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How to get a home warranty to replace the air conditioner?

PUBLISHED: April 1, 2020 4 MINS READ

Air conditioners play a critical role in processing warm air and keeping your home cool. It is one of the most commonly used systems at home, especially by those living in higher temperature regions. Due to continuous use, air conditioners may break down beyond repairs. If a home warranty protects the system, it can be replaced without having to spend vast amounts of money on replacement. In this article, we will guide you on how to get a home warranty to replace the air conditioner.



Does a home warranty plan offer complete air conditioner coverage?


Though air conditioners are designed to last for years, the occasional break-downs are inevitable and their repairs or replacements can be expensive. Home warranty companies recognize air conditioners as one of the essential systems and cover them under their warranty plans. 

However, the warranty plans do not cover components of all types of air conditioners. The parts of wall air conditioners, swamp coolers, ductless mini-splits, forced air duct split-system air conditioner and forced air duct package-system air conditioner are commonly covered. Some home warranty plans partially cover the air conditioner, and others offer complete protection. Therefore, check the aspects covered by your warranty plan before signing the contract. 

When does a home warranty replace the air conditioner?


Air conditioners are designed to work smoothly for 10-15 years. A new system may barely break down, but an old system, due to normal wear & tear, may start to malfunction. If your old air conditioner breaks down, the warranty company will assign you a licensed technician. If the unit is repairable, the company will fix the issue but not replace the system regardless of its age. 

However, even after multiple repairs, if the system breaks down or the problem is beyond repair, your home warranty company may offer you a replacement. The unit replaced will be of the same model as your old unit and not lower or higher model. 

How does a home warranty company replace your air conditioner?

Home warranty companies won’t offer a replacement when you file a claim. They conduct an inspection and then decide if the unit requires a replacement. The procedure followed by them is as described below.

1. Upon filing a claim, the customer support representatives will cross-check if your warranty plan includes the air conditioner. If it is covered, a licensed and local technician is assigned to diagnose your system. 

2. The technician will thoroughly inspect the air conditioner. If any component is at fault, the company will be informed about it. If the particular part is covered, the company approves the repair, and the technician will fix the problem.

3. If the technician informs the company that the system is beyond repair and requires replacement, your warranty provider will provide you with a replacement.

In some cases, if the part is repairable, the technician will fix the issue. But if the problem persists, you will be provided with a replacement. 


Do home warranties cover complete air conditioner replacement costs?

Your home warranty plan covers air conditioner replacement costs. But you are still responsible for paying the deductibles and service call fee from your pocket. The service call fee may range between $100 to $200 for replacement, and the deductible will depend on your warranty plan. 

You can also get services from your desired technician, but make sure your company provides reimbursement on obtaining service from your preferred contractor. 

Why get your air conditioner replaced by the company’s preferred contractor? 


Some home warranty companies allow you to choose your desired contractor. However, it is wiser to receive service from the technician assigned by your warranty provider because:

1. If your new system breaks down due to improper installation and you file a claim, the warranty company may deny your claim.

2. The technician of your choice may not be insured and licensed. If he meets with an undesired event during the air conditioner replacement, you will have to bear the price of the event or even face legal liability.

3. With a company assigned technician, you will obtain unmatched instant services without having to spend huge amounts of money on installation.

Bottom line

A home warranty plan can save you from expensive air conditioner replacement. Buy a home warranty if you haven’t protected your system yet.

However, if your unit was broken due to hailstorm or fire accidents, then home warranty plans are fruitless, instead, you have to turn towards homeowners’ insurance.


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