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Headquartered in Cross Plains, HSA Home Warranty was established in 1984 and was acquired by American Home Shield in 2014. The company still runs under the same management and extends its services to 27 states through AHS. They company claims to have paid over $44 million in warranty claims to their customers to date. 

The company offers its services only to home buyers and sellers, which means that existing homeowners might not be able to purchase it. The company mainly provides plans for those homes listed in the real estate market to be bought or sold, which can get restrictive. 

Based on our 2,470 customer reviews and expert research by our editorial team, we have compiled the following review to provide homeowners with these details:

  • Plan details, costs, and exclusions
  • Coverage limits & exclusions
  • Guide on how to file a claim with the company

Why HSA Home Warranty?


HSA covers unknown pre-existing conditions


The company’s basic plans have vital systems and appliances


HSA has over 39+ years of experience as a home warranty provider


The company offers customizable service options to the home buyers



3.4/5 (2,483)



2.2/5 (8)

Consumer Affairs


1.2/5 (251)

Explore users’ experience of HSA Home Warranty

Sara , PA, Pittsburgh

Have never had a problem with HSA. Always get a repair person sent to us quickly and efficiently.

Sally , MO, Valley Park

I called on a Saturday and was able to schedule a service call- they were very polite, and professional.

Iris Burrows , GA, Atlanta

Place a service request and for service the very next day for my garage door. Service only took 30-45 minutes. HSA they do good work when something is covered. I\'ve had to get things replaced and repaired and usually very smooth. Except the time I needed a replacement and then they came back and told me I needed to choose a gift card or store credit instead. Wasn\'t a fan of that at the time because I couldn\'t get what I wanted. But it worked out. Highly recommend a home warranty and especially HSA.

D Kennedy , PA, Verona

We\'ve been with HSA since 2003, always great overall service from the company. They\'ve been easy to work with.

Demaris Edmond , WI, Milwaukee

Service man was very thorough an determined the problem right away. Unfortunately a part was needed but no longer available so I was given a credit for a new appliance. Great job ?

Micky , MO, Springfield

I had 2 items that needed to be repaired- since they are in the same category- I was only charged the $100 fee ONCE and not twice- That was a pleasant surprise. REDEEMED HEATING AND COOLING was the contractor- Extremely kind and knowledgeable. They were prompt in placing the order and Here I am less than a week later and I have the Lowe\'s gift card and have purchased the replacement. (they were out of the one directly on HSA site- no big deal) Process NEVER left me waiting longer than I should have. Glad I have the warranty

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Pros & cons


  • Basic plan includes major home systems & appliances
  • 24/7 available online customer portal for resolving issues
  • Does not require home inspection


  • Plans are only available when purchasing or selling a home

Enquire For Cost-effective home warranty plans

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Plans & Coverage Of HSA Home Warranty

Home Security America offers two plans- Seller/Buyer Plan & Buyer Only Plan. The company also extends coverage to electronics, older items, and more!

Seller/Buyer Plan

This plan includes the repairs and replacement of major appliances and home systems. This plan has a listing period of 6 months from the date of purchase. However, you can get an extended home warranty for six months. Coverage for central heating, central air/heat pump, ductwork, and the thermostat is available as an add-on. 

Buyer Only Plan

This plan is more extensive than the Seller/Buyer plan. The standard coverage of this plan includes normal wear and tear of major home systems such as central heating, septic systems, and other items. 

Buyer 7-Star Upgrade

The 7-star Upgrade helps enhance the Seller/Buyer plan coverage to add more items. The upgrade includes- 

Take a look at the table below for more information about plans and coverage: 



Buyer Only 

Central Heat, Central Air, Heat Pump, And Ductwork 
(Available as optional add-on @ $65)
Water Heater And Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Water, Gas, Drain & Waste Lines
Polybutylene Leaks
Drain Line Routing
Toilet Tank & Bowl (Builder’s Standard); Wax Ring Seals
Plumbing Parts 
Sump Pump
Whirlpool Bathtub

Electrical System

Attic Fans, Exhaust Fans & Ceiling Fans
Garage Door Opener
Oven, Stove Top/Range, & Built-In Microwave Oven
Dishwasher, Trash Compactor, & Garbage Disposal
Failures Due To Lack On Maintenance 
Water Heater Sediment 
Re-Key (Up To 6 Keyholes & Four Identical Keys)
Lighting Fixtures, Door Bell, & Central Vacuum
Refrigerator (Including Ice Maker/Crusher & Dispenser)
Roof Leaks (Not Available For Condo/Mobile Homes/Townhomes)

Note: This list is for Georgia. You can check the exact covering and pricing details as per your state by submitting a free quote request

Optional Add-ons

  • Electronics Plan By Allstate Protection Plans 
  • Septic System 
  • Water Softener 
  • Clothes Washer And Dryer
  • Home Freezer
  • Roof Leaks (For Seller/Buyer Plan)
  • Hot Tub 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Pool/Hot Tub Combination (Must Share Common Mechanicals)
  • Water Well Pump 
  • 7 Star Upgrade

Optional Coverage For Buyer: HSA’s add-on coverage has items that are not included in any other plan. However, you will need to pay an additional cost for it. 

Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!
Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!
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Find out what else your home warranty cover by taking a free quote here!

Coverage Limitations & Exclusions

The maximum coverage available under this agreement is $25,000 in total, with a sub-limit of $5,000 per mechanical system. HSA also details on coverage limits for some items.

We have listed them below in the table. Check them out:




Seller/Buyer Coverage

Interior Plumbing System

Up to $500

Kitchen Appliances 

Up to $2,000

Buyer Only Coverage

Central Heat


Central Air 


Kitchen Refrigerator 


Roof Leaks 


Take a look at the table below to learn more about the coverage limits offered by HSA for the following optional add-ons.

Optional Items 


Water Well Pump

Up to $1,500

Septic System 

Up to $300 per occurrence

Hot Tub

Up to $1,000 per occurrence of operational failure

Swimming Pool 

Up to $1,000 per occurrence of operational failure

Seven Star Upgrade

Up to $1,000

There are also some exclusions that you need to note before purchasing an HSA home warranty. You can be denied a claim whenever there’s abuse or misuse of the covered items.

As every item should be well-maintained to get a claim, you should consider getting a proper home inspection to check that there are no pre-existing conditions.

HSA does not cover appliances and systems if the damage is done because of natural calamities or ‘Acts of God.’ You should also note that not every component of a covered item is eligible for coverage. 

HSA Home Warranty Cost 

The average cost of HSA plans ranges between $37-$54 monthly, depending on your location. Find more information about pricing in this section.

The pricing of the buyer-only plan and seller/buyer plan starts from $495 and goes up to $1,430 annually. The deductibles or service fees can range from $100-$125 for different states. The 7-Star Upgrade is also available for an additional $149. The price for optional coverage varies from item to item. 

Take a look at the table below for more:


        Seller/ Buyer Plan & Buyer Only Plan


1 year

2 Years

Single Family



Condo/Townhome/Mobile Home









Buy A Seven Star Upgrade


Electronics Protection Plan


Water Well Pump/Septic Pump



Water Softener



Electronic Air Cleaner



Clothes Washer & Dryer



Home Freezer



Hot Tub



Swimming Pool



Pool/Hot Tub Combination



Seller Hvac Option


Deductible (Trade Call Fee)

$100 – $125

Note: This quote is for the state of Georgia and the price generally differs according to the different states. We suggest taking a free quote to gain more insight into the offered plans cost in your area.

Choose from the best in the market. How? Get a free quote now!
Choose from the best in the market. How? Get a free quote now!
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Choose from the best in the market. How? Get a free quote now!

Trustworthiness, Customer Service, & Editorial Note Of HSA Home Warranty

HSA Home Warranty provides services to both home buyers and home sellers. The company has garnered positive feedback from customers across the internet for its services.

HomeWarrantyReviews.com’s editorial team considers HSA a favorable option for individuals involved in the real estate sector. HSA is among the few companies that provide a maximum coverage limit of $25,000. Furthermore, if you are seeking a home warranty without the requirement for a home inspection, HSA can serve as the preferred choice.

Lastly, we advise customers to conduct thorough research before proceeding with any plans offered by the company.

Claim Filing Procedure 

Filing a claim with HSA is relatively easy. Follow this step-by-step guide for filing a claim:

Reading HSA’s reviews will help you get a better understanding of the plans offered by the company. It is advised to check the terms and conditions before calling customer service. Your claim will get denied if the item is not in the service contract. 


HSA Home Warranty offers comprehensive plans to clients, but are only limited to real estate agents, sellers or buyers. Homeowners may not take advantage of HSA’s plans. So, if you consider HSA, you must research and check the company’s customer reviews. You can go for a free quote to have an idea about HSA plans, and more!

Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote right here!
Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote right here!
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Looking for the finest home warranty? Get your free quote right here!

Quick Details About The Company


Bob Lehmann

Year Of Establishment



Bob Lehmann


Cross Plains, Wisconsin, United States

Type Of Company


Why Should You Trust Us?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does My Policy Get Transferred To The New Homeowner If I Sell My Property?


Yes. You can transfer the policy to the new homeowner when you sell your property. You can call HSA’s providers at 1-800-367-1448 to notify them of the closing date and the buyer’s details. You will need to send a copy of your settlement statement to prove the property transfer to the new owner.


Is Everything In My Home Covered Under An HSA Home Warranty?


No, similar to any home warranty, not everything in your home is covered under your HSA plan. You should carefully read your home warranty contract to get a clear picture of what is and isn’t covered in your policy.


What Is HSA Home Insurance?


Home Security of America is not an insurance company, so HSA home insurance is a misnomer. A home warranty is a service contract, legally a different tool from home insurance.


How Is A Home Warranty Different From Homeowners Insurance?


Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance that covers any structural damage caused to the property, loss or damage of any assets and belongings, and injuries sustained on the premises. Often confused with Homeowner’s insurance, a home warranty is a 12-month service contract. It covers repair or replacement expenses if the major systems or appliances in your home break down due to wear and tear. 

Another key difference is that a homeowner’s insurance covers damages caused by accidents, natural disasters, and other causes, but a home warranty doesn’t. If you purchase a home warranty and homeowners insurance, you will have all-inclusive coverage for your home.


Does An HSA Home Warranty Cover The Garage Door?


Yes, HSA home warranty will cover the breakdown of a garage door opener. Coverage includes two systems, covering track assembly and carriage unit, but only if they are a part of the opener unit.


How Does HSA Home Warranty Replacement Work?


When you file a claim upon the breakdown of a covered item, HSA decides whether a replacement is needed. The technician helps the company by diagnosing the issue. If the item is deemed beyond repair, the company will replace the item.

In some cases, they may choose to offer you cash instead of replacing the item. If they provide a replacement, they get you a device with the exact functional specifications but not necessarily of the same color or an upgrade.


Does HSA HW Cover Water Damage?


HSA does not cover any damage caused by water. However, you can equip your home with a home warranty to prevent water damage. 

Any factors that can cause potential water damage, like leaky or burst pipes, old water lines, etc., can be repaired with a home warranty and help you avoid a worse situation.


Does HSA Cover The Foundation?


No, HSA does not cover any damage caused to a home’s foundation, walls, ceilings, roof, or structural floor base unless specifically identified as covered.


If I File A Claim, Will I Be Required To Pay Any Additional Charges?


In most cases, the only additional cost you’d have to incur is a trade service fee. However, some installation charges are not covered, which you must pay out of pocket. There may be other charges. You can find them by reading your sample contract.


Can I Choose My Contractor?


While some home warranty companies allow you to choose a contractor, HSA does not give you that option. Instead, HSA will set up an appointment with qualified service contractors to fix the problem.


How To Cancel HSA Home Warranty?


The customer can cancel HSA home warranty with no deduction within 20 days of purchase if no claims have been made. Otherwise, you will be charged an administrative fee upon cancellation. However, this is possible only if state law allows cancellation.


Is HSA Home Warranty A Scam?


HSA has been in the home warranty industry for more than 30 years. However, there are allegations about its authenticity due to poor customer reviews criticizing the claims process. 

You can check our article about how to identify home warranty scams for a better understanding. 


Which States Are Covered By HSA Home Warranty?


Currently, HSA Home Warranty offers services only in 27 U.S. states. 

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We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

Reviews from employees of home warranty companies or named competitors are not encouraged. We will also not allow reviews that are too short or abusive. We may withhold reviews that in our discretion do not meet the above criteria.

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