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1Warranty Inc.

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1Warranty Inc.

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888-351-0908 $525
Premium $525
Deductible $70
Effective Closing date, if payment has been made.
NHSCA Membership No
Coverage Area Selected States Wyoming
Years In Business 4
Total Reviews 0
Complaint Resolution No
BBB Rating A+
Executive Profiles NA
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Based in Casper, Wyoming, 1Warranty Inc. was founded in August of 2014. The idea sprouted from one local broker’s dream to provide a much higher level of service for her clientele and to solve current frustrations faced by agents. Backed by over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, 1Warranty Inc. is certainly a company to watch out for.

The company currently provides services in the state of Wyoming only but the company does have plans to provide services in Pacific Northwest in the near future. The founders of 1Warranty believe that the fact that they are not a major conglomerate is what sets them apart from other leading contenders in the industry. They make it their stated mission to be customer-friendly and easy to deal with. And they’re also proud followers of the timeless Cowboy Code - Courage, Optimism, Hard Work!

Apart from home warranty and home maintenance services, 1Warranty’s products have many features that will give every customer a hassle free experience. The claims facility functions around the clock, ensuring that no claim submission goes unheard. In addition to this, emergency claims are handled with due urgency, ensuring that service is provided to the customer at the earliest.

The company also allows customers to file their claims online. Customers can either visit the company’s website and fill out a form to raise a claim or send a message to the company’s email address (available on their website).

1Warranty Inc. offers two basic plans which covers major appliances and systems in a home. Both plans come with optional upgrade which would expand the coverage much further. The 1Plus upgrade which is available for both plans will provide customers with coverage of professional series appliances and defective equipment removal once every year. Also, these two plans can be customized based on whether the customer is a buyer, a seller, a homeowner or a real estate agent.

The prices vary based on the geographical area where the property is located but the average annual premium is around $525. 1Warranty Inc.’s customers are guaranteed to be assigned a contractor within 48 hours of raising a claim. All plans come with a deductible charge of $70 payable for each service visit.

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