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Best Home Warranty Companies for HVAC Systems


Your HVAC system is a critical home system, regulating the temperature and maintaining the air quality for your health and your family. Even the best HVAC systems start breaking down over time as they wear out. Repairing or replacing them can be a costly affair, and this is where a home warranty helps reduce these costs.

A Quick Look at Top 5 Home Warranties for HVAC

A quick overview of the top home warranty companies offering heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system coverage:

Service Plus Home Warranty

ServicePlus Home Warranty

Best for budget protection

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty

Transparency in service records

American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield

Provides value-added services

Cinch Home Services

Easiest navigability

Select Home Warranty

High in professionalism

Home warranties cover the repairs and replacement of HVAC plus various other core systems and appliances. However, not all home warranties were created equal to the task of covering the HVAC system. The home warranty company has to ensure that they have HVAC expert service technicians on their roster. Therefore, we have compiled a helpful guide to identifying a home warranty company for cutting down costly HVAC repair services.

Topping our list is ServicePlus Home Warranty, a quick-growing home warranty player with good overall feedback from consumers. All their plans include coverage for the heating and air conditioning systems, and you can also avail of special offers now and then.

HVAC Coverage Details

The coverage by SpHW includes the following parts and components-

  • Mechanical parts and components of two central air conditioning systems with ducts; hot water and steam heating system or centrally ducted forced air gas/electric/oil heating system or electric baseboard units; heating elements, ignitor and pilot assemblies, internal system controls, wiring, and relays, motors (excludes dampers), and switches
  • All parts and components for units below 13 SEER and/or R-22 equipment
  • Replacement with 13 SEER/R410A equipment and/or 7.7 HSPF or higher compliant system
  • It does not include various components such as disconnect boxes, roof mounts, jacks, stands, or supporting costs for crane rentals, electronic, computerized, and manual systems management and zone controllers, filters, rusted coils, condenser casings, and other things.

Coverage caps are roughly $1000 in terms of the aggregate limit. Second, you can cash out the value of the services if they cannot provide a technician, and you have to get an external consultation.

Pricing :

The home warranty plans cost about $41.66 – $45.83 per month for premiums. The service fee costs $75 per occurrence. You also get $200 off on annual payment, free roof coverage, and two free months.

Overall Customer Opinion

With a rating of 4 stars, ServicePlus is one of the preferred home warranty companies in the US. However, there are also concerns about claim denial and the coverage limits and, therefore, the cashouts being lower than expected. Always read the contract to understand what you are signing up for thoroughly.

This company is operational in 48 states, offering comprehensive but straightforward home warranty plans with good HVAC coverage. Covering over 1 million American homes with a 15,000+ strong network of service technicians, CHW offers a transparent deal. They cover HVAC systems regardless of age, make, and model.

HVAC Coverage Details

Both their home warranty plans cover the following-

  • All parts and components of ducted central electric split and package units forced air (gas, electric, oil) units, geothermal; wall mounted units, mini-splits, heat pumps, floor furnace, hot water or steam circulating heat, electric baseboard; and ducts are covered.
  • They exclude window units, portable units, fuel storage tanks, chimneys, chiller components, and water lines among others.

The overall coverage cap or aggregate liability is capped at $3000. CHW offers cash instead of services they can’t provide.

Pricing :

The plans have a premium of $46 – $55 per month, while the deductible is about $60 – $85, based on the plan chosen.

Overall Customer Opinion

Overall, the reviews are favorable, and the customers seem to be quite satisfied with the speed and promptness of the service. Some have had scheduling issues and are not happy about the pricing, and a few claim processing delays. We encourage all customers to read the contract as the pricing details and other coverage fine print are elaborated.

Cinch Home Services is a growing brand, offering a variety of home services in addition to standard warranties. With 40+ years of experience in the business, Cinch Home Services provides home warranty services on their own and also for partners like Sears, Fixd, etc. HVAC coverage is a part of their Built-in Systems Plan and Complete Home Plan.

HVAC Coverage Details

Cinch’s HVAC coverage will include the following-

  • All parts and components of ducted central electric split and package units, geothermal, wall air conditioners, mini-split units. In heating systems, coverage extends over forced air (gas, electric, oil), geothermal, wall-mounted heaters, floor furnaces, package units, heat pumps, mini-splits, hot water or steam circulating heat, electric baseboard, cable heat units.
  • Plenums, dampers, damper-only controls, leaks, or breaks in ductwork (sheet metal, duct board, and flex duct including vapor barrier) from heating and/or air conditioning unit(s), including registers or grills, are covered.
  • They also offer air conditioner or water filter credit.
  • The exclusions are outside or underground piping, well pump and well pump components, chiller towers, chilling units, etc.

The company’s accepted maximum liability is about $1500. The company also allocates up to $1000 for ductwork services through empty walls, ceilings, etc., returning them to a rough finish state. If the repair costs exceed the dollar limit, the company will offer replacement or cash instead.

Pricing :

The three plans are priced between $27.99 – $52 monthly, with three deductible options- $100, $125, and $150. The flexible pricing system allows you to adjust according to your budget while having access to exceptional services.

Overall Customer Opinion

Most customers seem to have had a good experience, with positive feedback for the promptness of customer service. Cinch is also active on our proprietary CRP system. There are a few complaints about misdiagnosis by service technicians and some delays over parts’ deliveries. Cinch has been prompt about resolving such issues.

American Home Shield

AHS is the oldest home warranty company and the pioneer of the industry. They are known to offer extensive HVAC coverage and reasonable dollar limits. They have three plans, all of which cover heating and air conditioning systems. The plans differ in the range of other systems and appliances covered.

HVAC Coverage Details

The coverage is separately provided for heating systems and air conditioning systems as follows-

  • Parts and components of forced air systems, including gas, electric and oil-based, wall-mounted heaters, hot water or steam-circulating heating systems, geothermal systems, electric baseboards, and room heaters up to 5-ton capacity are covered.
  • ShieldPlatinum, the most comprehensive plan, offers free annual HVAC tune-ups and complete refrigerant removal and upgrade.
  • Exclusions are the same as others. However, you do get coverage for conditions like improper installations, repairs or modifications, malfunctions due to sediment, rust or corrosion, etc.

The coverage cap is limited to $1500 for HVAC repairs and replacements. The option of repair vs. replacement is up to the company, and in some cases, they provide a cash-out option.

Pricing :

The premiums can come at $24.99 to $64.99 per month based on the chosen plan. You can choose between three deductible amounts, $75, $100, and $125.

Overall Customer Opinion

With a rating of 3.5, American Home Shield is one of the top 10 companies. They have had happy customers for years though many have complained about lags in services in recent times. Non-delivery of parts, technicians’ work failing, etc., are occasional complaints.

SHW has been in operation since 2012 and serves across 46 states. The Select Home Warranty plans offer comparable coverage at competitive prices. As one of the few companies that cover mobile homes, they are an excellent choice for owners of these homes. Two plans, Gold Care and Platinum Care, offer HVAC coverage.

HVAC Coverage Details

The Select Home Warranty HVAC coverage extends over the primary floor air conditioning units and all modules, components, and parts of the HVAC system necessary for its proper functioning-

  • Condenser fan motor, compressor, condenser, thermostat, capacitor, relays, thermistor, transformers, start assist, contactor, pressure switch, start assist, blower motors, heating elements, igniters, ignition modules, and more
  • The exclusions are mismatched systems, freon leaks, solar heating systems or zone systems, heat exchangers for a small annual or monthly sum, pumps, etc.

The coverage cap is $2000 for heating and air conditioning services, a little higher than the companies seen so far. If they cannot provide repair or replacement, SHW may give a cash payout option or reimburse you for external services sought.

Pricing :

Select Home Warranty plans have an average premium between $429 – $500 annually or more if you choose add-ons and a deductible between $60 -$75 based on your location. They have an offer giving you $150 off with free coverage and roof leak services.

Overall Customer Opinion

Select has a rating of 4 stars and many satisfied customers. They mention that technicians arrive promptly and the services are completed on time. However, some reviewers have expressed concerns over specific technicians’ skill levels and claim denials. We encourage you to read the service contract thoroughly to avoid being caught unawares by non-coverage.

How to Pick the Best Home Warranty Company for HVAC?

The HVAC system is an essential component of the home. In a country like the US, where some states have very frigid winters while others are intolerable without cooling systems, ensuring that the HVAC system is functioning at all times is necessary. A home warranty is very helpful in getting access to skilled service technicians who arrive in time to repair the system.

As you saw above, there are many choices available for the HVAC system to be covered. We have mentioned the key considerations when choosing a home warranty company- coverage details such as inclusions and exclusions, pricing, customer experience, etc. Some other factors are-

  • location of residence since some home warranty companies only operate in a limited number of states
  • credentials of the company, such as their registration, license, and membership with regulatory bodies
  • their customer problem resolution process
  • the waiting period and workmanship guarantee period.

When you find a company willing to be transparent about all these considerations without pushy reps or sales agents, you’d have settled on the best choice.

How Does An HVAC Home Warranty Work?

You can start making claims when you have HVAC system breakdowns due to age and general wear and tear. Most companies have a waiting period immediately after the policy purchase to eliminate the possibilities of pre-existing conditions causing these breakdowns. Here is what you need to do:

  • Call the home warranty provider or log in to the self-service portal to file your claim right away. Don’t attempt to meddle with the system because that could result in a denial of your claim.
  • The company checks whether the problem is covered and then schedules a service contractor visit.
  • Contractors send a diagnosis to the company on whether the exact problem is on the scope of warranty coverage.
  • The home warranty company authorizes repair or replacement as they see fit. If they are unable to provide either option, they may give a cash payout instead.

There are various general clauses about the condition of your HVAC system to be eligible for coverage, such as the absence of rust or corrosion, no pre-existing conditions, weather-related damage, etc. It is also essential to carry out regular maintenance.

How Much Do HVAC Home Warranties Cost?

Since the HVAC system is a part of the list of systems under regular home warranty plans, the overall premium and deductible pricing encompass any HVAC costs. Generally, the premiums can cost from $28 – $100 or more, per month, depending on the plan chosen and add-ons. Annually, the home warranty premiums can range from $300 – $1000 or more. The deductibles can vary from $65 – $150. You can submit a free quote for any company of your choice to know more.

Is A Home Warranty Worth It For HVAC?

You may have realized by now that a home warranty can save a great deal of money on HVAC system repairs and replacements. You can get peace of mind against breakdowns that can cost several hundred dollars to fix for a small annual or monthly sum. Replacements can cost over $10,000 without a home warranty. Getting add-on services like tune-ups may also reduce electric bills.

However, you should ensure that your HVAC system is of the type covered under the plans and whether the parts causing most problems are eligible. Second, keep in mind that the manufacturer’s warranty covers new home HVAC systems, and a home warranty won’t apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does a home warranty cover HVAC replacement?


Home warranties cover HVAC replacement under certain conditions. If the device breaks down and the appointed service technician diagnoses that the item is beyond repair, the home warranty company provides a replacement.


How long is an HVAC warranty?


HVAC warranty plans are generally one year long, although one can purchase contracts for two to five years. The manufacturer’s warranty on the heating and air conditioning system varies depending on the brand. It could be anywhere from one year to five years.


Will a home warranty replace old HVAC systems?


A home warranty plan will replace an old HVAC system. Most companies do not constrain replacement due to age make and model.


Will my 20-year ac unit be covered under a home warranty?


Even if your unit is 20 years old, it should ideally be covered by the home warranty plan. However, it would be subject to your device meeting all the other criteria for coverage.


Will a home warranty cover my HVAC system if it has a pre-existing condition?


Some home warranty companies offer coverage on HVAC systems with pre-existing conditions, provided that they were undetectable before purchase. This is why it may be wise to get a home inspection before buying a home warranty.


Is it possible to get my HVAC system repaired quickly?


Home warranty companies may provide expedited services under some circumstances. They usually specify the criteria for getting emergency services. When you file a claim, be sure to talk about it with the customer care representative.


How to get a home warranty to replace a furnace?


Whether the home warranty company replaces the furnace or repairs, it will depend on the diagnosis made by the service technician appointed by the company. Generally, if the item is damaged beyond repair, the companies provide a replacement or some cash in place of the actual replacement.


Do home warranties cover HVAC cleaning?


Most home warranty companies don’t cover HVAC cleaning. A few companies may offer maintenance plans and annual HVAC tune-ups. You can find out if cleaning is covered when you consider such plans.


Should I buy an extended warranty on HVAC?


If your heating and air conditioning system is the only item you want coverage for, you can opt for an appliance extended warranty. If you have several home systems and appliances, a home warranty would be a better option.


Which home warranty is best for HVAC?


It’s hard for us to pinpoint any specific company because the best for you depends on your location, budget, and coverage cap requirements. Generally, users on our website opt for HVAC warranties from ServicePlus Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, and AHS.

Top home warranty Companies

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