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Best Home Warranty Companies In north dakota 2024

A home in North Dakota is a significant investment and a source of pride for residents. With homeownership at 61.9%, many top home warranty companies actively provide services to the sizable market. In this article, we’ll explore the best home warranty companies in North Dakota and why home warranty coverage is essential.

Our Picks: 5 Best Home Warranty Companies For north dakota Residents

Here are the top five home warranty companies in North Dakota that can offer comprehensive coverage and reliable customer services. Take a look:

The Industry Leader
4.5 | fourhalf_star Excellent

Monthly Cost

$39 - $79

Service Fee

$100 & $125

Response Time

Up to 48 hours

Best For Add-ons
4.7 | fourhalf_star Excellent
$200 Off + 2 Months Free + Free Roof Leak Protection

Monthly Cost

$50 - $60

Service Fee


Response Time

Up to 48 hours

Best For Comprehensive Plans
3.7 | threehalf_star Excellent
1st month free + Free roof coverage

Monthly Cost

$46 - $55

Service Fee

$75 - $125

Response Time

Up to 48 hours

Best For Separate Coverage Options
4.7 | fourhalf_star Excellent
$150 Off + 2 Months Free

Monthly Cost

$45 - $60

Service Fee


Response Time

24 - 48 hours

$44 - $47
3.8 | threehalf_star Excellent
$150 off + Free roof coverage + 2 months free

Monthly Cost

$60 - $75

Service Fee

$60 - $75

Response Time

12 - 48 hours

Is Home Warranty Plans Beneficial For North Dakota Homeowners?

Home warranties have many benefits for homeowners of North Dakota: 

  • North Dakota experiences harsh winters with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, putting significant strain on home heating systems and other essential components.
  • North Dakota is home to many older properties with aging infrastructure. Home warranty plans can benefit homeowners with older homes, as the systems and appliances in such homes are more prone to breakdowns due to age and wear.
  • The state experiences various weather conditions, from extreme cold in the winter to severe storms in the summer. These weather fluctuations can lead to unexpected damage to home systems and appliances.
  • By investing in a home warranty, North Dakota homeowners can enjoy peace of mind. Whether it's a malfunctioning water heater or a faulty electrical system, their home warranty will help cover the expenses.

How Much Does a North Dakota Home Warranty Cost?

This section will discuss the average home warranty costs in North Dakota.

Average Annual Cost

$300 - $700

Average Monthly Cost

$29 - $89

Average Service Fee (Deductible)

$60 - $125

Factors Influencing The Cost Of The Home Warranty

  • Rural vs. urban location: The property's location within North Dakota, whether in a rural area or an urban center like Fargo or Bismarck, can impact the home warranty cost.
  • System and appliance coverage: The coverage you require can influence the overall cost of your home warranty plan in North Dakota.
  • Home Size: Older homes and larger properties typically require more extensive coverage, which may result in higher premiums.

Home Warranty Coverage In North Dakota

Let’s delve into the specifics of home warranty coverage in North Dakota.

General Coverage Of North Dakota Home Warranty

  • Kitchen appliances Given the importance of these appliances in the daily lives of North Dakota homeowners, having coverage can provide financial protection against unexpected breakdowns. The North Dakota home warranty covers refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers.
  • HVAC & major systems Home warranties in North Dakota typically cover major systems such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, water heaters, and electrical.

Common Exclusions

  • Cosmetic damage Home warranties typically do not cover non-functional components that do not affect the item’s primary function.
  • Improper maintenance Failing to care for home systems and appliances properly can void warranty coverage. Regular appliance maintenance ensures continued protection and coverage under the warranty.

Here Are Some Additional Points To Consider

  • Service call fees Consider the service call fees associated with the home warranty plan. These fees are typically charged when a service technician is dispatched to your home.
  • Contract length and renewal options Review automatic renewal clauses and cancellation policies. Ensure that the contract terms align with your preferences and budgetary constraints.

Who regulates Home Warranty Companies In North Dakota?

Here are the agencies that oversee the functions of home warranty companies in various capacities:

  • North Dakota Department of Insurance (NDDOI) While the NDDOI  doesn't directly regulate home warranty companies, they may investigate companies if they receive consumer complaints alleging deceptive sales practices or unfair claim denials. This indirect oversight can help companies operate with a baseline level of fairness. 
  • North Dakota Attorney General's Office Home warranty contracts in North Dakota fall under the state's Consumer Protection Division. This division enforces the state's unfair trade practices laws, prohibiting deceptive and unfair business practices. This means companies cannot mislead you with their advertising or engage in deceptive sales tactics during the selling process.

Final Word

North Dakota's harsh winters and unpredictable weather can wreck your home's systems. Now that you've explored the best home warranty companies, you're equipped to find a plan that safeguards your comfort and keeps your budget protected. Choose peace of mind—compare plans, understand coverage details, and select the warranty that best suits your North Dakota home's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Most Common Appliance Repairs In North Dakota?


In North Dakota, some of the most common appliance repairs include issues with furnaces, refrigerators, and dishwashers. With the state experiencing harsh winters, heating systems often require attention for problems like ignition issues or thermostat malfunctions. Additionally, dishwashers may need maintenance for issues such as clogged drains or malfunctioning pumps.

Is A Home Warranty Worth It In North Dakota?


A home warranty can be worth it in North Dakota, especially considering the state’s challenging climate. With harsh winters putting additional strain on heating systems, having coverage for potential repairs or replacements can provide valuable financial protection. 

What Is The Cheapest Home Warranty In North Dakota?


American Home Shield (AHS) is the cheapest home warranty company among the most popular ones, with a starting price of $29.99.

How Long Does A Home Warranty Hold Good For?


The duration of a home warranty depends on the terms specified in the contract. Typically, home warranties last for one year.