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Company: American Home Warranty (AHS)
Reviewed by: Jon, Jacksonville, Florida

As you review the responses contained here remember there are people who have relatively good and bad experiences. No one here should be gripping like our friend from Bowie, MD. Reading your contract, if its like mine is very simple. Getting maintenance if required is a service call to your provider and will cost you no different than a complaint call.

The point here is the point of a contract is to work in good faith. Unfortunately AHS doesn’t work in good faith.


AHS does however work diligently to minimize their costs to increase their profit margin as an INSURANCE company. They are hedging their bet the more difficult it is for you to go through them for repairs the more likely you will be to get a needed repair fixed yourself and forego the hassle of using their CSR’s. This is how any INSURANCE company works.

It is clearly not the fault of a person to believe they have paid for a degree of service as a contract states only to find the fine print states otherwise. This is why we need more fair contract laws. This is not a liberal or conservative point. It is a point that a company needs to be regulated properly and AHS is on a fringe between regulatory agencies. How did our country get in its current financial condition? Poor regulation and advice like that from our friend in MD.

Please use your own best diligence in considering a home warranty (insurance) policy. There are few firms who will do what a homeowner wants, but fewer still who will actually provide quality repair/replacment other than what they can get away with (breaking state and local ordinances on workmanship and unskilled work crews.)

Don’t become a poor service statistic, do your own diligence, call your provider, call back when you get your service call, call the service representative in advance to confirm and describe your service need, call and remind your warranty provider of the service you get and confirm the repair meets your local ordinances (ask an inspector to verify it!).

IF you do these things you’ll at least get complete and sound service. It may be on their schedule, which may not meet your expectation and it may not provide you with the expected solution you want but it will be complete. Miss anyone of these steps and you could find yourself out of pocket for both your warranty fees and additional service fees.


Recent Comments
Karen S in Dallas
I too have had AHS for many years. As a realtor for 9 years, I put an AHS home warranty on every home I listed/sold out of my commission because I didn't want to have a homeowner call me in the dead of night with a dead HVAC. When my HVAC went out the first time, it took 9 days for the repair, even though it was summer in Dallas. The first guy showed up (after 3 days) and told me that it was an electrical problem and needed an electrician. 3 days later and electrition showed up and showed me that the previous guy didn't want to fix it and that it wasn't an electrical problem. He stook with me while I called AHS back AGAIN and they sent the original guy back out... 3 days later. I had to purchse a portable AC unit @ $300 because a window unit was not a good idea in a first floor condo. Last summer, I cancelled my policy because my HVAC went out and AHS decided that it didn't qualify any longer. I asked the contractor why and he said that it was his responsiblity to report any unit that were not maintained and that was mine. The lawn crew had used their blowers and coated my HVAC with grass clippings without my knowledge and that's what the contractor photographed and sent to AHS. My my 3 year old refrigerator went out, and was fixed by the contractor (actually he unplugged the unit and plugged it back in and voila). Of course, it took 3 days to arrive so all my food was spoiled ($850 worth). He also reported to AHS that the fan at the rear of the unit wasn't functioning properly and needed to be replaced. The digital "brain" was also not functioning right and needed to be serviced by a manufacturer rep. This was put into the report to AHS but nothing was done. When I called to find out when I could expect these repairs, I was informed that as long as the refrigerator was working, the additional work was not required nor covered. My refrigerator has now gone out again and guess why? Digital brain!
Molly S.
To all AHS customers, please note that I too am having MAJOR issues with this company and contractors that are being sent to my home. I took a step and called our Code Enforcement to see if permits had been pulled to do the work at my home and guess what, no permits had been pulled so I currently have a Stop Work order on my home because of this. All the contractor has to do is show proof of credentials and purchase the permit which is now triple the amount since they did not purchase prior to work being done. This contractor also refused to bring area up to code even with us agreeing it would be an out of pocket expense. So even though our new unit is in our home and working it is not up to code! Contractor still has not responded to Code Enforcement to show proof of credentials, and AHS is MIA in our plight for resolution. All contractors doing any electrical work should be pulling permits or at least it’s that way in Alabama. To all that has had any major work done in your home that AHS has sent contractor to do the work, call your local Code Enforcement and see if permits have been pulled to do the work at your home. I would have thought AHS would have insured that for us as the customer but they don’t. I would like to address the Attorney General in reference to this practice of AHS not insuring our safety with work being done and insuring that the companies they send to our homes are qualified to even do the work. I’m not sure how to even start this process but will stay on it till it is resolved. If you have had any of these same issues or you find that you had work done that required permits and none was pulled please email me at [email protected]
james l. mcnair
December 2009, my HVAC went out, it was finally repaired in April. Many trips by the contractor was made to the home and some late at night, almost replaced every small part in the machine. Then the fan motor was replaced, then some wires came loose, I had heat in April. In June 2010, the AC went out, the compressor blew up. Another contrator came to work on this. Had to order another compressor, AHS sent the wrong compressor, two weeks later another compressor arrives problem fixed in July. Heat in home for at least 5 days over 98 degrees. November 2010, heat out again. takes a week for contractor to arrive, need freon, freon leak tester came and found no leak. Still don't have clue if freon low or not, but need parts for aux heater, Lennox said no parts are on shelf to fix machine, contractor said machine unrepairable, AHS says we can get parts. Two weeks later, and freezing, new parts arrive, wrong parts, AHS says they still have 3 to 5 days to get more parts (that will not fit) and send them to the contractor so the contractor can return them. I have been a loyal AHS customer since 1992 and have never had a problem like this. All other repairs to home were great. I don't know what has happened but something has gone terribly wrong in the company. I have had to purchase window ac's to keep cool, one FLOOR SUPERVISOR offered to give me money to buy fans, I decline and only wanted the unit to be either repaired or replaced. NOW A YEAR LATER I AM STILL FREEZING, AND I EXPECT TO BE SWEATING UP A STORM IN THE SUMMER. MY ONLY HOPE IS THAT THIS IS AN ODD OCCURANCE, BUT MY PATIENCE IS WEARING THIN.
Karina R.
American Home Shield is always a hassle. They send out incompetent service providers, and many repairs are not covered at all, or not done in a timely or acceptable manner. I just finished going without hot water for five days due to the lack of follow through on my claim. I am in the process of filing an official complaint with their company, and with the Contractor's State Licensing Board. My realtor also says that he has had so many problems with American Home Shield that he has transferred all of his customers to First American.
Cindi F
I am very familiar with the AHS warranty; I am a Realtor that always suggested to my clients that they have a home warranty. I see the reviews and unfortunately when people have a "good" experience they do not tend to write a review, it is only when the experience was "bad". Before you rate this warranty company, please consider that AHS currently provides 1.3 million home warranties nationwide, and spent over $318 million in service claim just in 2008. At the time of this posting there were only a little over 400 reviews, which were the most reviews of any warranty company with a rating below 2. I would challenge to ask the warranty company that has the highest rating on the list with only 16 reviews, just how many warranties are they currently providing and how much money did they pay in claims last year? As a professional Realtor, I must say that a Home Warranty is a must when buying a home and AHS has been in the business longer than any other warranty company around and it is the only warranty that I have confidence in for my clients.
American home shield is a ripoff, their "service contractors" are highly incompetent, non-service oriented, backwards rejects, who only have a "customer" because they are contracted with this sort of company, who by the way is doing business as American Home Shield, Prestige Home Service, Prestige Home Warranty,AHS,Home Protection One Corporation, and Service Home Guard. So BEWARE homeowner. You will pay $55.00 a month and $60.00 each time you call for "service"...consider yourself warned.... Put your money in a savings account and get it repaired correctly, by true professionals.
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