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Does HSA Home Warranty Cover Foundation?

PUBLISHED: July 17, 2020 5 MINS READ

HSA has been in the home warranty industry for more than 30 years and is committed to providing customers stellar services. HSA home warranty coverage protects your appliances and home systems. It is a contract between the home warranty company and the homeowner. The company covers the expenses for breakdowns that have happened to the home appliances and systems as a result of normal wear and tear.

In this blog, we talk about some detailed specifics of HSA home warranty like does HSA home warranty cover the foundation of your home or not.

Does HSA Home Warranty

So, Does HSA Home Warranty Cover Foundation?

According to the HSA home warranty contract, the company only provides coverage for the home appliances and systems when they malfunction. HSA home warranty coverage does not include the foundation of your home.

Instead, it is a home builder’s warranty covering the structural parts of a house like the foundation. Apart from the foundation, it covers any physical damage that has occurred to the home like cracks in the structure of the home, seepage due to the cracks, the collapse of the home structure, and cracks in the foundation, and bad wiring.

It also covers damage to distribution systems like plumbing and electrical damage, damage to the windows, tiles, drywall, and all workmanship and materials in constructing a home.

So, What Is A Home Builder’s Warranty?

A home builder’s warranty protects the home’s structural elements rather than the appliances inside the house. It is a structural warranty, where the contract is between the home builder and the homeowner.

Under this kind of warranty, the builder is expected to cover the expenses emanating from any form of structural damage to the house.

Additional coverage can also be provided for systems like the electrical, plumbing, septic system, heating and cooling, and workmanship like carpentry, painting, etc.

If Not Foundation, Then What Does HSA Home Warranty Cover?

HSA home warranty covers many appliances and systems. Some of them include:

  1. Roof leaks
  2. Central air/heat pump, thermostat and ductwork, and central heat
  3. Burglar & fire alarm, central vacuum, lighting fixtures, and doorbell
  4. Wax ring seals and toilet tank
  5. Re-key
  6. Plumbing parts
  7. Problems as a result of corrosion and rust
  8. Polybutylene leaks
  9. Problems as a result of sediment in the water heater
  10. Waste lines, drain, water, and gas
  11. Problems as a result of no maintenance
  12. Routing of drain line stoppages
  13. Stovetop, built-in microwave oven and range, and oven
  14. Trash compactor, garbage disposal, and dishwasher
  15. Instant hot water dispenser, sump pump, and water heater
  16. Home freezer and refrigerator
  17. Whirlpool bathtub
  18. Garage door opener
  19. Exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and interior attic
  20. Electrical system

Note – The coverage options vary with states.

The HSA home warranty plans cost around $510 for prospective buyers. Homeowners must make the payment for a trade call fee to the technician who comes to your home to repair or replace parts of your home appliances and systems.

There is another plan for both buyers and sellers, and it covers everything under the “only buyers” plan except for roof leaks, re-key, fire alarms, lighting fixtures, doorbell, and central vacuum.

The plans also come with add-ons. The various kinds of add-ons that are available are:

  1. Water well pump
  2. Septic system
  3. Electronic air cleaner
  4. Water softener
  5. Hot tub
  6. Electronics plan by Asurion
  7. Swimming pool
  8. Clothes washer
  9. Clothes dryer
  10. Hot tub and pool combination (should have common mechanicals)
  11. Star upgrade

Does HSA Home Warranty Cover Everything That Comes With The Appliances And Home Systems?

HSA home warranty will not provide maintenance services such as removing the sediment that is built-up in your water filter or replacing the filter of your furnace. If the appliances and home systems have not been maintained, the home warranty company will not provide coverage for those home devices.

Also, if the home appliances and systems are not installed properly or have pre-existing conditions, HSA will not provide coverage in such situations.

What Benefits Can A Seller Get With An HSA Home Warranty Coverage?

The kinds of benefits that a seller can get with an HSA home warranty coverage are: the home warranty can be a marketing tool to help sellers get the homes sold. Moreover, it gives them a competitive edge over other sellers.

The sellers need not worry about unexpected or out-of-pocket expenses to repair or replace the appliances and home systems when the home is on the market. With an HSA home warranty coverage, sellers can access professional repair and component replacement services as soon as possible.

During the listing period, the sellers can get home equity investment protected. The HSA home warranty coverage also increases prospective buyer confidence.

What Benefits Can A Buyer Get With An HSA Home Warranty Coverage?

The kinds of benefits that a buyer can get with an HSA home warranty coverage are: the buyer can renew the home contract after one year. He can get professional home warranty services in reduced time. They can choose add-ons for their additional home appliances and services.


The answer to your question, “does HSA home warranty cover foundation?” is no. Although it does not provide foundation coverage, it does provide coverage for most of the essential appliances and home systems.

So, get an HSA home warranty right now to protect your home and wallet from substantial repair expenses. To know more about HSA, has the right kind of information ranging from authentic customer reviews to ratings to quotes. Start your home warranty search with

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