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last_updated_date Updated on January 11, 2024
last_updated_date Updated on January 11, 2024
Best Home Warranty Companies In Michigan 2024

Best Home Warranty Companies In Michigan 2024

Michigan is prone to natural disasters such as thunderstorms, floods, and blizzards, which can cause power outages, resulting in home systems and appliances to malfunction. A reliable home warranty can protect your finances from such unforeseen expenses. As a result, we’ve listed the best home warranty companies in Michigan to help you choose one for your home.

Disclaimer: We facilitate quotes from reputable home warranty providers and may earn a commission, but that does not influence our evaluation process to produce unbiased reviews.

Michigan Home Repair And Replacement Cost 

Being a homeowner, you may often find your home items malfunctioning. So, take a look at the average costs of major systems and appliances that you often use in Michigan home:


  • 90-day service guarantee
  • Two comprehensive plans
  • Covers 46 states
$200 Off + 2 Months Free Coverage
  • 30-day labor guarantee
  • 90-day parts guarantee
  • $3k dollar limits on each item
1st month free + Free roof coverage
  • Multi-year plans
  • Same-day response on claims
  • B rating from BBB
$150 off + Free roof coverage + 2 months free

Top Home Warranty Companies In Michigan

Here we have selected the best-rated home warranty companies for you that offer services in Michigan:

Premium (Monthly)
Coverage Limit
Workmanship Guarantee
Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

An existing malfunction in any system or appliance before the coverage begins on a home warranty plan refers to a pre-existing condition. A unknown pre-existing condition is one that cannot be detected during the routine maintenance/inspection or is unknown to the homeowner. To know more, you can refer to our detailed article on does home warranty cover pre-existing conditions.

Choice Home Warranty
$46 - $55 Upto $3K/item 60-Day No Extended Coverage For Homes Up To 5000 Sq. Ft. At Zero Extra Fees
American Home Shield (AHS) VIEW MORE $29 - $99 $4K - $5K 30-Day Yes (Unknown) HVAC Tune-Ups
ServicePlus Home Warranty
$60 - $67 $3K/item 90-Day No Limited Roof Coverage With Annual Plan Purchase
Liberty Home Guard
$50 - $60 $2K/Item 60-Day Yes (Unknown) 43 Add-Ons
First American Home Warranty VIEW MORE $47 - $87 $2.5K N/A No First Class Upgrade On Major Home Items

Best Home Warranty Companies In Michigan: Reviewed

Take a look at the detailed review of the top home warranty companies in NC and get a better understanding of the available coverage, prices, terms, and more. 

Choice Home Warranty

threehalf_star3.7 / 5
Free coverage for a month + roof coverage

Choice Home Warranty has been in business for over 13 years and is an industry expert. One of the company’s advantages is that its plans are reasonably priced while still providing broad coverage. Michigan residents can find the limited roof leak helpful protection offered by Choice as an optional add-on.


  • Offers free roof leak coverage
  • Several months free of coverage on multi-year plans


  • Low coverage limit on the plans

Plans and Coverage:

Choice provides the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. 14 systems and appliances are covered by the first plan, while the second plan covers 18 household items. In addition to the two plans, there are optional add-ons you can purchase for your plans.


The basic plan costs $46 monthly, and the Total plan comes at around $54 monthly. CHW charges service fees from $75 to $150. 

$46 $46 Basic Plan
$54 $54 Total Plan

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

According to Choice’s sample contract, the company will not cover damages due to lack of maintenance, neglect, unforeseen circumstances, etc. Items with pre-existing conditions are also exempt from coverage.

Apart from the exclusions, there are certain set coverage limits for diagnosis, repair, or replacement for covered items, which is $3000.

American Home Shield (AHS)

fourhalf_star4.5 / 5
Cashbacks + Amazon gift cards

In its 50 years of industry experience, American Home Shield (AHS) has served over 2 million customers. The company claims to have paid over $2 billion in settlements over the last five years alone. One of AHS’s USPs includes coverage for pre-existing conditions and high coverage limits.


  • Offers unlimited systems coverage
  • Covers undetectable pre-existing conditions


  • Workmanship guarantee is just for 30 days

Plans and Coverage

ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum are the three plans that American Home Shield offers to homeowners. The first two plans cover systems and appliances, respectively.

The ShieldPlatinum Plan is a combo plan that includes everything covered in the silver and gold plans and a few extra things.


Depending on which of the three deductible options—$75, $100, or $125—you choose, monthly costs for American Home Shield plans can range from $19 to $70. The higher deductible you select, the less you will have to pay in monthly/annual premiums, per the company’s policy.

$19.99 $19.99 ShieldSilver
$39.99 $39.99 ShieldGold
$69.99 $69.99 ShieldPlatinum

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

Your American Home Shield contract will not cover routine maintenance, venting, exhaust lines, chimneys, and cosmetic damage. Some home management systems, such as fire sprinklers and radon monitoring systems, are also not covered. Also, mold, bio-organic growth, rot, fungus, and pest damage are not covered.

The company also has dollar limitations on how much liability it has when repairing and replacing any of the covered items. As per the AHS contract, you can take advantage of unlimited dollar limits on systems and up to $6k on appliances. 

ServicePlus Home Warranty

threehalf_star3.3 / 5
$200 off + 2 free months + $100 Visa reward

In 46 states, including Michigan, ServicePlus Home Warranty offers two different home warranty plans. These plans include optional coverage and the standard range of home systems and appliances covered. SPHW claims its plans start at $2 per day, making SPHW a viable option.


  • Offers 90-day service guarantee
  • Provides regular discounts on all the plans


  • No option for system-or-appliance-only plan

Plans & Coverage

Service Plus Home Warranty offers two plans: Gold Plan & Platinum Plan with 18 optional items. These plans cover all major home items, such as the plumbing system, electrical system, oven/range/stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, a/c system, heating system, clothes washer & dryer, refrigerator, and more.


The Gold plan comes at $43.25/month, whereas the Platinum plan costs $49.92/month. The price can go up or down depending on your coverage needs. Apart from the premiums, a $75 deductible is there.

$43.25 $43.25 Gold
$49.92 $49.92 Platinum

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

ServicePlus Home Warranty does not cover pre-existing conditions (known and unknown), cosmetic defects, rust, misuse, or sedimentary build-up. Damage due to natural calamities, lightning strikes, and acts of Gods are also not covered. 

Other issues, such as missing components or items damaged caused by animals, bugs, mildew, mold, fungus, virus-related malfunctions, and items declared faulty by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, are also not covered.

Liberty Home Guard

fourhalf_star4.7 / 5
$200 off + two bonus months + free roof leak protection

Your Michigan home remains protected with Liberty Home Guard’s extensive coverage and a strong network of vetted technicians. Along with more than 35 different add-on coverage options and exclusive discounts for particular home appliances, LHG also provides excellent coverage modification.


  • Offers a live chat option
  • Offers pest control services


  • Not operational in Washington and Wisconsin

Plans and Coverage:

For homeowners, Liberty Home Guard offers the Systems Guard, Appliance Guard, and Total Home Guard plans. Systems Guard offers coverage for necessary home systems, while Appliance Guard offers appliance protection. Total Home Guard covers both plans’ systems and appliances.


Liberty Home Guard plans cost $60 to $69 monthly, and the company also charges a $90 deductible or service fee.

$64.99 $64.99 Systems Guard
$59.99 $59.99 Appliance Guard
$69.99 $69.99 Total Guard

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

As per Liberty Home Guard’s policy, their contract will not cover

  • Electronic, computerized, or internet-based parts, remote receiving, or transmitting devices. 
  • Vents, exhaust lines, chimneys, glass parts and components, cosmetic defects, any costs associated with refrigerant, defects in manufacturing, construction, or production. 
  • Accidents, fire, floods, water damage, electrical failure, Acts Of God, and known and unknown pre-existing conditions.

Liberty home warranty’s annual dollar limits are restricted to $2,000/item. As a result, diagnosing, repairing, or replacing all eligible items will be done up to the given amount.

First American Home Warranty

twohalf_star2.8 / 5
First Class Upgrade option + $25 Amazon gift card

First American Home Warranty (FAHW) has been providing home warranties for over 35 years. The company has the distinction of serving over 590,000 homeowners and paying over $219 million for claims coverage.


  • Unlimited coverage caps for heating, ductwork, and Ac system
  • Provide First class upgrade on key home items


  • Does not provide A/C coverage in the main plans

Plans & Coverage

First American Home Warranty offers two plans: the Starter Plan and the Premier Plan. The Starter Plan covers home appliances like your dishwasher, built-in microwave, cooktop, etc. However, you can get all the benefits of the Starter Plan plus eight more home systems in the Premier Plan.


First American charges $36 per month for Starter Plan and $46.5 per month for the Premier Plan. An $85 service call fee must be paid to service contractors when you file a claim. 

$33 $33 Basic Plan
$45 $45 Premier Plan

Exclusion and Coverage Limit

First American Home Warranty plans do not cover accessories, shelves, knobs, hinges, digital meters, transmitters, components like doorbells and lock assemblies in kitchen appliances, heating elements like vents, fuel storage tanks, and space heaters.

Additionally, all the covered items will be repaired or replaced up to a decided amount known as a dollar or coverage limit. FAHW has a limit of up to $2.5k per contract for each covered item.

Annual Cost Of Home Maintenance In Top Michigan Cities 

This section will take you through the data we have curated on average home maintenance costs in major Michigan cities. Take a look:



In the previous year, nearly 38,000 households in Michigan, or more than 1 in 7 of all occupied homes, experienced significant problems with exposed electrical problems, broken furnaces or heating issues, or a lack of hot or running water in their homes. 

To beat such problems, Michigan residents can explore home warranties. The following section discusses the requirement of investing in a home warranty in major cities of Michigan.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

After housing, maintenance typically accounts for a sizable portion of the average cost of living in Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, your bill in Ann Arbor will be about 3% more expensive than the national average. High Property Taxes Are another expense added to Ann Arbor’s living cost.

A home warranty can help homeowners budget for home maintenance. We recommend exploring options to choose an ideal plan for your home.

Gaylord, Michigan

According to a survey, many Gaylord, Michigan, homeowners with low incomes either have insufficient funds to pay for major repairs or are otherwise unachievable by households that rent. Only 33% of low-income individuals performed home repairs, compared to the vast majority of higher-income individuals who resided in substandard housing.

Home warranty plans offer solutions to keep your home maintenance costs minimum and safeguard your home.

Livonia, Michigan

The city of Livonia, Michigan, has the highest frequency of windy days and a high risk of severe storms. These weather conditions can not only fasten the wear and tear of your home items but also damage your roof. Therefore, we advise purchasing a home warranty to protect your finances and deal with many home maintenance issues easily.

Detroit, Michigan

According to a recent study, Detroit has one of the top 15 effective property rates compared to all significant cities in the US. Adding home maintenance costs can burn a hole in homeowners’ pockets. However, a home warranty plan can help Detroit residents safeguard their appliances or systems at lower costs.

Important Tips To Buy Home Warranty In Michigan

The climate in the state of Michigan is typically varied where summers can be warm, winters can be icy, snowy, and windy. However, it also experiences thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, and blizzards. Take a look at the weathering profile below:

AverageAverage Rainfall

30 – 38 inches/ Year

Average SunlightAverage Sunlight

170 Sunny Days/ Year

General Climate ConditionsGeneral Climate Conditions
  • Warm, Humid, & Hot Summers
  • Severe Thunderstorms
Tropical CyclonesTropical Cyclones

June – November

Such climatic conditions can fasten the process of wear and tear of your crucial home systems & appliances. You can always protect them by investing in a home warranty company. However, make sure you consider the below-mentioned things before signing up.

  • Summer temperatures in Michigan typically range between 82 °F to 63°F, especially in the cities like Detroit, Kalamazoo, and Warren. In addition, because Michigan is located near the Great Lakes, extreme humidity can be a problem. For this reason, homeowners should invest in a home warranty plan that offers wide coverage for their cooling systems.
  • It is anticipated that Michigan’s winters will be drier and colder, with the coldest temperatures from mid to late November to early- to mid-February. No homeowner wants to deal with a broken heating system between such winters. So they can explore companies that offer a same-day response.
  • Lastly, carefully read the terms and conditions so you’re not taken aback by the claims.

Common Home Repair Problems Faced By Michigan Homeowners

Michigan homeowners may face several problems in their homes, and this section discusses the top home repair issues of the state.

Heating/Cooling System Defects

Roof issues

Watch out for leaks that could be caused by missing shingles or a sagging roof line since it can be expensive to fix!

Electrical Issues

Older homes may have outdated wiring techniques that reduce the current carrying capacity, resulting in inadequate power for appliances. Additionally, it might lead to overheated wiring that might start blazes.

Roofing Damages

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing is typically concealed behind walls and under floors, which is costly to repair and replace. Dripping faucets, sluggish drains, and leaky pipes under sinks, in the basement, or in the crawl space are plumbing warning signs.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Michigan: Comparison

The below-mentioned table shows a quick comparison between the best home warranty companies in Michigan.

Home Warranty Regulations In Michigan

There is a Consumer Protection Guide for Michigan, which includes a list of federal, state, county, local agencies, and business organizations that provide services for Michigan consumers. 

Home warranty-related consumer protection laws have been around for a while, specifically section 445.903a of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. 

Homeowners can contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 517-373-1140 or writing to P.O. Box 30213, Lansing, MI 48909-7713.

Bottom Line

The perfect home warranty plan ensures you get all the benefits offered. Review the coverage, reputation of the provider, and contract costs carefully before choosing the best home warranty plan in Michigan.

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What is the best home warranty company in Michigan?

Many home warranty companies are serving in the state of Michigan and offering plans of varied coverage. However, as per industry comparison, we have listed the top five companies, including American Home Shield, Choice, etc, that can help you with home maintenance.

How much does a home warranty cost in Michigan?

A basic plan can cost you about $19 per month, and comprehensive coverage can go up to $70 monthly or more, depending on the selected items. 

How much does a home warranty cost per year?

The annual cost of a home warranty plan depends on your selected coverage, area of residence, and any other benefits you may add. However, generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from