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Best Home Warranty Companies In virginia 2024

Virginia’s diverse landscapes, from the vibrant beaches to the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, present unique needs for homeowners. Keeping your home running smoothly requires planning. This guide dives into the Best Home Warranty Companies In Virginia, empowering you to compare coverage options, costs, and providers. Find the perfect fit to safeguard your investment and enjoy peace of mind year-round.

Our Picks: 5 Best Home Warranty Companies For virginia Residents

Following a comprehensive evaluation of various providers, we've identified Virginia's top 5 home warranty companies. These companies offer reliable protection and peace of mind for Virginian homeowners, ensuring your home runs smoothly throughout the seasons.

Best For Separate Coverage Options
4.7 | fourhalf_star Excellent
$150 Off + 2 Months Free

Monthly Cost

$45 - $60

Service Fee


Response Time

24 - 48 hours

2.8 | twohalf_star Good

Monthly Cost

$47 - $87

Service Fee

$75, $100 & $125

Response Time

Up to 48 hours

Best For Affordable Coverage
3.8 | threehalf_star Excellent
$150 off + Free roof coverage + 2 months free

Monthly Cost

$44 - $47

Service Fee

$60 - $75

Response Time

12 - 48 hours

Best For Comprehensive Plans
3.7 | threehalf_star Excellent
1st month free + Free roof coverage

Monthly Cost

$46 - $55

Service Fee

$75 - $125

Response Time

Up to 48 hours

Best For Customer Services
3.3 | threehalf_star Good
$200 Off + 2 Months Free*

Monthly Cost

$60 - $67

Service Fee


Response Time

48 hours

Is Home Warranty Plans Beneficial For Virginia Homeowners?

A home warranty in Virginia can protect citizens from various issues specific to the state's climate and housing conditions, including:

  • Protection against breakdowns of heating and cooling systems is essential for maintaining comfort during Virginia's hot summers and cold winters.
  • Coverage for leaks, burst pipes, and water heater malfunctions can be exacerbated by Virginia's fluctuating temperatures and occasional heavy rainfall.
  • Safeguarding against electrical failures, faulty wiring, and malfunctioning outlets is crucial for ensuring safety and functionality, particularly during severe weather events like thunderstorms and hurricanes.
  • Coverage for major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, helping homeowners in Virginia avoid unexpected repair or replacement costs.
  • Protection against roof leaks and structural issues caused by Virginia's occasional heavy snowfall and storms, ensuring homeowners are prepared for the state's unpredictable weather conditions.

How Much Does A Virginia Home Warranty Cost?

Here's a general cost range for home warranties in Virginia:

Average Annual Cost

$420 - $745

Average Monthly Cost

$35 - $65

Average Service Fee (Deductible)

$60 - $125

The cost of a home warranty in Virginia can vary depending on several key factors:

  • Age Of Home: Older homes in Virginia may require more extensive coverage and are more prone to breakdowns, potentially resulting in higher warranty costs.
  • Weather Conditions: Virginia experiences a range of weather conditions, including hot summers and cold winters, which can put stress on home systems like HVAC and plumbing, impacting warranty pricing.
  • Property Location: The specific location of the property within Virginia, whether it's in urban areas like Richmond or rural regions, can impact warranty costs due to variations in service availability and repair costs.
  • Home Size & Features: Larger homes or those with additional features like pools or extensive landscaping may require higher coverage limits, leading to increased warranty costs.
  • Local Repair Costs: The cost of labor and parts for repairs in Virginia may vary depending on local market conditions, impacting the overall cost of the home warranty.

Home Warranty Coverage In Virginia

Virginia’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities present unique challenges for homeowners. Here’s a breakdown of what a home warranty typically covers in Virginia, helping you understand the potential benefits:

General Coverage Of Virginia Home Warranty

  • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Covers crucial components like your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and ductwork, ensuring your home stays comfortable year-round in Virginia’s diverse climate.
  • Plumbing Protects against leaks, clogs, and malfunctions in pipes, faucets, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures, safeguarding your home from potential water damage.
  • Electrical Covers repairs for electrical wiring, outlets, switches, and breaker panels, ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical system.
  • Kitchen Appliances This might include essential appliances like refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, and garbage disposals, preventing disruptions to your daily routine due to unexpected breakdowns.
  • Laundry Appliances Washing machines and dryers are commonly covered, protecting you from the costs of repairs needed to keep your laundry routine running smoothly.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Pool & Spa Coverage Virginia’s warm climate makes pools and spas popular additions to many homes. Adding pool and spa coverage to your plan can provide financial protection for repairs related to pumps, filters, and heaters, ensuring you can continue enjoying your backyard oasis without unexpected repair costs.
  • Well Pump Coverage Many homes in rural Virginia rely on well water. Adding well pump coverage to your plan can provide peace of mind by ensuring repairs or replacements for your well pump system are covered.
  • Roof Leak Coverage Virginia experiences diverse weather conditions, including heavy rain, hail, and occasional snow, which can strain roofs. Adding roof leak coverage can offer financial protection for leaks and potential water damage repairs, safeguarding your home’s interior.

Common Exclusions

  • Septic System Coverage While some companies might offer this coverage in other states, it’s rarely included in standard Virginia home warranty plans due to the complexity and potential for pre-existing conditions in septic systems. If you rely on a septic system, explore separate service contracts or consider alternative solutions.
  • Damage Caused By Natural Disasters Standard home warranty plans typically exclude coverage for damage caused by natural disasters like hurricanes or floods. However, some companies might offer optional add-on coverage for specific events. 
  • Cosmetic Repairs Repairs that solely address the appearance of an appliance or system without impacting functionality are usually excluded.
  • Negligence Or Improper Maintenance Damage caused by neglecting proper maintenance or failing to perform routine upkeep on your systems and appliances is typically not covered. Familiarize yourself with the specific maintenance requirements outlined in your plan to avoid potential coverage gaps.

Who Regulates Home Warranty Companies In Virginia?

Two primary agencies regulate home warranty companies in Virginia:

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS)

The VDACS, specifically the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs (OCRP), requires all home warranty providers operating in Virginia to register with the state.

They also enforce the Virginia Home Service Contract Providers Act, which outlines specific regulations and consumer protection measures for home warranty companies. This includes requiring companies to:

  • Maintain a surety bond of at least $10,000 to ensure they can fulfill their obligations to customers.
  • Provide consumers with a written disclosure statement outlining coverage details, exclusions, and service call procedures.
  • Adhere to specific advertising and marketing regulations to prevent misleading information.

Virginia Bureau of Insurance

While not the primary regulator, the Virginia Bureau of Insurance oversees the financial solvency of some home warranty companies in the state. This applies to companies offering warranties that combine home warranty coverage and limited liability insurance. 

These hybrid plans might offer protection against specific risks like appliance failure and accidental damage in addition to standard home warranty coverage.

Final Word

Virginia's diverse landscapes and vibrant communities present unique homeownership needs. A home warranty can safeguard your essential systems and appliances, bringing peace of mind. By comparing plans, understanding coverage details, and considering additional options, you can find Virginia's best home warranty company to suit your specific needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Home Warranty Regulations In Virginia?


In Virginia, homeowners frequently encounter distinct repair challenges shaped by the state’s diverse climate. The needs are diverse, from addressing storm-induced roof repairs to conducting HVAC maintenance to adapt to temperature fluctuations. Common issues include plumbing concerns, exterior upkeep, and appliance malfunctions while prioritizing termite and pest control is crucial.

Do Home Warranty Companies Cover Pest Control In Virginia?


Generally, home warranty companies do not cover pest control under conventional plans. However, a few companies like Liberty Home Guard provide pest control programs under their optional add-ons.

Are Home Warranty Plans Worth It In The State Of Virginia?


In Virginia, home warranty plans can be highly beneficial, providing homeowners with valuable protection against the common repair challenges influenced by the state’s diverse climate. With frequent needs for roof repairs, HVAC maintenance for temperature variations, and plumbing concerns, a home warranty tailored to Virginia’s specific conditions offers peace of mind.

What Is A Workmanship Guarantee?


A workmanship guarantee is a commitment a contractor or service provider provides regarding the quality and craftsmanship of their work. This assurance typically covers a specified period during which the contractor pledges to address and rectify any defects or issues arising from their work.