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How to Cancel Home Warranty Policy

A home warranty protection is a form of insurance intended to protect homeowners from expensive repairs of appliances and systems. In average home warranty plan, homeowners are required to pay a flat rate deductible for each service call other than an annual fee. Sometimes a seller will put home warranty as a part of the package when negotiating the sale of a home. Other times you may desire to procure a home warranty so as to protect yourself against repairs that may become essential in your home. Though a home warranty company will not cover pre-existing conditions in your home, it can be a useful way to reduce unpredicted expenses when you possess a home. When you pick a home warranty company, they ask for a 3 year lock-in period for the maintenance schedule in order for the home warranty company to honor your claim when the appliance breaks down. Also, you may also look at canceling a pre-existing insurance policy. This usually happens when you renovate your house and its appliances and they are not a part of your warranty policy. In these cases, you go to and resolve it using the Complaint Resolution Program.

Cancel Home Warranty

How to call off Home Warranty?

While home warranties are beneficial to useful older appliances, some homeowners discover that they don’t need the home warranty plan any longer. When this happens the homeowners must take several steps to terminate the home warranty plan so as to avoid additional charges.

Step 1

Get in touch with the home warranty company by telephone to talk to a representative. Tell the representative that you desire to terminate the policy. Inquire the representative about the standard process for terminating.  Ask particularly whether you may expect any prorated premium refund and about cancellation fees. The representative may inform you that you require sending the warranty company a written notice of termination. Obtain the mailing address from the representative along with the representative’s name. If there is an option to cancel by phone you can avail that option, but using snail mail is a better option as you will have a proof of cancellation request.

Step 2

Write a notice to the home warranty company in order to inform them that you want to terminate your policy. Date the notice with the current date and state your policy number and dates of coverage in the notice. Specify the prorated refund information you received from the representative and add the representative’s name. Sign your name at the bottom of the notice.

Step 3

Send the notice via registered post or courier to the address you received from the warranty company representative. Make sure you keep the receipt.

Step 4

Wait for a check from the warranty company with your prorated premium refund. The refund may have a cancellation fee removed from it.

How to End an American Home Shield Warranty?

American Home Shield established in 1971 is a 46-year-old company that focuses on offering home warranties. Well-liked among homeowners, contractors and real estate companies, American Home Shield has a wide assortment of the appliance, central heating and cooling, and water heater warranty products.
If you are certain to call off your AHS Home Warranty service, make sure to avoid potential problems by cautiously reviewing your warranty contract before commencing the cancellation process.


Step 1

Assess the original American Home Shield contract. The company contract is state-specific with termination terms that are planned to obey the individual states’ consumer protection laws. To avoid being charged unforeseen fees, evaluate the contract before contacting American Home Shield. Also, if you are creating a new contract with the same firm then you should work out a deal to waive the cancellation fees in the new policy. In case you don’t find your original contract, send a letter via certified postal mail to American Home Shield requesting a copy of the contract for personal records.

The address is as follows:

American Home Shield
P.O. Box 849
Carroll, IA 51401-9901


Step 2

Write a cancellation letter asking for the termination of services. This letter must have the warranty holder’s name, service address, and account number. It should also request that the warranty service is terminated 30 days from the date of the letter. American Home Shield needs a minimum of 30 day’s notice, so set your mind to shell out for an extra month of warranty service.

When mailing the letter have an extra copy mailed to the credit card issuer or the bank being drafted for the automatic monthly payments. Ensure to add a CC postscript to the letter sent to American Home Shield so that it is known that bank has been informed. Do not try to email, fax or call customer service to make cancellation requests, as the receipt of these requests can be difficult to verify.

Step 3

Call credit card issuer or the bank handling the automatic warranty payments and inform the customer service representative that the account is listed to be terminated. Confirm that the copy of the termination letter has been received, and notify the representative of the last expected payment date. Detail the date and time of the phone call along with the name of the representative spoken to.

Step 4

Contact American Home Shield via registered mail requesting for written verification of warranty cancellation. It can take up to 5 weeks to obtain this written confirmation, and once you get it, file it away with the original contract.

Once the cancellation has been verified, watch for bank details that charge accounts which have confirmed for unlawful deductions made by American Home Shield. If money is drafted from an account 30 days after the termination request is made or after termination has been confirmed, call the bank or card issuer. Offer to fax the written cancellation verification and in most circumstances, the bank or credit card issuer will repay the additional charge.


Recent Comments
Constance Jackson
I am wanting to close out, my renewal is next month calling them to cancel.They said they would call me within 24 hours,has not called yet. Please get in contact with me, if not I will have to go further with situatithis situation.
Shyla Ridley
Has anyone been successful in canceling a home warranty? If so, please share how you were able to accomplish it.
Rose Marie Fuller
I have tried unsuccessfully to cancel my contract and can't seem to get any one to even come to the phone. I do not own the house any more. I will not recommend AHS in the future.
This is the worst company ever! That being said, I tried unsuccessfully to terminate my contract with them and kept getting redirected to a "different department"...Never received a phone call back for anything. I just called my bank and stopped I'll hear from them now. Awful company!
Leslie Crumble
This company is a joke! I've been on the the line for a past hour waiting to speak to a representative about canceling my contract (and still waiting) and these ASSES will not answer the phone! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze who ever reads this DO NOT SIGN GET A BANK DRAFT FOR SERVICES FROM THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL BE WAITING! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Don't ever do business with this company. canceled my policy after a week. called them most of every week for 2 months and still cant get in cancel...they end up telling my $500 will be no refund because the cost of admin..... HORRIBLE company. get away from them....
I am with all of you on the idea of never EVER supporting this company or purchasing a policy from them. I attempted to cancel my policy by phone at the end of April and was told I would get my refund check 10-14 business days from that time. I am now on week 6 since cancelling my policy and have not received a check or even the "cancellation letter" they keep telling me was sent out on 5/18/15. Just called and complained again and was told the same thing. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. Of course I was contacted immediately the next day from AHS' Social Media Department stating they have researched my complaint and the policy has been cancelled and I will get my refund check by today (5/29/15). Horrible company, DO NOT EVER PURCHASE FROM THEM!!!!!
I have never received the warranty or contract. It was to become effective on Mar. 5 2015. No, I have not received any services. I have emailed them several times about the warranty and they say they will need more info as to address, ect..They have it, but I sent it again and again and still no contract. They said go to their website, they give me a number but when I go to the website, it wants me to put in my info, "get a quote". I got the quote, I paid the premium. It was to be 558.00 plus tax..well when I get the amount of it with taxes it is 611.01. That much taxes???? Anyway I asked for an explanation, nothing, except that was the tax on the 558.00. I received a letter, it didn't have a warranty or contract but said I would be getting one. It also said homes over 10 years old would not be covered despite the fact, they knew how old the home is. I had AHS before and no problems that is why I went with them. I tried the phone but busy, busy, busy. What is going on? I ordered it in Feb, Paid for it, they said it would go into effect on March 5 till March 5, 2016, that I would receive a contract five days after the effective date, nothing and here it is the 23th. Only thing I can consider is they are stalling to get past the 30 cancellation with full refund. My letter to them went out so guess I will have to spend 6.00 to certify another one so to get it to them before the April 5, 30 day deadline I live in AR..
robert anderson
It has now been 3 months and I am still trying to cancel my AMS Warranty Policy. I cancelled the auto pay on the credit card and they still are billing but directly to me. I have tried the 30 minute waits on the phone with no answer after 30 minutes. They do not have a email cancel although the web sit states you can cancel by e mail. I have filed a compliant withe BBB and am now filing a complaint with the Consumer Fraud Burea of the Teas Attorney General Office.
Never get a home warranty with American Home Shield. They never approve repairs for larger items. My garage door broke, and I was told it wasn't covered due to an issue of improper maintenance. What?? Today my water heater went out. They will replace it for $770. Although the warranty book said it is covered, a list of items, such as valves, permits, drain pans and belts are not. The permit alone is $185. Such a racket, but what do you do if you have no hot water? Canceling today via certified mail. Horrible customer service.
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