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Can You Transfer Your Home Warranty Policy Anytime?

Home warranties help you to protect your major appliances and systems. If you are looking to sell your property or move to a new home and wondering if you can transfer your home warranty plan, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will tell you more about Are home warranties Transferable  or not. 

We will also will guide you through all the intricate details you should know to expedite the home warranty transfer. 


Are Home Warranties Transferable?

Whether you can transfer your home warranty policy depends on the warranty company. While some companies allow you to transfer your plan, others may not include such provisions. To determine if you can transfer your policy or not, read your service contract. Also, find out if  interstate transfers are applicable under your home warranty policy (in case you are moving out of your state).

Factors To Consider When Opting To Transfer The Policy

There are several pointers that you should consider when opting to transfer your home warranty package. They include:

  1. You must explain to the home warranty company the reason for transferring the policy. It will help the company quicken the process and ensure the new owner does not go through any hassle. 
  2. At times you may be required to pay a transfer fee to the home warranty company. Check with the company if you are required to pay a charge or not. 
  3. If you want your policy transferred to your new residence, reach out to the company’s customer care team, and update them with all your new details.
  4. If you are moving to a new state and want your existing policy carried forward, find out whether the company offers services in the new location.
  5. Homeowners who are selling their home must clarify with the new homeowners whether they want home warranty coverage. If the new homeowner does not want coverage, you can simply cancel your policy.
  6. Get in touch with a customer care representative of the company to check whether all your covered devices get transferred to your new residence or not.  

Note – As a home warranty customer, it is also crucial that you understand your policy’s critical details. If you have not read your contract thoroughly and signed up, you can reach out to customer care to get any of your doubts clarified. The company representative will be happy to assist you with any of your doubts regarding your policy. 

What Home Warranty Companies Policy State About Transfers?

Generally, you can transfer your home warranty policy by simply calling the customer representatives. However, some companies may have separate procedures to transfer a warranty. To make sure you don’t face any hassles while moving your coverage, we have listed out what the top companies state regarding transfers.

American Home Shield (AHS) – If you own an AHS plan and decide that you want to transfer your policy while it is valid, you can dial 800.735.4663. The company customer care team will guide you through moving your contract smoothly. Read our comprehensive American Home Shield review to know more about this company.   

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) – Choice home warranty transfer can be done by dialing 1-888-531-5403. All homeowners that want to move their policy need not pay any fee. Also, the company’s customers can transfer their policy at any that they deem necessary. Read our comprehensive Choice Home Warranty review to know more about this company.   

Select Home Warranty (SHW) – Customers using SHW services must dial 855-267-3532 if they want to transfer their coverage. It is vital that customers who wish to transfer their contract get in touch with customer care and explain the reason for moving their policy. Read our comprehensive Select Home Warranty review to know more about this company.   

ServicePlus Home Warranty (SPHW)- You can transfer your SPHW contract by contacting 1-800-545-0402. Customers transferring their SPHW contracts can do so at any time, without paying any transfer fee. Read our comprehensive ServicePlus Home Warranty review to know more about this company.   

If you don’t own a warranty policy with any of these companies, don’t fret. All you need to do is check your contract or get in touch with customer care for further assistance. 

It is important to note that some warranty companies require you to pay a small transfer fee. Determine if your provider includes such provision and how much do they charge.

Can Transferring Your Contract Be Beneficial?

The benefits of transferring your home warranty contract depend on individual situations. At times it may make a lot of sense to move your policy, but sometimes you may be forced to do so. The following pointers will help you understand when transferring your home warranty policy can benefit you.

  1. If you are moving out, you can transfer your policy to your brand new residence. 
  2. You are selling your property, and you transfer your contract to the new homeowner. Homes with a warranty plan increase the demand for your asset, and you can quote a higher price on the sale. 
  3. If you are moving out of the country, you can transfer your policy to your friends or relatives, provided the contract is still valid.

As a home warranty customer, it is also crucial that you understand your policy’s critical details. The section below will further help you understand the note-worthy aspects.  

What Should You Understand About Your Home Warranty Package?

Every homeowner must read their contract’s fine print to understand the intricate details about coverage, cost, services, etc. Some of the crucial pointers you should keep in mind while signing the contract are as follows:

  • Can you transfer all your devices protected or only a few?
  • Are interstate transfers applicable under your home warranty policy?
  • What components of the systems and appliances are covered under your plan?
  • Are pre-existing conditions covered under your contract?

The Bottom Line – Are Home Warranties Transferable?

Transferring your coverage is not as difficult as it may seem. All you have to do is reach out to customer care for further assistance. You can also speak to customer care representatives if you face any issues while you use your warranty.      

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