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last_updated_date Updated on August 4, 2022
last_updated_date Updated on August 4, 2022

Best Home Warranty Companies in Chicago, IL

Chicago’s climate is classified as ‘humid continental,’ where the city experiences distinct temperature differences in all four seasons. The summers are hot and humid, whereas the winters are frigid. This varied weather pattern hurts the household appliances and systems due to heavy dependency. To help Chicagoans deal with this, we’ve listed some of the best home warranty companies in Chicago, IL, as this helps the residents stay prepared in the event of any breakdowns.

Average repair costs:

  • Plumbing System

    $500 +

  • Kitchen Appliances

    $100 - $650

  • Laundry System


  • Roof Leak


  • HVAC


  • Garbage Disposal


  • Pool / Spa


  • Septic


  • Well

    $300 - $500

  • Garage Door


Service Fee$75
LimitUpto $1.5k/item
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation Fee $50
Service Fee$60-$85
LimitUpto $3K/item
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation Fee $50
Service Fee$60-$100
LimitUpto $3k/item
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation Fee $75
Service Fee$75-$125
Activation30 Days
Cancellation Fee N/A
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5 Best Home Warranty Companies in Chicago

A Detailed Review of the top 5 companies

This section narrows down the best home warranty companies in Chicago and their offered coverage, costs, deductibles, dollar limits, etc. So you can determine the perfect policy for your home.

Select Home Warranty Review

The Select Home Warranty has been in the business for more than ten years, and its plans are affordable for Chicago residents. The company also often offers excellent discounts, which customers can avail of with their purchases. 

What To Expect From SHW:

  • Dollar limits of upto $2000 per item.
  • 90 days repair guarantee.


Select Home Warranty offers three plans which provide mixed coverage for systems and appliances. These plans are Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care.


The monthly cost of SHW plans ranges between $60 to $64. Along with the premiums, it charges service fees that vary by location, usually between $60-$100.

Service Fee$60-$75
Activation30 Days
Cancellation Fee$75
$150 off + Free roof coverage + 2 months free

American Home Shield (AHS) Review

American Home Shield is the oldest home warranty company offering various perks to customers for half a century. With AHS, customers can get comprehensive coverage, tailored plans, and the ability to choose the service fee. 

What To Expect From AHS:

  • Coverage limits of upto $6k on appliances 
  • Unlimited dollar limits on systems.
  • $0 cancellation fees.


American Home Shield offers three plans- ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum, with various optional add-ons. Additionally, the offered dollar limits are associated and vary as per AHS plans.


American Home Shield plans range between $24.9 to $70 per month depending on the customizable service fee that customers can pick: $75, $100, and $125.

Service Fee $75-$125
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation FeeN/A

Liberty Home Guard Review

Liberty has been around the market for over five years but has grown its customer base considerably. However, one drawback is that it does not allow free cancellations within 30 days. 

What To Expect From LHG:

  • Workmanship guarantee of 60 days.
  • Coverage limit of $2k/ item. 


Liberty Home Guard offers homeowners three plans: Systems Guard, Appliance Guard, and Total Home Guard. These plans provide mixed coverage for systems and appliances. Apart from that, there’s an extensive list of 20+ optional add-ons from which customers can purchase at a few extra dollars.


The average cost of a plan in Chicago ranges from $35 to $50 per month with a $90 ‘per claim fee’ for the deductible. Customers are required to pay this amount during each service visit. 

Service Fee $90
Cancellation Fee$50

Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty is an industry leader with a decade of experience. It offers a 90-day repair guarantee, 24/7 customer service support, professional contractors, plus extensive coverage.

What To Expect From CHW:

  • Coverage limits of upto $3k per item.
  • No home inspections.
  • 90-Day parts & 30-day labor guarantee.


Choice Home Warranty offers two plans: Basic Plan and Total Plan, with various optional add-ons.


The monthly costs of Choice Home Warranty plans, Basic and Total Plans, are $45 and $55, respectively. CHW charges service fees that range from $60 to $85.

Service Fee$85
LimitUpto $3K/item
Activation30 Days
Cancellation Fee$50
1st month free + Free roof coverage

Cinch Home Services Review

Cinch Home Services serves 48 U.S. states and is known for offering extended workmanship guarantees in Chicago. 

What To Expect From CHS:

  • The coverage limit of upto $2k per item.
  • Workmanship guarantee of 180 days.
  • $500 Homeowners Insurance Deductible Reimbursement.


Cinch Home Services offers three plans: Built-in Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, Complete Home Plan, and a separate Premier Upgrade.


Cinch Home Services plans range from $34.9 to $67.9 per month, with deductibles of $75, $100, or $150.

Premium$73- $106
Service Fee$100, $125, $150
Activation30 days
Cancellation Fee10%

Some Valuable Facts About The City

city icon City: Chicago
area code icon Average real estate prices: $359.3k
state icon State: Illinois(IL)
population icon Population: 2680484
area code icon Area Code: 312
country icon Country: Cook County

Weather conditions:

Average Rainfall

Average Sunlight

General Climate Conditions

Tropical Cyclones

38 inches/ Year

189 Sunny Days/ Year

  • Warm Summers
  • Humidity
  • Cold Winters


Offices of Home Warranty companies in the city: N/F

Housing and Development authorities: 

The Bottom Line

We hope this extensive review of the five best home warranty companies in Chicago has helped you to find the ideal warranty for your home. However, before purchasing any home warranty, we encourage you to read the fine prints and understand the terms thoroughly. 

Review Methodology

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Chicago Home Warranty FAQs

What Is The Cost Of A Home Warranty In Chicago, IL?

The average price of a home warranty in Chicago can range between $24 to $70 per month. Also, customers must pay a deductible (mentioned in the contract) during each service visit.

What Is The Builder's Warranty Period?

Most builders’ warranty comes with three types of duration; 1 year, two years, and ten years. They cover structural work for these standard time frames. 

What Is The Deductible For American Home Shield?

American Home Shield offers three options on deductibles; $75, $100, and $125, and you can choose from these. Additionally, the total cost of your AHS warranty plan will vary as per your chosen deductible.

Can Extended Warranty Be Purchased Later?

You can buy the extended warranty anytime until the standard or manufacturer warranty expires.

How Long Do Refrigerators Last, And Can A Home Warranty Extend Its Life?

The lifetime of a refrigerator typically ranges from ten to fifteen years. If you invest in a home warranty to protect your refrigerator, your appliance’s repair and replacement costs and its parts will be covered. However, there’ll be some exclusions to your warranty; we recommend you to read the terms carefully.

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