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Does A Home Warranty Cover Air Conditioning Recharge (Refill)?


Your air conditioner becomes a lifesaver when the sweltering summer heat kicks in. But what happens when it needs a recharge and you’re left wondering, “Does my home warranty cover air conditioning recharge?” This article is here to answer this question and provide valuable insights on home warranties and air conditioning maintenance.

Does A Home Warranty Cover Air Conditioning Recharge (Refill)?

What Is Air Conditioning Recharge?

An Air Conditioner Recharge, commonly known as an AC refill, is refilling the refrigerant in your air conditioner unit. The refrigerant is essential for the cooling process; over time, you might need to refill it. This is commonly handled by professionals, given the complexities and potential hazards.

If you have a home warranty that covers your air conditioning unit, you may not need to worry about AC refills. Most companies provide recharge services, depending on the selected plans or coverage.

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Best 3 Home Warranty Companies For Air Conditioning Recharge

In this section, we curated a list of the top 3 home warranty companies that offer top-notch air conditioning coverage, including refills.

American Home Shield

One of the oldest home warranty providers, American Home Shield, has been on the market for over 50 years. You can avail of air conditioning coverage under all the plans offered by AHS, starting from as low as $29 monthly. Look at the table below to find out more about AHS offerings.

What’s Covered Limits For AC Recharge
  • All parts and components of a 5-ton capacity air conditioner are installed permanently.
  • ShieldSilver & ShieldGold – $10 per pound refrigerant limit.
  • ShieldPlatinum – Unlimited (AHS will cover all the costs)

ServicePlus Home Warranty

Formerly identified as Total Home Protection, ServicePlus Home Warranty currently provides satisfactory coverage choices. It features two options: the Gold Plan & Platinum Plan, and a selection of additional packages.

You can get air conditioning coverage under the Platinum Plan, a comprehensive option. Pricing for these plans begins at a reasonable $42 each month, which positions ServicePlus Home Warranty as one of the most competitively priced entities within the industry.

What’s Covered Limits For AC Recharge
  • Mechanical parts and components of two ducted air conditioning systems.
  • All parts & components for units below 13 SEER or R-22 equipment.
  • $10 per pound per event when the refrigerant is required.

First American Home Warranty

FAHW has an experience of more than 40 years in the home warranty industry. First American Financial Corporation, the parent company of FAHW, boasts of a longstanding history dating back over 125 years.

To cater to diverse customer needs, FAHW provides three strategic plans: Starter Plan, Essential Plan, and Premier Plan. The option for air conditioning coverage is available under the Essential and Premier Plans.

What’s Covered Limits For AC Recharge
  • Most parts and components of central air conditioning, including refrigerant lines, charging, evaporator coils, etc.
  • Repair & replacements will be covered up to $1500 per contract.

Air Conditioning Recharge Exclusions

Your home warranty plan for air conditioners comes with some exclusions. To help you understand this better, we thoroughly verified some contracts and found that the companies will not provide coverage if the damage occurred due to

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Acts of God
  • Natural disasters
  • Improper Maintenance
  • Mishandling of the system

Home warranties often do not cover the costs associated with air conditioning recharge directly. This is because the need for a recharge often indicates a leak, which would be the underlying problem to be addressed. However, each warranty provider and policy is different.

HWR’s Tip: It is crucial to carefully read your contract or contact your provider to clarify the exclusions. You can also read our detailed blog on home warranty coverage.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Recharge Cost?

The cost of an AC recharge can vary widely based on several factors. But to give you a ballpark figure, you might be looking at a cost ranging from $100 to $400. However, if you have a home warranty plan covering your air conditioner, you may have to pay anywhere between $30 to $50 monthly, covering more than just your AC.

Company Premiums (Monthly) Deductibles

American Home Shield

$29 – $79 $100 & $125

ServicePlus Home Warranty

$43 – $62 $75

First American Home Warranty

$47 – $87 $75 – $125

Note: The pricing may vary depending on your location; we recommend you take a free quote to learn more about costs!

What Is The Process For Air Conditioning Recharge?

Once the waiting period of your home warranty plan ends, you can start filing claims. You can follow these steps when you need to get your air conditioning recharged:

  • Contact your home warranty provider for details about the issue.
  • They will assign a technician to visit your home and verify the problem. The company will provide the necessary services once the procedure is complete.
  • You will get an AC refill as per the limit mentioned in your contract. (For instance, AHS offers $10 per pound per occurrence.)
  • At the end of the visit, you must pay the technician the deductible or service fee as mentioned in your contract.

Note: The process may differ depending on the company. We advise you to read your contract carefully to understand the key details.

Is A Home Warranty For Air Conditioning Recharge Worth It?

The question that naturally flows is, would it be worth it to have a home warranty? To answer this, one needs to look beyond just air conditioning maintenance. A homeowners warranty covers so much more than just your HVAC system. It covers every major system and appliance in your home, giving you peace of mind regarding unexpected repairs.

In conclusion, home warranties offer more than just recharging – they cover other repairs and replacements your home might need. Remember, it’s essential to read through your deal contract carefully, and when in doubt—ask!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Does A Home Warranty Cover In General?


A home warranty covers the repair and replacement costs of your home systems and appliances included in the plan. However, you get the fixing only when the home items break down due to normal wear and tear.


What is Freon or R22?


Freon or R22 is a refrigerant cooling agent in your air conditioning unit. However, R22 has been found harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. To avoid causing ecosystem problems, the EPA has approved an alternative refrigerant, R-407C. Many home warranty companies, such as American Home Shield, offer this service.

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