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10 Fantastic Ways to Reuse Light Bulbs

PUBLISHED: March 23, 2018 6 MINS READ

DIY is a way of life! These projects are liberating and give you a good break from your everyday work, stress, and your usual pastimes. Repurposing light bulbs or reusing burnt light bulbs to make stunning centerpieces for your tables or other decorative accessories around is a brilliant idea. Check out these 10 DIY ideas to reuse light bulbs and create your own versatile art to add to the personality of your home. These ideas include all the instructions that you’ll need to make them. Here, you can learn how to reuse light bulbs. This is a great way to reuse light bulbs.

10 Awesome DIY Ideas to Repurpose Light Bulbs with Stepwise Instructions

DIY Ideas to Repurpose Light Bulbs with Instructions

The next time you have a fused light bulb, you’re in luck! This article has some of the best DIY ideas ever. And the best part is that they come with clear stepwise instructions. Talking about fused light bulbs, light bulbs usually fuse when there’s an electrical surge. When there’s an electrical surge, it’s also likely for a circuit breaker to trip or to blow a fuse in the main fuse box. In case such a situation arises, you need to know how to fix it. Here’s how you fix a blown fuse and reset a circuit breaker.

Before you begin your DIY project with a light bulb, you need to know how to empty it and turn it into a clear vessel. Check out this tutorial for clear instruction on how to turn your light bulb into a clear vessel. Every single DIY idea in this article requires you to empty the light bulb.

1. Wire Floating Vase

how to make a light bulb vase

The wire floating vase gives your home a lovely contemporary vibe. Fill a few light bulbs of different shapes and sizes with delicate flowers or even leaves from fall and give the place an artsy look.

Items Required

  • Lightbulb
  • Nail set
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • Electrical tape 


  • Drill a small hole in the dowel (the hole needs to big enough for the wire to fit in). If the dowel isn’t as big as the light bulb’s mouth, you will need to wrap some electrical tape around it
  • Cut your wire into 20” pieces. You could use the wire that is used to hang drop ceilings
  • Insert the wire into the hole that you made in the dowel. Then wrap the wire around the dowel clockwise. Wind it 2-3 times. This becomes the base for the vase
  • With the help of the wire cutter, remove the wire from the base of the dowel
  • Now check and see if the bulb fits into the coils. If required, tighten or loosen it a bit with the pliers
  • Thread the mouth of the bulb into the wire, it should thread in like how a bulb fits into a socket. Give it the final touch by bending the loose end of the wire to make it a steady base
  • Pour some water into the bulb and put a few flowers in it and you’re done!

For the Hanging Vase

All you need to do is drill two holes in the metal of the bulb’s mouth and attach a pretty looking wire to it and put it to hang.

2. Twine Pear Centerpieces

how to make Twine Pear Centerpieces with a light bulb

Make a chic rustic centerpiece for your table. It works well for your table in Fall.

Items Required

  • Light bulb or light bulbs
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • A little twig


  • Start by adding a drop of glue to the middle of the bottom of the bulb. Stick one end of the twine to the hot glue
  • Once it sets, begin to spiral it. First, apply the glue and then wind the twine around in concentric circles until the entire bulb is covered. Start by applying glue on a small portion and once you get the hang of winding the twine, you could probably apply glue to a larger portion and wrap faster
  • When you reach the top of the bulb, put a drop of glue at the tip and attach the twig to it vertically
  • Cut the twine after you finish wrapping the bulb and tuck it beside the stem

If you are very creative, you could paint a few patterns or draw stick figures on the twine. You can also paint cute reindeer or Santa hats if you want to use it as a Christmas decoration.

3. Oil Lamp

how to make oil lamp light bulb

Who wouldn’t love to have an oil lamp at home? It’s the perfect lamp for a romantic dinner at home. It also makes a beautiful accessory to be kept on your coffee table or the mantel.

Items Required

  • Washers 
  • A wood block
  • Wood stain, polish or paint
  • 5” long cotton string
  • Clear silicone sealant
  • Syringe
  • Oil or alcohol


  • Fix the washer to the mouth of the hollow light bulb
  • Carve out a hole in the base of the wood block so that the light bulb can sit in it
  • Apply wood stain or polish or maybe even paint it. Pick a look that suits your home and that will accentuate your personality
  • Insert the cotton thread into the bulb through the opening. Leave just about an inch outside
  • Use the silicone sealant to stick the base of the bulb to the wood block. Now use the syringe to fill ¼ th of the bulb with oil or alcohol. Voila! You are done

If you’d like to give the oil a pretty color, you will need an oil-based color. Dip the tip of a toothpick in the die and add a microscopic drop of dye to the oil and mix it properly. If you add anything more than that, the color will be too dark and lose its delicate look.

4. LightBulb Jar

DIY bulb decoration ideas

This DIY idea looks absolutely fab if you have those tiny light bulbs and paint them in metallic colors.

Items Required

  • Light bulbs
  • Spray paint
  • Glass Jar


  • Spray paint on the light bulbs in colors of your choice and leave them to dry. I prefer something with a shimmer instead of a plain color
  • Place the bulbs in a glass jar and you can use it as a centerpiece on your coffee table

5. Glitter Hanging Ornament

DIY light bulb decoration ideas with instructions

Give your decor some sparkle with a coat of glitter on an old light bulb. You can hang these up as a holiday decoration or even hang them from indoor plants as everyday decoration.

Items Required

  • Lightbulb
  • Glitter
  • Multi-purpose glue
  • Pretty silver ribbon
  • String to hang the bulb


  • Paint the bulb with multi-purpose glue excluding the metal mouth. Dip it in a cup of glitter. Make sure that the glitter covers the entire bulb
  • You can use the glue to attach a ribbon around the bulb where the glass and metal meet and make a bow or you could just tie it around as well
  • Make a small hole in the metal (it should be enough for the string to go through it). Insert the string into the hole and tie the loose ends together. Your glitter hanging ornament is ready

If you have a hyper doggie at home, this may not be a very good idea for you.

6. Little Note Jar

light bulb gift ideas with instructions

Gift a little light bulb jar of cute notes your loved one or make yourself a jar of inspiration.

Items Required

  • Lightbulb
  • Pieces of thin paper
  • Cork
  • Tiny pretty looking rubber bands

If you want a stand you’ll also need:

  • A bangle that can balance the bulb
  • Multi-purpose glue


  • Write cute messages on the pieces of paper or you could write a few inspirational words for yourself on it. You can use colorful paper or use beige colored paper if you want to give it a vintage look
  • Roll the paper so it looks like a cylinder and put the rubber bands around them to make sure that they don’t open up
  • Cut the cork with a pair of scissors so that it fits in the mouth of the bulb
  • Put the little notes inside, close it with the cork and tie a twine around the metal

If you want the stand:

  • Find a bangle that the light bulb’s base fits into and offers enough support for a stand
  • You could paint the bangle to complement the color of the notes inside the light bulb
  • Use the multi-purpose glue to fix the base of the bulb to the bangle so that the cork faces upwards

7. Hot Air Balloons

light bulb hot air balloon diy with instructions

These hot air balloons are way too adorable when hung against walls or hung from branches. But make sure that they’re out of children’s reach.

Items Required

  • Light bulb or light bulbs
  • Button
  • Nylon thread that is translucent
  • Glue gun
  • Craft paper or some paint


  • Paint the bulb to make it look like a hot air balloon and paint the metal part in a monotone. This becomes the basket of the hot air balloon
  • If you aren’t comfortable with paint, use the craft paper to make patterns and stick it to the light bulb with multi-purpose glue. Don’t stick any paper to the base of the bulb
  • Fix one end of the nylon thread to the button just like how you fix a button to a shirt but leave the other side long
  • Hot glue the button to the center of the base of the bulb and your hot air balloon is ready to hang. If you don’t like the painted metal, you can hot glue twine around it to give it a basket look

8. Snowman Ornaments

light bulb art ideas

You can hang these little glitter snowmen as wall hangings or hang them on the Christmas Tree.

Items Required

  • Lightbulb
  • White glitter
  • Multi-purpose glue
  • A ribbon
  • Small sticks that are 1 ½ “ long
  • Little beads
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


  • Paint the bulb with multi-purpose glue excluding the metal mouth. Dip it in a cup of glitter. Make sure that the glitter covers the entire bulb and leave it to dry. Or you could just paint it white
  • Stick the beads on the light bulb to give it eyes and a smile. If you prefer painting the eyes and smile, go ahead with it. But your snowman might miss out on his 3D features
  • Stick 2-3 buttons on the Snowman’s stomach. Tie the ribbon around the bulb and make a bow below the Snowman’s smile. You could use some glue to keep it
  • Mark two points on either side of the bulb for the hands, preferably at the point just before the glass begins to widen. Use the glue gun fix the sticks at these points and your Snowman has hands
  • Make two small holes in the metal so you can run a twine through it and make it a hanging

9. Beaded Showpiece

light bulb decoration ideas with steps

This beaded showpiece is easy to make and takes very little time. You can get your kids to help you out with it.  

Items Required

  • Lightbulb
  • Bead garlands
  • Confetti
  • Twigs
  • A small but heavy ashtray
  • Multi-purpose glue


  • Fill the light bulb as much as possible with the beaded garland
  • Make sure that a bit of the light bulb’s base fits into the ashtray. Use the glue and fix the light bulb to the ashtray
  • Now poke the ends of the of the twigs into confetti so they look like little bulbs at the tips
  • Place the base of the twig inside the light bulb. The garland should give it support and make sure it stays upright. Your beaded showpiece is ready!

10. The Light Bulb Terrarium

how to make a light bulb terrarium

Don’t you find terrariums super cool? Try making one in a Light Bulb!

Items Required

  • Lightbulb
  • Adhesive silicone bumpers
  • Sand
  • Sheet moss, Reindeer moss and Tillandsia
  • A tiny rubber animal


  • Clean the sand properly and leave it to dry. This is especially needed if you’re using beach sand. The salt needs to be washed off completely
  • Wash the bulb with water and a little bit of liquid dishwashing soap and leave it to dry. Make sure that there’s no trace of dishwashing soap left on the bulb
  • Fix the silicone bumpers on the side of the bulb to keep it steady
  • Put 2-3 tablespoons of sand in the light bulb. You can use a funnel or make a funnel out of paper to make it easier and avoid a mess
  • Cut a small bit of Sheet Moss and put it over the sand
  • Add a few bits of Reindeer Moss as well. You can use a chopstick or a tweezer to arrange it inside
  • Now put the Tillandsia inside the bulb. Start by pushing the smaller end in. You might have to poke around a bit to make sure all the elements look good inside
  • Add the rubber toy to give it a more realistic look

If you have space, you can add pebbles, marbles or any other element that will give your Terrarium character. Keep your Terrarium in a place that receives partial sunlight. Every few days, add a few drops of water to keep the Tillandsia alive. If there’s excess water, gently pour it out.

Make a hanging light bulb terrarium

All you need to do is drill two holes in the metal of the bulb’s mouth and attach a pretty looking wire to it and put it to hang. If you’re making a hanging terrarium, you can let go of the silicone bumpers. Make sure that the sand and plants are positioned correctly when you hang it up.

A Little Something for Your Home – Home Warranty

DIY light bulb ideas for your home

While you’re busy decorating your home and personalizing it to bring out your personality and taste, don’t forget the basics – Home Maintenance. For a home’s systems and appliances to go a long way, it is highly essential to service them from time to time. A home warranty policy can help you out with that. A Home Warranty covers major systems, a whole range of appliances and home maintenance expenses as well. There are good policies that are priced from $350+ a year. To know how much a home warranty policy for your home would cost, you can use our Home Maintenance Calculator which gives you an accurate estimate. All you need to do is, enter the age of the home and other appliances to get your estimate.

But before you invest in a home warranty, make sure that you pick a company that is well known for providing home warranty services in your area. Investing in the wrong company will add to your expenses while finding the right one can help you save a considerable amount on repairs and replacements. Read reviews and do plenty of research before you zero down on a company. The best part about getting a home warranty is that you don’t need to worry about what will happen if any of your appliances break down.

What can you make with old light bulbs?

Check out these bright ideas on ways to reuse old light bulbs and up-cycle them into fun and elegant home decor.

    8 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Old Light Bulbs

  • Twine Pears Centerpieces
  • Wire Floating Vases
  • Fish Tank
  • Snow Globe
  • Oil Lamp
  • Hanging String Terrariums
  • Concrete Wall Hook
  • Sharpie Light Bulbs

What can you do with old LED bulbs?

LED light bulb disposal. LED light bulbs contain no dangerous chemicals, allowing you to dispose of them in the same manner as incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. Before you toss your old LED bulbs in the trash, consider recycling. Most of the LED bulbs available today are made of materials which can be recycled.

How do you cut open a lightbulb?

To open a light bulb, twist out the metal solder point on the bottom of the bulb with a pair of pliers. Hold one side of the black glass insulator with your pliers, then twist it up to break the glass apart. Remove the broken bits of insulator glass and break off the interior tube with a flathead screwdriver.

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