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Average Premium in South Carolina: $314.36
Average Deductible in South Carolina: $41.64
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                                  1First American Home Warranty
Rating 4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
Premium $288-468
Deductible $65-75
Effective 30 days after enrollment
BBB Rating B
Established In 1984
Total Reviews 1605
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  2American Home Shield (AHS)
Rating 4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
Premium $249 - $500+
Deductible $75 - $125
Effective 30 Days
BBB Rating B
Established In 1971
Total Reviews 7374
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  3The Home Service Club
Rating 4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
Premium $400
Deductible $65 - $125
Effective Depends on the policy
BBB Rating C+
Established In 2008
Total Reviews 440
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  4Select Home Warranty
Rating 4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
Premium $299 - $499
Deductible $60
Effective 30 days from purchase
BBB Rating B
Established In 2012
Total Reviews 1714
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  5America's Preferred Home Warranty-APHW
Rating 4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
Premium $499
Deductible $50, $100, $125
Effective Closing or 30 days from payment
BBB Rating A+
Established In 1999
Total Reviews 255
Coverage Selected StatesAlabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Dist of Columbia, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia
                                  6HSA Home Warranty
Rating 4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
Premium $589-619
Deductible $75-100
Effective At closing or 30 days after enrollment for existing homeowners
BBB Rating B
Established In 1984
Total Reviews 1644
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  7Choice Home Warranty
Rating 3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating
Premium $370 - $450
Deductible $60
Effective 30 days after enrollment
BBB Rating B-
Established In 2008
Total Reviews 2713
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  8Home Warranty Of America
Rating 3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating
Premium $275 - $695
Deductible $60 - $100
Effective Date of order or the closing date
BBB Rating B
Established In 1996
Total Reviews 1626
Coverage Nationwide (USA)
                                  92-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Rating 3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating
Premium $305-600
Deductible $60-100
Effective Immediate at closing or 30 days after enrollment for existing homeowners
BBB Rating A
Established In 1980
Total Reviews 1504
Coverage Nationwide (USA)

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    Recently Reviewed Home Warranty Companies in south-carolina

    Edward Flacy Date: 2016-03-24 21:49:20

    Review: The frustration of waking up to the realization that our cool, comfortable home had become a sauna on a hot Texas summer morning was quickly resolved by our America Home Shield service contract. Within an hour of contacting Home Shield, the representative from Kozy Air-conditioning Company was scheduling an appointment. Help would soon be on the way! Not only did the gentleman arrive with appropriate dianogistic tools and the parts to complete an immediate repair, he checked the unit for any other potential problems. My husband, a retired electrician, was impressed with the professional quality of expertise and workmanship. Not only were we happy to feel the cool air flowing once again, we were delighted with rapid response and all for the nominal service fee rather than what could have been a big dent in the wallet.

    Margaret Colosimo Date: 2015-07-02 20:04:08

    Review: Check this company out on the BBB website! Many, many unhappy customers. I had to turn the company in to Better Business Bureau. Once I did that, they paid for my broken toilets. I moved in my house BEFORE AHS sent my contract to me (home seller bought it for me). AHS would not reimburse me because "I didn't call them first". However, I did not know WHO the Home Warranty Co. was because it was purchased by the seller. I pleaded with them three times. They kept saying I did not follow the contract rules. My toilets broke on the day I moved in the house and (of course) I had to call a plumber. Definitely will not use them ever again.

    Nicolas H. Date: 2013-11-27 13:46:16

    Review: My most recent experience with American Home Shield and the contractor assigned (Donnie Swearingen with All-Phase Heating and Cooling) was excellent! Our heating unit went out on a record breaking cold day in November. The situation was especially critical knowing that we have a newborn at home that needs to be kept warm. I opened a repair order online and and also called American Home Shield customer service to advise of the situation. AHS customer service were on point, friendly and attentive to my needs. I heard back from Donnie very quickly. We scheduled a time that was convenient and Donnie showed up right when he said he would. He was clean and treated my home with proper care. Donnie was able to pinpoint the problem, explained it to me accordingly and made the needed repairs. He was very professional and thorough. I would not hesitate in recommending AHS and All-Phase Heating and Cooling to others in need. Thank you!

    Pamelia Burkett Date: 2016-06-27 15:39:02

    Review: I have had three great experiences using American Home Shield. My duct work was completed in a matter of minutes. He was kind and caring at the same time. My washing machine took a few days because a part was ordered. The gentleman made sure I knew he had not forgotten about me. The day the part came in he put me first on the list. He was pleasant to talk to. The two guys that came out to service the garbage disposal was very professional and quick to help clean up. They were very friendly also. I have to say I was satisfied with AHS.

    Betty Date: 2014-05-28 19:37:02

    Review: My experience with AHS was been extremely positive. I have had AHS for many years with several homes. Each of the times I have needed service I have been very pleased with the contractors, services provided and timeliness of the service. I have over the years used the web site to schedule the service and have not needed to speak to customer service so therefore cannot rate it.

    Hall eskew Date: 2014-07-30 11:48:30

    Review: American Home Shield is one of the best features my new house came with, and I fully intend to renew this warranty every year. The couple of problems I've had have not only been repaired quickly, and correctly the first time, but the technicians have gone the extra mile to make my experience delightful. I recommend AHS to all my friends and family, and will continue to do so.

    James S. Date: 2014-01-15 16:01:54

    Review: In the month of December, we had really crazy weather, varying as much as 40-50 degrees from one day to the next. I think this took a hard toll on our heating system and it decided to quit on us. It was my first experience with AHS and I was not sure what to expect as far as service on their end or on their contractor's end. I was going to submit the service request online, but I didn't have any of the details for the equipment. So I decided to call instead. I went through the automated system. I was surprised how easy the process was, and I did not get frustrated with the automated system, as I usually do when calling other businesses. I was told that I would get a call from a contractor within 48 hours. I got a call the next morning from a contractor! I had never heard of this contractor (Harbor Mechanical), so I was unsure of how they would be. He asked if he could come by that day. Of course, I said yes! He came and assessed the situation. I had heard horror stories from neighbors that had the same situation from other contractors. So I was glad that it was a different company. He was very polite and explained the situation very clearly. He also gave me tips on how to keep the house warmer, even with our high ceilings. He wasn't sure how long it would take for the part to come in, but he said he would try to get it by the end of the week (it was then Tuesday). But he said he couldn't promise that, but he would try since I mentioned that I had guests coming to town. I got a call from him on Thursday, asking if he could stop by and install the part! I was in shock! Of course, I again said yes. He was here for about 2 hours. He left and the unit was working again! I would have never expected this quick of service, especially in the winter where this seemed to be happening a lot in our area. I am very impressed and have recommended AHS to my friends and family.

    MARJORIE RIVERA Date: 2014-08-13 11:55:36


    Barbara Scher Date: 2016-08-07 21:55:25

    Review: the most recent experience was just two days ago. We have an issue with a leaking toilet. The plumber came out to check it out and said as far as he was concerned it would need replacing.. AHS asked him what the total cost would be and gave approval on the spot. Now that is customer service, and I'm am very impressed with the process

    Jeremy Date: 2012-02-22 01:42:11

    Review: AHS was overall an alright company to deal with. I used them 3-5 times last year, 2011, for heating/air. The first time was for the heat, made the service call, next day contractor set appt. Had a guy here within a day or two and fixed the problem. But the only fix was the heat. All the other times they sent the same contractor out who took my $60 and and told me everything was ok with my air when it was blowing warm. I wasn't happy about that. Then when I looked up the company they were sending out they had a bad rating with the BBB. I will not be renewing my contract with them this year and thank God I never had the problems others did. I'm getting out while I have the chance.

    ken Date: 2016-07-08 14:12:13

    Review: worst... Let customer spend money out of the customer pocket and the money is similar to the total cost of parts and services. why do I buy this? Average waiting time for me to reach AHS was 30 min to 1 hour. They even lied me by saying "already talked to my wife who currently is not at home and do not have any phone now"....

    Susan Date: 2014-07-09 20:30:01

    Review: Horrible customer service. They sent contractors who were located over 25 miles from my home two times. I have no idea why because I live in a very populated area with many contractors close by. The last one refused to do my service in the afternoon because they said they did not want to "deal" with the traffic in the afternoon getting back to their side of town. When I called Old Republic to complain they did not care one bit. I would never purchase another policy from this company. Companies who treat their customers this way do not deserve business.

    Edith Warter Date: 2016-01-06 10:28:27

    Review: We could not have been more pleased with our last experience! Our water heater gave out on a Tuesday(company arriving on Friday), we set up an appointment thru AHS, a plumber came the next morning (Weds). When I told the plumber we had company arriving on Friday for the weekend he put a rush on getting us a new heater. By Thursday afternoon we had a new heater and hot water!!

    Lee Jones Date: 2016-04-11 18:19:56

    Review: Beware, this company will only pay $10 dollars per pound for R22. The going rate is about $75 and up. The company they sent over quoted me 12 pounds needed to fill up the unit. Do the math. I got another company to fix the problem. They needed only 8 pounds of R22 to fill the lines. So I wonder the AHS company that was sent, doesn't know how many pounds it should take to service a unit or maybe a rip off. It took three phone calls to AHS till they said they wouldn't do a pay out. Bad company!

    James Woodard Date: 2014-10-25 11:30:01

    Review: I recently experienced a problem with my washing machine. I used the on-line feature to notify American Home Shield. The next morning a ptotntial repairman had been located, however due to the projected wait for the service man(2days) i opted for another repairman who came that afternoon. The customer rep. was all about getting my problem taken care of as soon as possible. The repairman was polite and professional. This is the type of service that assures my continuing support of AHS as one of their customers

    Larry Roller Date: 2013-10-13 12:33:39

    Review: The Technician was early for his appointment(after calling to make sure it was ok to come early) and took care of the problem in an efficient and timely manner. He seemed very knowledgeable, and competent.

    Barry Lory Date: 2014-02-19 19:50:39

    Review: For 13 years AHS has completed required services to my complete satisfaction on 2 homes during my membership with AHS. The prompt scheduling, selection of Vendors, quality of service, and the economic benefit is 2nd to none. After researching other home insurance companies, AHS was the only company with in-depth comprehensive coverage at a reasonable yearly fee. Every year AHS looses money based on my repairs that have been performed without question.

    Tom Date: 2014-01-10 18:23:36

    Review: Overall, I am pleased with the last service call performed. The service tech was on time, courteous, and professional. In addition to performing the repair, he provided some preventive maintenance recommendations for me to perform in the future to ensure our heating system remans in good working order.

    Brad Towcimak Date: 2016-06-06 20:16:05

    Review: I would give zero stars for all four categories if it was possible. Ten days and counting without a/c, on hold a total of over 6 hours on 3 different days trying to get a human to talk to me, and a "I don't care" attitude about fixing an issue caused by a lack of communication within their own company. Their contract says they will initiate fixing a repair within 48 hours but I never received a call from them - I had to do all the calling and waiting.

    Buddy Heck Date: 2013-12-18 11:11:09

    Review: It's as easy and convenient as it gets! I called AHS when my furnace wouldn't work and the lady told me that the contractor would be calling me to set up an appointment. They came out the next day and repaired my furnace and all I had to do was pay my deductible! I've been telling my family, friends, coworkers, and my ex wife that they should get AHS.