ customer reviews. Most reviews revolve around poor customer service and unprofessional behavior from the company’s technicians.  

Some customer reviews also talk about a bit higher cost of plans. However, the coverage options for all three plans justify the price point. Super Home Warranty’s Simple Plan, the basic option, covers 16 items in its catalog. 

Similarly, the Signature Plan covers 22 items, and the Lux Plan covers 29 items, which is on par with the industry standards for the price point.  

As Super Home Warranty is still new in the market, the company needs to provide much more efficient service to build a reputation. However, their comprehensive plans, easy claims process, and clear terms and conditions are positive. But, we still recommend our customers read the sample contract before signing up for the home warranty from SHW.

Super Home Warranty Claims Filing Procedure 

Super’s home warranty coverage comes into effect 15 days after purchase. Here are the steps you must follow when filing a claim with the company: 

  • If a covered appliance or system breaks down, you can file a claim on their official website, mobile app, or by emailing or calling them. 
  • The company will then schedule a service technician to visit your home and repair the item. You must pay the technician a service fee ranging between $85- $95. 
  • Unlike most home warranty companies, Super does not offer 24/7 customer service. Super’s customer service team is available from –
  • 9 am to 9 pm Monday-Friday
  • 9 am to 7 pm on Saturdays
  • 10 am to 7 pm on Sundays

How to Buy A Home Warranty From Super Home Warranty?

Buying a home warranty from Super Home Warranty is easy as they have a straightforward process. You can go to the website and sign up for the home warranty or call the representatives on the Super Home Warranty phone number. 

Selecting the right home warranty plan can get overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Go through our exhaustive guide to learn how to purchase a home warranty



At HomeWarrantyReviews.com, we are dedicated to providing in-depth home warranty reviews so you can choose the best home warranty company & make the most out of it. We examine, compare, and analyze the companies on the following factors:

  • Pricing: We compare the costs of home warranty plans and determine if those are cost-effective. The pricing includes monthly/annual premiums, deductibles, and customer discounts.
  • Coverage: We compare the plans offered by different home warranty companies. The coverage includes systems, appliances, and additional offerings.
  • Claims: We look at customer reviews and determine their satisfaction with the claims filing procedure, settlement, and response times.
  • Transparency: We verify if the home warranty company is licensed within the appropriate industry and offer details on the CEOs, contractors, and several settled claims.
  • Uniqueness: We examine whether the company offers additional services, advantages, or coverage alternatives that set them apart.
  • Customer Engagement: We assess home warranty companies’ determination to respond to consumer problems in our Complaint Resolution Program.

Editorial Note On Super Home Warranty 

Super Home Warranty has less than average customer ratings. Two issues that every customer resonated with included poor customer service and unprofessional behavior. 

Super requires to work on providing professional services to its customers and offer customer-friendly and prompt responses. Also, the company should concentrate on providing timely services to homeowners. 

Final Words 

Super Home Warranty is for homeowners seeking higher coverage options, coverage limits, and transparent terms and conditions. 

We recommend homeowners go through the company’s reviews and read the warranty service agreement. You should also get the quote for a better understanding of the company. 


Quick Details About The Company

Year Of Establishment



San Francisco, CA, US

Type Of Company


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Is There A Limit To The Number Of Services I Can Request With Hello Super?


No, there is no cap to the service appointments you can schedule with Super Home Warranty. You can file a home warranty claim 15 days after purchasing your Super subscription.


Does Super Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?


Super offers coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions with their buyer’s coverage for recent home purchases. The company will request a home inspection to check for any defects.


Does Super Home Warranty Cover Maintenance?


All Super Home Warranty plans include HVAC tune-ups, re-key service, and more maintenance services. They also send weekly maintenance tips to care for your household appliances and systems. You can either take care of the home maintenance yourself or request help from the Super team.


What Is Super’s Concierge Service?


Super’s concierge services can handle your handyman work, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, etc. In short, the concierge service helps you by searching for the right professional and scheduling a service appointment that you want.


How Do Super’s Service Rewards Work?


Super service rewards are earned when someone uses your unique referral code to sign up for Super’s services. You have the chance to earn more rewards whenever Super runs promotional campaigns. 

These service rewards can be used to pay for any concierge or maintenance services. The service rewards cannot be applied to your co-pay.


How Do I Cancel My Super Home Warranty Plan?


You can cancel your Super subscription within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. You can cancel your subscription anytime later, but it must be in writing. You’ll have to clear any unpaid service fees and an administrative fee of $50.


Super Home Warranty Vs. American Home Shield: Which Is Better?


Super Home Warranty is a new entrant to the home warranty industry compared to American Home Shield. The latter has 50 years of industry experience and offers nationwide coverage. Super, on the other hand, only serves in a few cities across different states.

Coverage-wise, both companies offer services for a home’s major appliances and systems. Super’s plans cover appliances and systems and offer maintenance services. 

In contrast, AHS covers only systems in their ShieldSilver Plan, appliances, and systems in their ShieldGold Plan. The ShieldPlatinum Plan is their most comprehensive one, with enhanced coverage caps and more coverage options.

Regarding pricing, Super does fall on the higher end of the scale, while AHS offers reasonable prices. You should note that the pricing eventually depends on the size of your house, your city/state of residence, the coverage you take up, and other factors. You can consider a free quote to find the exact pricing details.

At the end of all this, however, the decision on which is the best company depends on the needs of your home.

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We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

Reviews from employees of home warranty companies or named competitors are not encouraged. We will also not allow reviews that are too short or abusive. We may withhold reviews that in our discretion do not meet the above criteria.

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