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Home warranty is an appliance service protection plan that covers the maintenance expenses associated with household items such as refrigerator, dishwasher, HVAC units, plumbing system, electrical wiring etc. Your home owner's insurance will insure against natural disasters such as fire and flood but it will NOT cover the maintenance and repair charges.

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When your air conditioner or heater stops working, you will place a service request with a home warranty company who will send the technician out for repair. Home warranty plan will also replace the equipment if it cannot be repaired. Home warranty will essentially give you the peace of mind. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars if your dying air conditioner breaks apart at the middle of the night. On this website, we help you choose the right plan that fits your needs.

Home Warranty Reviews and Ratings

We have over 16,000 consumer reviews, so now you have an option to choose from the best rated home warranty companies. We also host an array of informative articles about home maintenance. To start with, find out whether you need to buy home warranty protection for your home. If you decide to buy the policy, compare home warranty plans and check the reviews before you buy.

Selecting a Good Home Warranty Company

It is not easy to choose the best home warranty provider. Many homeowners are not satisfied with the coverage and customer service offered by home warranty companies. One of the reasons for dissatisfaction is homeowners do not realize that home appliance protection plans do not cover certain conditions such as pre-existing conditions, repair needs due to the lack of maintenance and care etc. Such conditions are generally mentioned in the small print in the contract it is easy to miss. Although you may not find a perfect company, there are reputed companies with good ratings.

Is there a reputable home warranty company that I can trust?

Many people keep asking such questions. Either they have heard horror stories about appliance protection plans or they don't like their current company of choice. Just like everything else in your life, nothing is perfect and it is even more so here. There are several reasons you should not expect these home protection plans to offer all inclusive coverage such as car insurance policies.

MANY Home Warranty Companies can deny claims due to lack of maintenance!

When you report an incident, the warranty company sends a contractor (generally third party contractors) to your home to inspect the problem. The contractor does not repair the system or appliance failures due to lack of maintenance. The homeowner is probably not aware of these conditions and calls the customer service. The claim is not likely to get approved, and the customer is not happy with the outcome. It is not just necessary to maintain your home appliances; you should also keep the maintenance records. If you do so, your claim is not going to be rejected and you will be satisfied with your home warranty provider. Whether you go with the well known companies such as First American, Old Republic, American Home Shield (AHS), 2-10 etc. or with little known companies, you will not get your claims approved if the handyman thinks you did not care for your home appliances.

Home Warranty Coverage

A home warranty does not certainly cover all the items in your home, and it is recommended to identify what is covered and what is not before signing up for a policy.

Does Home Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Recently, some companies have started offering home warranty plans that provide flexible coverage. For an additional fee, you can get coverage for pre-existing conditions and lack of maintenance repair needs which are generally not covered by basic plans. AHS, Hisco and few other players offer such plans. Some providers offer plans for selected appliances only if you desire.

Home Warranty Does Not Cover Known Pre-existing Conditions

The second reason for dissatisfaction is that pre-existing conditions are not covered. The home warranty company expects to start with a clean sheet and they require home owners to fix any pre-existing issues before the new policy becomes effective. It is a good idea to get the home inspection done before you sign the contract, so that you have a proof if necessary.

How Much does a Home Warranty Cost?

They are quite economical, typically ranging from $250 to $400, depending on coverage. Home warranty companies at times run special sales and either discount policy price or give extra coverage for the same price. The policies are prepaid for a year ahead, at which time they run out or can be changed. The possibility of major appliances breaking down is more and it might cost more than the premium you paid to repair or replace faulty appliances. The insurance company obviously needs to make its margin, so they do not provide blanket coverage initially. If you do not take care of your machinery or ignored its maintenance needs, then the warranty will come to your rescue.

Home Warranty Benefits

The Home Warranty Protection policy is a wonderful way to guard you and your buyer from unexpected repairs that can and do crop up without warning. During the home buying /selling process is no time for either party to have to disburse more money, especially for repairs.

  1. It will potentially save you money
  2. It will repair or replace any covered item
  3. The cost of a Home Warranty is only a small part of the cost of replacing a major appliance
  4. It gives an incentive to the sale to any potential home buyer
  5. The Home Warranty will reduce any buyers worry about purchasing your home, mainly if you have an older home
  6. It also relives a buyer of any worries that you failed to disclose a material defect on the home disclosure
  7. Moreover, it will help put off the buyer from trying to sue you for failing to reveal any of the homes major defects on the home disclosure

Using a Home Warranty Directory for your Home Warranty Purchase

If you are looking for home warranty coverage in your state, you can use the home warranty directory, which allows you to compare plans, coverage and ratings for the companies that serve your local area.

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What is home warranty?

There are various types of Home Protection warranty plans available in the market today. Mainly, home warranty plans cover your household appliances and systems from breakdown and put less risk on your budget. When an insured device goes wrong it is either repaired or replaced.

How does a home warranty work?

In case of any unexpected breakdown of the appliance, you can open a claim by calling the customer support or report it via online. Normally it works for 365 days a year. Once the report is processed, contractor assistance will be scheduled as per your convenient time.

What is not covered in home warranty plan?

Warranty covers only those systems and appliances, specifically mentioned as covered and excludes all the others. The contract does not cover system or appliance failures that occur due to lack of maintenance.